AirParrot screen mirroring app now available for Windows

by tomek on June 7, 2012

AirParrot for Windows

AirParrot, an app that streams your computer’s screen to your Apple TV 2 or Apple TV 3 over AirPlay, is finally available for Windows. AirParrot works by encoding your display’s image as H.264 video and sending it to your Apple TV in real time. Since it also features audio mirroring, AirParrot seems like a perfect solution to watch your movies and videos on the big screen, and, especially, to bring web pages based on Flash content, like Hulu, to your HDTV.

Initially, AirParrot for Windows is not as full featured as the Mac version but the developers expect to release the improved Windows version of the app this summer: “We’re still working on some features for Windows, but we hope to release updates that add most of the functionality users find on OSX,” said David Stanfill, head developer at Squirrels.

AirParrot for Windows requires Windows XP or later and works with Apple TV 2 and Apple TV 3 running firmware 4.4.x or 5.0.x; no hacking/jailbreaking needed.

AirParrot is available from here with a single machine license for $14.99 USD and a 5-machine license for $49.99 USD. 20 minutes trial version is also available.

We will ran a giveaway of AirParrot app soon. Stay tuned!

  • Roger Joseph

    Hold on hold on, Apple TV (airplay) streaming is free and has always been free and will continue to be free. You want us to pay you $15.99 for some thing you hacked. Are you paying the License fee for the H.264 video codec in your product !!

    Seems like a money run/grab. I do think it’s neat you have this working but there are many open source projects that deliver “airplay” su-do DLNA. Just seems steep like some one trying to steal a product then selling it a pretence of a legitimate business.

  • Test

    Do you know what you are talking about?
    * how do you mirror your windows desktop to the apple tv?
    * how do you mirror your osx lion or lower to the apple tv?

  • Rayan

    I downloaded the trial version, it sucks! 
    Not only does it have latency but the sound work sometime & sometime not, and has a very bad quality when it does.. 

  • Justintbaker

    Agree with the other commenter. This function exists nowhere else although Mountain Lion (MacOS 10.8) will decrease the need for this product (although I still plan to use the PC version).

  • czvet

    … installed/uninstalled trial version 3 times in an effort to get get audio … checked all other settings etc. no sound … also experienced extremely high cpu usage and hot running laptop, will not buy this product until these issues are fixed…

  • Sid

    Yes. We are paying licensing fees. Thanks for asking! There’s no hacking involved. We’re using good ol’ AirPlay Mirror technology that’s found nowhere else. Our tech mirrors that of Apple’s.

    Note that AirPlay and AirPlay Mirroring aren’t the same. DLNA doesn’t support Mirroring as it’s not an open technology or documented anywhere. Also note that we launched before Apple announced Mirroring in 10.8 and that a lot of users can’t/won’t upgrade. 

  • Codrut_sv2002

    I instal the trial v and is move nice with sound and everything mabey u nead a good enternet con I have 40 Mb optic fibra

  • Marko

    I just downloaded the AirParrot app for windows to enable me to mirror my PC desktop to my AppleTV 2. The video quality is very good, but the audio quality is surprisingly poor – there are pronounced compression artifacts. Is there something that I can do to improve to audio quality? If thew audio quality can be substantially improved I will definitely purchase at least one (possibly two) licenses. Thanks.

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