Apple TV 3 jailbreak status update: work is ongoing

by tomek on July 14, 2012

Apple TV 3 jailbreak

Work on Apple TV 3 jailbreak is still in progress, according to FireCore. Although the company is working hard on this long-awaited jailbreak, the SeasOnPass and aTV Flash maker admitted on its blog that the jailbreak for Apple TV 3 “has proven to be a bit elusive up to this point.”

Not surprisingly, thus, FireCore didn’t give any kind of ETA but we hope to have more news soon.

According to Apple TV hacker and developer nitoTV, without an A5 bootrom exploit being found, an Apple TV 3 jailbreak “will be an uphill battle.”

Not long after the release of the Apple TV 3 in March this year, the famous iOS hacker MuscleNerd tweeted that “Apple’s least expensive iOS device (newAppleTV3,1) will likely be the most secure of the bunch”. That’s mainly because geohot’s limera1n bootrom exploit, used to jailbreak Apple TV 2, doesn’t apply to ATV3.

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  • M Shectman

    “…up to this point.”?  That sounds promising!

  • Mr.kipz


  • Ipodbry

    Can we not use hosts file with a custom baked update so the atv3 updates locally as there is no iTunes restore/update feature?

  • Neumahn

    You can give up now, we have XBMC on Android!!!

  • Lvoedonk

    No body cares about android. Why use/want a inferior system? 

  • Jori Tipene

    If the Apple TV 3 is such a superior system with IOS on it, then why the hell would you need to jailbreak it to put other stuff on it?.  Shouldn’t a superior system like the Apple TV give you everything you need?  Your statement seems rather ironic considering the forum you are on! lol

  • 3830960aa

    China ‘s hundreds of thousands of users waiting for your escape results. Thank you for your efforts!

  • 3830960aa

    Look forward the escape for APPLE TV3. Thank you ~~~

  • Lnwmeen

    GO GO GO!!!!

  • Zwabbit

    feel the same; I own three atv2, now that we have a solution on android side, which to me is as good, maybe even better. I may switch… to a newer device with more power (only problem how do you chose the right one with so many choices).  The beauty of it its a normal download through Google play, instead of always waiting for a JB when new updates at the OS level come out. 

  • HopeATV3

    Android versions gonna kick apple … if no jb is release , peoples gonna move to android Tv box or something like , hope we get news soon .. 

  • chongye fan


  • Zwabbit

    agree we just need a vendor to make a slick hardware looking solution. 

  • Logger20011

    best dam software ive seen in a long time and i have been through media crap software since the ole days of direct tv, i hope they find a hole in the new aptv3 so i can buy one for every tv in the house

  • Robert A

    Android is lame.  Why go with the copy when you can have the original from apple???

  • Robert A

    Why so many Android trolls here?  Do they secretely own apple tvs? do they secretely search for jailbreaks?

  • This article looks the same as it did 2 months ago. Useless update. Carry on. This is not the JB you are looking for.

  • Asshole

    “the company is working hard on this long-awaited jailbreak”

    Lol. Who writes these? What company are we talking about here: War3z Hut, Cr4ckz R Us, or maybe 1337 H4X?

    I wish there was a way to report this website as spam to Google to remove it from search results… that’s all there is too it, made up spam bullshit.

  • Psxp

    might be time to get SONY Google TV  and run PLEX and XBMC on it.


    “work is ongoing” You’re repeating yourselfes constantly. Still no news, this is the 3rd time a post is up like this. Don’t you all get tired of yourselfes? If you ain’t got news, stop throwing bones in front of dogs. Go find a real job or something, stop wasting time of people. Die or kill yourself.

  • krackers

    Just get the Vizio Costar w/ Google TV
    You get a browser with flash, a remote that controls other devices, integration with cable, XBMC, and apps. Exactly what you have with the jailbroken apple tv.

  • Extempoid

    I agree. You can spend the same amount of money on something actually useful

  • diopmetxe

    Or… you can wait for the jailbreak and build your patience. 


    You don’t need a jailbreak to do that. You can build your patience on android by waiting for google to update the OS.

  • Androidrules

    That false impression is due to the fact that US carriers put bloatware. Everywhere else in the world, the updates are timely. As timely as apple. Further, if you buy the nexus line updates are out on almost the same day. Finally, with android you can root an install custom roms. The very first nexus phone, nexus one, now has a jelly bean rom and it runs perfectly. The nexus one was released almost 3 years ago.

