Apple TV 3 jailbreak status update: iBoot 0day exploit would not work on ATV3

by tomek on August 6, 2012

Apple TV 3 Jailbreak: iBoot 0day exploit

You know the story: p0sixninja left the Chronic Dev Team after selling iBoot 0day exploit to an (ex?)Apple employee (more details here). There was a lot of speculations on whether or not the iBoot exploit could have been used to jailbreak Apple TV 3.

It was Paul Pols, a security expert, who first tweeted that iBoot 0day could be used to untethered jailbreak not only the iOS 6.0 but also the Apple TV 3:

Numerous blogs have then repeated the news making many desperate Apple TV 3 owners believe their 3rd-generation black hockey-pucks could finally be jailbroken. nitoTV, Apple TV hacker and developer, got tons of questions on the matter so he felt obliged to cleared it all up:

That didn’t stop people asking the same question so he tweeted once again:

…nothing to add.

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  • Randy Stegbauer

    Are you sure?

  • Hugo_Chayer

    get jailbreak at3

  • FrankleszczynskI

    OK how about this. I have an AT3, and Ipod Touch. My brother has Ipod touch Jailbroken, can he mirror the jailbroken Ipod to my standard AT3?

  • Guest

    This is not right… I kno som1 who has jailbreak ready for apple tv 3, hez jus waiting for iOS 6 to b launched before he launches ro1nbreak.. So hang tight guys it is ib the way (y)

  • Mushusini

    if this would be truth, i dont think that the “guy you know” mantain this on secret. But if this is truth RESPECT TO YOUR BROTHER

  • Guest

    Roll on the release of the unrestricted and fully hackable Ouya. The first thing I’ll do is install XBMC and put my ATV3 on ebay. It’s a shame Apple don’t see what people want.

  • Towafm

    Ahh Mann soo many story’s 24hrs a day just jailbreak atv3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    As one of you mentions the Ouya, it is going to rock when its released
    in march 2013. XBMC is kind of married to Ouya and will be great.HELLO
    Ouya I want you now XBMC & NAVI-X FOREVER.LOL

  • Peter Zagone

     Just get it on your computer

  • derek chmielarski

    OK guys, let it go….. let go the Apple TV 3. 
    Let’s welcome new media players based on Android where WE won’t have to jailbreak them just so we can install XBMC and Navi-X!

  • Zwabbit

    I could not agree with you more. Feels like the Android to TV revolution should speed up some steam.  I’m talking about devices like mele a2000, mk802, pivos xios ds, etc…   Looking forward to not be locked in a magical garden that all we do is wait for hope…   

  • Now

    Well, I think I will hold on to my ATV3 for now, but I probably will be looking at going with the Ouya so I can have XMBC.  Just wish it came with a remote as well.

  • John Jeo

    I am very disappointed after years of using apple mac and ipad, now I bought my first atv3, 2 months back  hoping to  jailbreak and watch xbmc direct without mirroring it from ipad .
    i start to look to android 4 tv box HD , which is not bad and less expensive. Sorry for apple to push me and others people to go for alternative.
    in between i don’t mind if someone come with jailbreak for atv3 that we should pay something like$ 10 or a bit more for the work they did .

  • Guest

    i have jailbreak for atv3!

  • Randy Stegbauer

     Well then post it!  There are LOTS of people that would pay good money to get that!

  • Guest

     Laptop VGA to LCD TV VGA – grainy picture, would you? never.

  • Guest

     Yeah course you do, I’m related to the two old duffers that won the euro lottery

  • so its apple fault their device isn’t hacked yet to do things they don’t intent on it to do!?

  • No, but it is rediculous that you cannot even connect to a share to play media. In order to use your AppleTV, you NEED a computer that runs iTunes. In order to use iTunes you NEED to convert your videos. I’m known for being an Apple fanboy at work, but things like this make me move to Android someday. My AppleTV3 is disconnected atm collecting dust. I use a Raspberry Pi with XBMC to play media atm. until something better comes along 🙂

  • did a little researching about the raspberry pi really interested me a bit. Does it work right out the box? And how hard was it to install xbmc?

  • The Raspberry Pi only needs a usb cable+adapter to function. You also need a hdmi cable and of course SD card. That’s it. Installing raspxbmc is very easy. You download an installer which will put an image on your SD card. You then boot it and it will install the rest automatically (
    After that you boot into XBMC and you can start configuring it. Works like a charm. I use my iPhone as a remote for it (free app “the official xbmc remote” in the appstore)

  • John

    Will the Raspberry pi run .vob files?

  • Becky Rich

    I think people should use alternative method instead of Jailbreaking or unblocking their Apple TV and it is also discouraged by Apple too. I use PlayerXtreme for casting my screens to watch movies and video on the big screen through its chrome cast and Airplay features. It also provides 1080p backup along with Dolby Digital and True HD support.

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