Sn0wbreeze 2.9.8 released with support for untethered iOS 6.x jailbreak on Apple TV 2 (confirmed)

by tomek on February 5, 2013

This time we didn’t write a word on a new jailbreak until we had everything double checked. And so, as we have just jailbroken our Apple TV 2 running 5.2 firmware, we can now confirm that the recently updated Sn0wbreeze 2.9.8 does bring the untethered jailbreak for Apple TV 2 on iOS 6.x.

Most of the software like XBMC, aTV Flash (black), Plex, etc. is not yet compatible with Apple TV 5.1 – 5.2 and the device constantly crashes when attempting to install additional software from nitoTV, so we definitely don’t recommend updating to iOS 6.x.

Other known bug/issues:

  • First boot on an AppleTV 2 for 5.1/5.2 firmwares has funky glitches. Should be fixed by updates pushed via repos.

If for some reason you still wan’t to update to iOS 6 and then jailbreak using Sn0wbreeze, you can download it from here (Windows only).

We will let you know once any of ATV tweaks/plugins is updated for iOS 6 and available.

Sn0wbreeze doesn’t support Apple TV 3.

  • Glad you learned your lesson 🙂

  • JonBOY26

    iOS 6 jailbreak for ATV 2 = “woohoo!”

    Jailbroken device is buggy as hell = “Ohhhh 🙁 ”

    Glad I read the full article instead of just the title, otherwise I’d be on my way to producing a jailbroken but buggy ATV2 running iOS 6.

  • Genrehunter

    As my ATV2 is updated yet, and I don’t know how to downgrade, I would like to know if it is the Jaibreak that is crashing the ATV2 or is it the XBMC, Plex etc software that crashes. Otherwise I could allready jailbreak my ATV2 and wait till XBMC is compatible with 5.2. Thank you for answering.

  • editor

    everything works fine apart from when you try to install software from nitoTV – then it crashes. nitoTV has been updated to support iOS 6 but it still requires some additional improvements. XBMC, Plex client and aTV Flash (black) should be updated soon.

  • Genrehunter


  • How about using the xbmchubwizard will that allow you to get xbmc on the atv2 or does that have issues

  • Phreakii

    Aaaah, please let there be a jailbreak for the ATV 3!! Come on! Any progress?!

  • editor

    no ETA yet

  • JonBOY26

    ahh ok, well that’s not as bad as it initially sounded. Do you know if aTV Flash (Black) works? I usually have aTV Flash installed as a backup media player, and it’s an easy means of installing XBMC. Thanks!

  • editor

    XBMC for Apple TV is not compatible with 5.1 – 5.2 firmware (iOS 6.x). There is no way yet to get it working on Apple TV running latest software.

  • Dan

    So here is my issue. I have a wd mybook live that I’m using as an external hard drive. I am able to access the files on my pc and Mac the same way you would an nas. I want to grab these files with the atv2 but I’m not sure how. Everywhere I read people recommend xbmc but say it is an issue with the 5.2 software. Does anyone know of any other type of software that will accomplish this task? If so how do I install it? Please use laymen terms as I am new to jail breaking.

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