How to jailbreak Apple TV 2 with greenpois0n rc6

by tomek on February 16, 2011

Greenpois0n RC6 has finally been released by the fantastic Chronic Dev Team. This magical piece of software jailbreaks your Apple TV 2 on iOS 4.2.1 (Apple TV 4.1.1) in a flash. And this is untethered jailbreak, meaning you don’t have to connect your atv2 to your mac/pc every time you need to reboot it.

Here is the step-by-step tutorial on how to jailbreak your Apple TV 2 using greenpois0n rc6.

Step 1: Download greenpois0n rc6 for Mac or Windows.

Step 2: Run it and select “Yes” when asked if you’re jailbreaking an Apple TV.

Step 3: Click “Prepare to Jailbreak (DFU)”.

Step 4: Follow the onscreen instructions to enter DFU mode.

Many people report having problems entering DFU mode when following GP instructions; here is the alternative method that worked for me (after 3rd or 4th try):

–          Plug USB end power cables into atv before you even run GP.
–          When the program asks you to follow the instructions to enter DFU mode just hold down MENU and PLAY/PAUSE buttons for 17 seconds (7+3+7) (7 second should be enough but it’s better not to release the buttons earlier)
–          Release both buttons when the program says that.

You can find other alternative methods as well, one of them will work for sure.

Step 5: Click “Jailbreak!”. Greenpois0n will now begin jailbreaking your atv. It should not take more than a few minutes to complete.

Step 6: Your Apple TV is now jailbroken.

Note: do not unplug atv for at least 40 seconds to a minute after the “Jailbreak complete!” button appears (greenpois0n may be still finishing the process on your device).

Step 7: Unplug USB cable, connect the device to your TV, navigate to “greenpois0n”, select “Inject Software” and install Cydia package.

Step 8: After the installation is complete press MENU button to reboot.

Step 9: nitoTV will appear instead of “greenpois0n” heading. You can now install third-party software and plugins, such as XBMC, Exposed, Overflow, BTStack, Weather, etc. (NitoTV->Install Software).

Many users report having WiFi issues after jailbreaking. If it’s your case, you can try to fix it by restarting Lowtide (NitoTV->Settings)

(note: greenpois0n commands and onscreen notifications vary between mac and pc versions)

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  • Johny_dogg

    I am having issues, i performed the jailbreak with the alternate dfu entry mode. I was connected to my computer via the usb cord but not connected to power. The jailbreak said “completed”, I waited one minute then unplugged the atv and plugged in the power and the hdmi. When it came on the tv it was just the normal menu, no gp option. I then tried again with the power and usb attached, got the jailbreak to start but got a “jailbreak failed, try again” message. This repeated several times. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Johny_dogg

    I should also mention that, when the jailbreak is working, I get a “usb device not recognized” message in the bottom right corner of my desktop. And also, I have tried the jailbreak with the power cord in and out and without success.

  • naits

    I get rhrogh the all steps until 7, but when unplugging usb and plugg into TV there is no video signal. Any ideas?

  • Rikheron


    After my 80th attempt (almost) I finally got past ‘try again’ and it asked me to jailbreak, once the jailbreak was complete I unplugged from usb and plugged it back into my tv, now when it starts it just hangs on ‘waiting for network time’ although it had ethernet connection. I then changed it to wifi and the same thing happened, does anybopdy know whats happening. I have no gone through the jailbreak process 4 time and I cannot get anywhere the GP menu on my apple tv.


  • andy

    did you reboot the atv?

  • andy

    restore your apple tv to original settings (with iTunes) and repeat the process with the power cable plugged in

  • guest

    I managed to get the jailbreak to work, after several attempts, but when I try to “inject software” the file downloads but then I get an error from Cydia – status 10. Can’t get past that. Tried a restore, did it all over again, same problem.

  • Rikheron

    Ok, here’s the latest, If I plug on the usb in there are no lights, the lights flicker at an average speed then I hold menu and play.

    If I start again and plug in the power cord when asked, it flickers slowley and then really fast when I press the menu and play buttons, It still doesnt jailbreak.

    If I take the power cord out (but not the USB) the apple tv still flickers at a slow rate, if I try and jailbreak then, the lights flash very quickly as it did when the power cord was it, but this time it works and asks me to jailbreak.

    Great I thought, took it to the TV and Nothing ????

    Any ideas anyone.

