FireCore: Work is underway on Apple TV 3 jailbreak and Apple TV 2 5.0 untethered jailbreak

by tomek on April 18, 2012

FireCore, the company behind Seas0nPass jailbreaking tool for Apple TV, said on its blog that the work on the jailbreak for Apple TV 3 and the untethered jailbreak for Apple TV 2 5.0 is still underway:

We’ve had some encouraging reports come in over the past few days. However, it’s still too early to give any kind of ETA but we hope to have more news soon.

Back in March, Apple TV hacker and developer nitoTV shared some of his thoughts on the Apple TV 3 jailbreak. According to him, without an A5 bootrom exploit being found, an Apple TV 3 jailbreak “will be an uphill battle.” That’s mainly because the “attack surface” on Apple TV is much smaller. He wasn’t expecting the jailbreak to come anytime soon.

According to MuscleNerd, the new 1080p Apple TV will likely be the most secure of the Apple’s latest devices. That’s because geohot’s limera1n bootrom exploit, used to jailbreak Apple TV 2, doesn’t apply to ATV3.

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  • JonBOY26

    But there’s still no untethered jailbreak for 5.0 (iOS 5.1) on the ATV2 at this stage right? 

  • Stepanizator

    JonBOY26, right! I’ve never turn off my apple tv, so untethered jail is perfect for me. I believe it will be soon on apple tv 3 !) 

  • storc

     right, FireCore said they are working on untethered for atv2 5.0 as well

  • Dyellw

    Anybody knows the estimative to when it’ll arrives?

  • Dyellw

    Anybody knows the estimative to when it’ll arrives? Apple tv 3 jailbreak

  •  Wow news that really has no new information besides whats been out there since a few days after the release of the ATV3.

  • H844568

    A jailbreak for the new Apple TV 3 has just been released!

  • Sithxavi

    It’s a fake web.

  • atvliker

    i can’t wait, i realy want to jailbreak my ATV3

  • Cloudane

    Firecore are full of crap. They just want to sell more copies of their software with the “when it comes out it’ll be a free update” offer. It won’t be happening any time soon, if ever, see Musclenerd’s tweets.

  • Anonymous

    A jailbreak for the new Apple TV 3 has just been released by Firecore Group!

  • Msuema


  • Cesar_marriott

    hey…is virus….

  • Nselec

    any news on jailbreak apple tv 3

  • Whiner

    Release untethered jailbreak for atv 2 5.0 please, and soon please

  • DaveT

    In the mean time….
    XBMC on computer streamed to Apple TV 3 using AirParrot.

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  • Doode-t

    when the jailbreak is availalbe ?

  • Hey stupid question is there away I can stream from a Windows to a Apple tv 3 or no..

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