    And don’t get started on fragmentation. You apple users think you always have the latest software when in reality, all apple does is water down the update and call it the next iOS. For example, for the iphone 3gs, the update to iOS 6 will get you none of the features, and will make the phone even slower. However, with android, you can always have access to the latest features, whether you are on an older OS or not.

  • Gummy

    That sucks…APTV3 is a piece of junk without jb

  • Richard Howard88

    There is no jailbreak coming for atv3 ever!!! Waste of money buying it just pay £160 for atv2 instead

  • Rad

    This is a really dumb move by apple.  Making ATV3 harder to jailbreak (probably because they wanted to make more money on their ridiculously overpriced video service), they effectively cut themselves completely out of market share.  Nobody will buy AppleTV if it can’t be jailbroken.  Now that XBMC on GoogleTV is right around the corner, it is time to say goodbye to Apple.

  • Efennik

    damn… cant wait anymore

  • digim0d

    @ea9d23e13da12f645cf653271377dc01:disqus That was the most uneducated & inexperienced comment in this whole thread ..    And the 7 “likes” you got is what I would consider “ironic”.

  • Travis Saling

     Welcome to the internet. Enjoy your stay.

  • bryman21

    Maybe I should start a business for a media streaming device that natively runs XBMC / Plex. And give users the freedom to customize every which way they wanted.

    APPLE TV 3 JAILBREAK  via @youtube

    we must find the guide 🙁

  • Dwn

    Google “Raspberry Pie”.  $35 will get you a slightly sluggish XBMC install (the part that makes the Apple TV really work anyways), and $7-$45 will get you a remote control ($45 for the Boxee remote, which is superior anyways).

    That said, one of the new third party Android TV devices with a copy of NaviX or Plex will do similar feats, and come with robust controllers – for an HDMI dongle, it’s completely invisible as well.

    Just strikes me as roundabout to but the ATV3 when the best features are workarounds.

    That said, my general opinion on the majority of Apple vs Google products at this point is that they’re fundamentally the same and are really just polishing out minor design flaws.  The real difference are the philosophies; where one gets more and more closed off the other becomes more and more public domain, which for the modding community, really speaks volumes.

    Depending on your purpose, the correct solution isn’t really so cut and dry as “Android is stupid” or “Apple is terrible”, since neither are really true unless you’re leaning hard into your locker trying to be as “in” as you can be.

  • deeviousgenius

    I don’t understand why Android fanboys have to put their comments here…? It’s clearly predominantly Apple news here. The site isn’t… I mean, seriously. The guys that are here are just interested in jailbreaking their devices and enjoying their tech. Why does an Android user have to prance in like a 6 year old child saying”oooh, mine does this, it’s so much better”. Do you guys spend your time trolling the internet, looking for opportunities to spread your one sided view of technology? There aren’t any teams here, we just want to have fun with what we have. We don’t need idiots like you with your stupidly inflated sense of self entitlement to come in and wreck the fun. Let us enjoy our Apple TV in piece. When we need your knowledge on Android streaming devices, we’ll ask.

    Otherwise, for the love of God. Get lost.

  • Suraj_787

    update it fast plz i am looking forward it every day

  •  And why do you guys have to root your devices? oh, yeah… right.. same issue.

  • applenandroid

    im an android fan as I have a sumvision android box however xbmc android is rubbish and so is navi-x. soon as the apple 3 hacks is released im buying one. android box for the net and apple tv 3 for xbmc and navi-x.

  • mediumsizedrob

    Same issue, except pre-root it allows you to do a hell of a lot more than stream netflix and buy stuff from iTunes.

  • mediumsizedrob

    a lot of people care about android.  some of these people even own apple devices too!  If you can believe it, we want to be able to do what we want to do, and aren’t interested in joining a “team” that we blindly and ignorantly support for life.  If I see a bunch of people trapped in an “Apple-or-nothing” mindset while they endlessly hope and beg and whine about a jailbreak that will probably never happen so they can do relatively simple things with a product they bought because of the logo on it, I sometimes will suggest such an alternative.  It’s up to them if they want to listen.

    Or they can stare forlornly at the pretty little minimal design clean ui box sitting under their TV and know at least, even though they can’t watch their content or stream hulu, XMBC or load new channels and apps, at LEAST they are using a superior system.