  • guest

    It worked. Plugged in USB cable to laptop (with power off & AC unplugged), ran GP by holding menu+play button for approx. 15 seconds, ATV2 went into DFU mode, jailbreak finished.
    It’s important that you’re using USB cable that’s capable of both data & power. I used one for Motorla Android phone & it worked flawlessly.
    Now I’m watching Cartoon Network on XBMC. Can’t wait for an Internet Browser installer from nitoTV.

  • R Amati

    anyone have experience, after a jb with GP rc6 from fresh itunes restore, seems everything working: injected cydia and nito tv installed, ssh works, but if you unplug power cord and relaunch ATV2 it show a black screen in the tv?? software will be loaded because on pressing the remote I hear sound from my tv.

    I was unable to “killall” via ssh because I don’t known if it was connect to wifi….unique chance reinstal again everything…and don’t unplug power cord…

    if I uninstall nito tv and reinstall it it keep wifi and when black screen appear I can run ssh killal AppleTV and on restart everything work again

    any suggestion to avoid this problem? I try it 3 times also over a seasonpas jb and always the same.

    ATV2 for italian market last firmware (4.1.1)

    4 administrator: I search about it but I didn’t found anything.


  • Dlafond

    Are you sure you have the latest firmware iOS 4.2.1?

  • Mike

    I’ve had no luck with GP. Might be something I’m doing wrong but it hasn’t worked for my iPhone jailbreak or the ATV2. Tried it every different way. No problem using Seas0nPass for the ATV2 or Redsn0w for the iPhone. Problem is both are tethered options. Really like to figure out the GP issues. Post some tips if you have any luck!

  • Bagger

    I have the same error, it jailbreaks, but i see nothing on the TV??

  • Actenniskrazy

    I have successfully used GP to jailbreak my ATV2. My only issue is that i don’t know how to uninstall some of the programs that i have installed via NitoTV. I got trigger happy and installed almost everything from nitotv and want to uninstall some of it (like the slidshow behind the menu and the weather behind the main menu). Anyone know how to do this?

  • Actenniskrazy

    It took me a bunch of tries to get it to work. I did not follow the instructions on the actual gp jailbreak screen. I plugged in the usb, waited for the apple tv to flash fast, then plugged in the power cord and immediately held menu and play/pause. This took me into dfu mode when i used seasonpass and gp. good luck

  • CK

    I got the same problem, No Greenpoison Menu on my ATV

  • AppleTVUser

    Use the Pwnage tool, its better and it works, after multiple attempts with GP I moved to PT, it worked on the first attempt..with PT you wont see any GP on the menu but directly NitoTV on the menu.

  • Johny_dogg

    I actually just ended up hooking up to a mac computer rather than the windows one i was using and boom it worked first try and man can I just say, xbmc is the best, has increased the functionality of this box 100 fold. Now I can only hope that apps are on the horizon, facebook on TV anyone?

  • Guest

    last ditch method to recover…plug the atv into a computer running iTunes. It will see the atv as a supported device and will give you the options to completely restore the atv. then reboot and try again. 🙂

  • Mike

    I’ve had problems trying to use Greenpoison. When I get to the “Jailbreak” stage, the MBP stops responding to the trackpad and the keyboard and just hangs, clock ticking but going nowhere. And jailbreak isn’t happening. Tried 3 times last night each time same result

  • Blu3m4trix

    same problem or greenpois0n will just crash

  • andii

    very nice, it worked for me, but only when i unplug the power adapter (german atv)

  • Tekoop

    close itunes and kill the ituneshelper process

  • After some problems, finaly all is OK and works fine. Fantastic!!

  • charlie

    mine never says “jailbreak complete” it just stays in the menu with the Quit option.

  • andii

    i just wanna view a dvd, does anybody know how it works? with xbmc? but how?

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  • Appletvhacks

    Go to the the menu where you have the option to install the stuff, scroll to the one you want to uninstall, and click left on the remote. There are also options for getting back the slideshow of thumbnails on the top by going to the main settings menu and then custom software

  • mike

    I’ve got OS X v10.5.8. Do I need 10.6 for this to work? I’ve tried several times (~20) with no luck.

  • Scampbell

    @Actenniskrazy Thank you so much!!!

  • WiredEarp

    Worked fine for me, nice work Greenpoison!

