The latest NitoTV Take 2 version improves Gesture Support in MPlayer and DVD Playback, fixes various bugs and adds subtitle size toggle for MPlayer.

What’s exactly new in 0.7.9?

· Fixed gesture issues in DVDPlayback and MPlayer playback. The “options” button in the remote app is mapped to “hold menu” for changing between keymaps in DVD and MPlayer playback.

· Fixed Smart Installer bug for DVDPlayback framework stub not being moved if update was preformed rather than a restore.

· Fixed one crash bug in adding suffixes, blacklist volumes or MPlayer arguments (there is still another elusive bug that casuses some crashes there).

· Fixed another file browsing crash bug.

· Added subtitle size toggle for MPlayer (only works to toggle between the default fonts installed with nitoTV, Arial-14 – Arial-24). As dafranca noticed on Hackint0sh.org forum  – “This will help many foreign speakers, because the default font size was Arial-14 (kind of very small), and to to changed it has required same knowledge on shell”.

Find the 0.7.9 AppleTV version here

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