Top 10 best XBMC addons for Apple TV 1 and Apple TV 2

by umOuch on May 11, 2012

Top 10 best XBMC add-ons and plugins for Apple TV 1, Apple TV 2

We at Apple TV Hacks have offered many guides that enable you to jailbreak your Apple TV, install XBMC, and even install addons, plugins and extras to your XBMC installation. So, now that we have given you the tools to increase the awesome of your little box, I figured it would only be fair to share with you what addons have proven to be the best of the best. So enough explanation… lets jump in to the good stuff.

Here is the list of 10 best XBMC addons for both 1st and 2nd generation Apple TV.

10.   IceLibrary

  • Content Source:
    • Works in conjunction with the IceFilms addon
  • Features:
    • Allows users to sync movies and television shows from the IceFilms add-on to their internal library
    • Offers the ability to refresh your library in intervals that you decide.
    • It offers filters so that you can scan for all movies released after a certain date… allowing to you have access to all movies released since 2003, should you desire to.
    • The possibilities are endless, making this one of my favorite add-ons.
  • Download & Support:
    • IceLibrary Development and Releases come directly from, via its development team. This add-ons has gone from a one man team, to a community driven project. You can download IceLibrary addon from here.

9.   HULU

  • Content Source:
  • Features:
    • Access to all of Hulu’s website content
    • Access to all Hulu + content, for users who have signed up for the service.
    • This add-ons comes with the unique ability to add shows and movies, from Hulu, to your XBMC library. This enables you to do a lot of cool stuff!
    • Allows control of the amount of ads, or pre-roles, displayed.
  • Download & Support:
    • HULU ADD-ON Development and Releases come directly from, via its developer bluecop. This developer is known for having some AMAZING addons in his repos! You can download Hulu addon from here.

8.   Fast Pass TV

  • Content Source:
  • Features:
    • Though this add-on offers both television and movies. It is known for its movies.
    • Latest movie release are updated to FastPassTV at a rate that is second to none. If there is something you gotta see NOW(!) FastPassTV is a good way to go.
  • Download & Support:
    • FastPassTv’s Development and Releases come directly from, via its developer, who is also a developer for IceFilms. Its actual creator is always open to help with problems.Fast Pass TV addon from here.

7.   Live TV

  • Content Source:
    • Combines live tv streams with a handful of 24 hour streams.
  • Features:
    • Combines live tv streams with a handful of 24 hour streams of shows like Friends, King of Queens, and more.
    • 24 movie channels including Starz.
    • Live streaming sports
  • Download & Support:
    • LiveTV’s Development and Releases come directly from, via this add-ons developer. Its actual creator is always open to help and can be found either at or You can dowlnoad Live TV addon from here.

6.   Super TV

  • Content Source:
    • Live TV Streams (think antenna TV)
  • Features:
    • View live tv via your APPLE TV 1, 2, or 3
    • You can mark channels as broken so that the developer can fix streams if they go down.
    • Live streaming sports
  • Download & Support:
    • SuperTV’s Development and Releases come directly from, via this add-ons development team. You can download Super TV addon from here.

AirParrot for Apple TV

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  • Clubberlang786

    I have been using XBMC on my PC for some time now and though it is very good I always get buffering issues. Will I get the same on AppleTV on the same internet connection?

  • Colonica

    i had the same issue but since i upgraded my internet speed, there is no buffering.

  • Renegade_Raul

    “View live tv via your APPLE TV 1, 2, or 3” AppleTV 3 is not Jailbroken yet, don’t mess with my emotions like that.

  •  forget one very good, PELISALACARTA has content in English and Spanish

  • Clutchkargo

    You missed the best addon out there…..What the Furk!!

  • leetut

    IceFilms, step 11. (Simply open the repo labeled “anarchintosh addons”. Once inside select Video Add-ons and then click IceFilms.)

    nope, once “inside” i dont see “Video Add-ons” so cant “click IceFilms”
    its empty, nothing in there

    be a good idea to remove it from your “top 10”
    then remove the guide 😉

  • leetut

    finally found IceFilms when xmbc crashed (like it does all the time) but cant install as its “broken”???
    dependencies not met???
    dont seem to be anything in the guide about that one lol

    of the year my atv has been jailbroken all ive done is stream movies from the imac, which i can do without a jailbreak!!!

  • Free_bohemian

    Would be cool if supertv actually work, it doesn’t:( It only say “working” and then go back to overview pic…Any tricks and tips, and i will be very happy:)

  • Thehan

    How come most of the channels/addons never play? Either it gives playback error, or the working sign spins and spins then nothing happens. If this is what apple tv is all about, i think i would rather pass.

  • Rchie187

    Do any of these work for the iPad with xbmc I already have naiv x but do any other ones work?????

  • Margareth XBMC repo addons for Live TV

  • sareqh
  • obsession

    I have been watching a Dexter on 1 channel, but now the program has disappeared an no where on apple tv, has anyone else had a similar problems like this and can I get them back?

  • Margareth
  • isbath

    I’ts awesome.
    very recomended!!!

  • tayloradubose

    hahahaha yeah :/

  • carem

    What would be VERY nice to have is a section for people that are NOT located in the US, regarding how to access content when geographic constraints are in place (practically all on demand services and add ons that are available via XBMC) 🙁

  • Brian

    Carem all you have to do is change your DNs ip to an American one.use tube and search dns ip and hulu ect or Netflix .need to go to wifi settings and delete your own nds IP address and type in the American one.this fools hulu ,Netflix and other program’s into thinking u like in America..:)

  • boxino iptv

    hi guys,

    plz take a try for this xbmc/kodi add-ons i made it to scrape the web looking for new iptv channels url, so you have a fresh link every day, and more are comming

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