  • Anonymous

    Worked perfect, GP needs to change their directions to this

  • Luke

    Awesome, works like a dream. Don’t connect to TV while doing it, wait ’til the end. You’ll probably struggle to get the USB and HDMI in at the same time anyway…

  • Billdjbill

    what can you do when you jailebreak your apple tv

  • Billdjbill

    what can you do when you jailebreak your apple tv

  • WiredEarp

    You can put XBMC on it, which then lets you play any video files without having to reencode them for AppleTV. Also, it supports 1080 I believe whereas the built in player only does 720P.

  • Nik Sargeant

    I bought an ATV2 from eBay, installed 4.2.1 on it, used greenpois0n to jb it; I had a tiny glitch in that it wouldn’t go in to DFU mode – but then I ignored the instructions, and it was fine. If you power the device from the USB connection, perform the press menu and play buttons together for 7 seconds, and THEN apply power it all works. I’ve installed xbmc, plugged a TOSlink into the surround sound and an HDMI into the plasma and it is terrific. I can’t believe this little solution to all my niggles was just waiting to be found.

  • Insomniac_g

    I had the same problem tonight and could onyl turn off by holding power button. I found that start GP and connect atv to usb only and hold the menu and play buttons for 7 seconds near the end of the sequence puts it into dfu and jailbreaks successfully

  • o71g

    I found you tip to work great, in fact I didn’t even run GP first. I followed your instructions and then ran GP. GP then misses out all the timeing part of the install and jumps straight to the Jailbreak. Great tip, thanks for sharing.

  • cleencoug

    I get the JailBreak failed after it tries to load for a bit…. any ideas?

  • Anonymous

    view a DVD, well, I think you mean rip or convert the DVDs and then put them on the Apple TV, this article “Using AppleTV as your new home Media Centre” must can do some help for you.

  • I tried like a billion times to no avail. Kept saying try again over and over. Turns out I didn’t have the drivers for the appletv on my windows machine. I don’t have any other apple products so didn’t use itunes. Everything worked perfectly after I 1) installed iTunes 2) plugged my apple TV into the windows machine and verified it showed up in iTunes and then 3) used greenpois0n to jailbreak my appletv.

    Here are the steps that worked for me. 1) Start greenpois0n 2) connect the USB to the appleTV while plugged into your computer (as it says) (usb 2.0 jack) 3) hold down the two remote buttons and don’t touch the power chord 4) release the buttons as soon as it tells you to. Congrats Jailbroken! Good luck guys.

  • Ollietg

    no display after using greenpois0n sound comes though alright anyone know how to fix this ?

  • Arturito Net

    Here is a full tutorial on how to jailbreak Apple TV 2 and install XBMC.

    It also contains some solutions to problems that some people have found while jailbreaking and installing XBMC.

  • Arturito Net

    Go to Settings>About and see if your version is 4.1.1 if not updated it.
    Everything is explained here:

  • Soultion to your problem is below. Just follow it step by step. It helped a lot of people.

  • Install iTunes and do restore. It will restore to the version 4.1.1 then…… follow carefully this tutorial:

  • Yeap. This thing is great. This is what I set up in my place:

    The only thing I don’t like is the fact that I have to exit XBMC to put Apple TV to sleep.

  • 1080p is jumpy 720p works perfectly!

  • Follow this tutorial and you will get it done perfectly. I successfully jailbreaked 7 Apple TV’s (all my friends are buying it like crazy)

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  • Dn234536

    I get no GreenPois0n menu after jailbreak is successful. Waited 2-3 minutes before disconnecting but not use.

  • Anterfr

    i’m really frustrated 🙁
    i’ve “successfully” installed the jailbreak about 15 times. but every time tha ti link the ATV2 back up to my TV nothing shows up in the menu.
    I have rebooted the ATV2, restored it, restored it again, installed older firmware, restored it again… and still nothing.
    i’m installing from a windows 7 PC and am beginning to wonder if GP just isn’t for me and I should maybe switch to pwanage tool or however you spell that.
    i’m about ready to throw this ting through the window.

  • 🙁 so says completed.. I wait a minute, or 10. I unplug usb cable, and plug ub hdmi cable… but i get no picture (lights blinking) and reboot just brings me back to ios with no change. What am I missing?

  • Anterfr

    so am i gathering that i’m not supposed to unplug my ATV2 from the power after the install? and go directly to HDMI?

  • Nathaniel Hall

    I had it jailbroken but was getting prompts to update. I peformed a Restore and updated my Apple TV box. I now cannot get it to jailbreak again! I am able to get through to step #6 – but when I plug the apple tv box into my TV, it doesn’t do anything! Black screen (No Signal). If I unplug apple tv, then plug back up – it boots normally (No Jailbreak). Please help.

