Digitimes: Apple working on 4K Ultra HD TV set

by tomek on March 27, 2013

4k-Ultra-HD-apple-tvDigitimes, a site that has a hit-or-miss track record when it comes to Apple rumors, reports that Apple is continuing to develop a TV that is likely to sport an Ultra HD 4K display (3840 x 2160). According to the sources, a standalone Apple TV set could launch by the end of this year, but it is more likely that Apple decides to unveil it in early 2014.

The sources said that Apple and Foxconn Electronics have been in discussions for quite some time in terms of the TV’s mass production schedule, but that Apple has been considering where panel supply for the TV will come from, as Ultra HD TV panel makers, most of whom are based in Taiwan, are expected to be producing at nearly full capacity in 2013 in order to meet demand from China-based TV vendors.

The sources added that Apple is banking on LG Display to be able to mass produce Ultra HD TV panels by the second half of the year.

According to Digitimes, the upcoming Apple HDTV will also feature voice and motion control functions.

Find more on a long-awaited Apple TV set.

  • RandyS

    I might think about this…if not for the price. I’m guessing about $2000.00.

  • skilled

    your guess is probably wrong, if it has anything to do with apple, then im betting on around $3500

  • morgan hocking

    Digitimes is stupid. a 4k tv eh? So apple is going to make a 4k tv that has no content, would need a complete rebuild of the app store, somehow magically not cost 20 grand like every other 4k tv and to top it all off would require some serious horsepower to decode….

    being stupid usually isn’t apple’s modus operandi.

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