There is still hope for Apple TV 3 jailbreak to become a reality

by tomek on June 18, 2013


We knew there were people out there working on the jailbreak for Apple TV 3 but, honestly, we thought they had already given up. But it seems someone still believes it’s possible to jailbreak the third-generation Apple TV. Brad Smith, director of engineering at RadiumOne, spoke at AltWWDC last week about building apps for Apple TV, or rather “testing the waters on TV App development” so the devs are prepared for when it becomes mainstream. When he said that there is unfortunately no jailbreak available for ATV3, someone from the audience shouted “We are working on it!” (see the video below, minute 5:28). Has any of you, dear readers, attended this session? If anyone can help us identify the author of these words, please get it touch. We will also appreciate any info on anyone currently working on Apple TV 3 jailbreak.


Here is a full video of the “Building Apps for Apple TV” session at AltWWDC:

Some time ago we reported that there was a group of “very bright and talented individuals” working on “a lead that could result in a usable jailbreak for the 3rd gen Apple TV”.

At JailbreakCon 2012, nitoTV announced that there has been some progress made with the injection vector, but no further specifics were offered an no further details have been shared since then.

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  • Shamatix

    How should we know who he is through a voice? No picture no nothing other than his “voice”

  • microlith

    Irony here but, perhaps the answer is to stop using AppleTV? I think Apple’s made it plainly clear that they are hostile to you and do not want you on their platform.

  • jim
  • Darklamp

    I heard that any group that tries jailbreaking the AppleTV3 receives visits from the Ghost of Jobs. The rest of the story is to explicit to share.

  • fadz

    like this if u read this article in 2020 and still unable to jb the atv3, atv 4, atv 20….. list go on….

  • jailbreaker

    Unless they found a bootrom exploit, there will never beca jailbreak for Apple TV 3rd gen.

  • Anonymous

    i got a jb for ATV 3 but apple payed me to keep it for myself
    It took me 3 months to break..

  • ME

    Liar asshole

  • Erica Johnson

    Stop lying there is no apple tv 3 jailbreak coming out probably ever, in meantime just go buy the best alternative from

  • Trev Evans

    cant even spell “paid” must be a child- or IQ of a child! 🙂

  • Mario

    Go fuck yr anonimous

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