  • mediumsizedrob

    I’d rather watch Breaking Bad on my TV this weekend without having to pay iTunes for it. I don’t care what the logo on the box is as long as it does what I want it to.

  • JD

    I been waiting so long fpor the Apple TV 3 jailbreak I decided to go buy a WD TV Live, works great no jailbreak required and cost the same as Apple TV $99.00

  • Mark

    The irony is that until there’s a jailbreak for ATV3 people like me are not going to buy it.  Self defeating commercially for Apple.  If it takes much longer I’ll look at WD TV or Boxee and Apple will lose another customer.

  • Takecaregivelove

    freaking idiot.

    its a ATV and a iPad 2 using Airplay. Airplay sucks monkey scrotum to watch things like XBMC or the likes over. Constantly loses connection. 

    however. its not a JB. as the video clearly shows

  • tomigonzo

    any news?????

  • Jules

    No comments where useful
    Haters gonna hate i guess

  • Frank Lazar

     Then it’s just as well that Apple’s buisness model doesn’t rely on gearheads or hackers. For the bulk of the consumer public who just want a box that that will plug in reliably and work without having to be a gearhead….. that’s the market they are s hooting for and that’s a good goal.  Something like this should be no more than an appliance.  And WHEN, not if it gets cracked…. than that’s another mountain climbed, another challenge beaten.  The whizkids are simply going to have to find a new route to this summit.

  • Frank Lazar

     Well that’s great golly jim dandy.  When WD Live gets the features that are Apple specific and can’t be replicated on that device…. let me know.  The reason that those of us who are insterested in breaking this device… is that we WANT the features that came with it… not just the generic hacks that you can load on other devices or are shipped with WD Live.

  • Frank Lazar

     Well you’re just wrong Rad,  the Apple TV3 is selling in numbers that the older units could only have dreamed of.  Apple is doing very well with this device which is outselling all of the others, so they must be doing something right.

  • EbolaVirus

    “WE HAVE”??? What? So were you were involved with the dev of the device or the OS??? lol.

  • Graves

    The chances of a ATV3 jailbreak is as good as finding a unicorn in my backyard.

  • 4np

    I am thinking it might very well be the case that Apple is testing the security of the bootrom in the wild with Apple TV3 so they can ship it with iPhone 5 in September. Hopefully the same bootrom will be in iPhone 5 as that would put the jailbreaking community full force at work and break this sweet little black box as well 🙂

  • They just wanna be heard like a 6 year old throwing a tantrum. The apple tv is a excellent device and when the atv2 first released I bought it with hopes that it would do what it can now. Just waiting on ios 6 jailbreak to release for it.

  • han

    do you know exactly when ? waiting is killing . thank you

  • Not sure I expect in a month but apple is still signing 5.0.2. I was able to downgrade my firmware from 5.1 to 5.0.2 then ran seas0npass. Might need itunes 10.6 to accomplish this itunes 10.7 kept giving me errors. I did this yesterday so its still live.

  • I have both an atv3 and co-star I have to say that neither does everything I want and having both is worthwhile. Lets look at pros and cons. Atv3 pros, simple streamlined works awsome at what it is able to do. It by far has the wife acceptance factor she would never use the co-star. With AirPlay and a 4s or iPad 3/4 the Apple TV does everything the Co-star does and in my opinion better. Co-star it does everything you can imagine and if you have a cable box it does cool overlays and such you can browse the web. You can play flash it even has a slingplayer app. Which the remote Amazingly doesn’t fully support. It has the android market the remote has a keyboard and Bluetooth. And touchpad (which is barely useable still haven’t figured out clicking.) works sometimes not others. The remote controls your receiver and tv. It is the most versite device imaginable. And if you get more intertainment out of tinkering than watching tv, lets face it most here do it provides mutch more. But a jailbroken atv is like having your cake and eating it too. And in my humble opinion is mutch better. Oh and did I mention I am an apple snob. I have iPad 4 on preorder Ipad mini preorder iphone 5 wife has iPhone 4S kids have iPod touch 4gs. I have a Mac mini and a MacBook Pro. And I buy and repair all apple. So I know what I am talking about. If you want to know more about my adventures follow me on twitter. @newtonjosh1

  • switchblade

    Where is the best forum to track progress for the Apple TV 3 jailbreak hack?

  • Phil

    Lets be honest, i think alot of the people on here would have android kit, but alot of the people here have jobs/money so can afford to buy decent kit, if i were poor i’d have an android no problem!

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