  • Sappa_n

    same story.
    apple firmware 4.2.1 (2100)
    I remove the power cord and USB -> start GP -> plugin USB (never use power cable) -> follow instructions -> got into DFU mode -> jail break -> it says Jail break completed -> wait for 2 min.

    I saw that light is periodically flashing (not rapidly) disconnect USB connect power cord -> appletv starts no GP in a menu.
    What I figure out if light is not continuously ON it wont work.
    So this stuff not working.
    Tried with Aplle laptop – > same story

  • Dominique

    I have tried yesterday this process many times without success.
    Plug in before after holding the buttons shorter longer with always the same result “Failed”.
    Thanks in advance for your help

  • Hi, I am amazed no one else is having the same issue but Greenpois0n rc 6 says, Hold the sleep button, then sleep, hold home, etc. But no one ever thought to communicate what “sleep” or “home” might possibly mean, since there are no buttons on the Apple TV 2.0 and no “sleep” or “home” buttons on the remote. Could someone possibly tell me which buttons I should be pushing>

  • I have the same issue. Successfully jailbroke (well at least I think so because it said complete) but now when I connect to the tv I see the apple logo, then logo disappears and screen goes black…. can’t see anything.
    Did you fix it somehow?

  • jb

    I’m having the same problem. I jailboke, followed the instructions to inject cyndia, and pressed menu to reboot per on screen instructions. I get the the apple logo for about 15 seconds, then my television loses the HDMI signal. The ATV 2 is now completely unusable. Is anyone else having this problem?

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  • jessie

    Can’t figure this out.. I get to the point where I’m supposed to plug the HDMI chord back in and I don’t get any display of the television. I then unplug the apple tv and it boots back up and nothing is there.. what am I doing wrong? What am I missing?

  • Steve

    THANK YOU! Your instructions worked for me finally! Thank you.

  • Steve

    Got the Apple TV2, jailbroke (thanks to Actenniskrazy’s notes below) and have XBMC running. Only thing is the “Night” skin seems to be causing trouble? Keeps crashing, watching a movie from my home network and the screen just went blank. ANyone else having stability issues with XMBC?

    BTW – big thanks to Arturito for this wonderful post!

  • Jordz436

    Did you click yes at the prompt asking if you were jailbreaking an apple tv?

  • Jordz436

    Did you click yes at the prompt asking if you were jailbreaking an apple tv?

  • andresF

    Did that work for you? when I plug the ATV2 to the HDMI nothing it snow in the TV? any idea?

  • andresF

    I have the same result.. Did you fix it?

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  • Hfeliciano

     is there a new version of greenpoison for 4.2.2

  • Tuandose

    hi, i’d like asking help for jailbreak ATV2 with IOS 4.2.2 ! does GPRC6.1 can do it? please, i tried with SB, RN but itunes did not see it 🙁 how can i jb.

  • berger

    I seem to have the same problem as Anterfr. GP says jaibreak is successfull, I waited over 40 seconds after completion. When i connect the ATV2 to the TV, there is no option “greenpois0n ” in the menu. I tried to connect the ATV2 to the TV without unplugging the power cable, but than my TV screen remains black and it says that there is “no video input”. I am using GP rc6.1 on a win7 PC. My ATV2 has firmware version 4.2.1. I upgraded to 4.2.2, but this gives the same problem.Am I doing something wrong? Maybe I’m missing something? Or should I just try Seas0nPass? Can anybody help me, please?Thank you.

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  • Jeff383

    There are most than thoursands people said after JB is done and completed.  it show nothing to TV when connect the HDMI cable to ATV2.    can anyone let me us know what to do????

  • Mal

    Grenncurrent version in not working yet, how I can install a fxs on the atv2?

  • Dish

    I have been able to complete the tutorial above, however when it comes time to unplug the USB and plug the ATV into the TV, I can’t get a picture on the TV. 

    Any suggestions?

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  • Jim_red_life
  • a1427

    No sirve para la ultima versión – a1427

  • guess

    how can i install navi-x to my ATV2 via mac osx

  • 241542135
  • Mia

    It says that I have successfully jailbroken my atv2…but greenp0sion doesn’t show up when i connect it to my tv can anyone help me out or suggest where else to jailbreak? 

  • the man

    what is the “menu” button?

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