XBMC for Apple TV 2 now available

by tomek on January 21, 2011

XBMC, the fantastic media center you’ve been enjoying since it hit your old Apple TV in 2008, has finally been released for the second-generation Apple TV. XBMC supports a very complete spectrum of audio and video multimedia file formats and codecs right out-of-the-box. Today’s release is a full XBMC install, this is not a remote or thin client streamer. It features full hardware decode for 720p/1080p movies, network files sharing and “everything else you know and love about XBMC.”

In his conversation with TUAW’s Megan Lavey, Scott Davilla, the main developer behind the XBMC for iOS, said that XBMC’s add-ons and skins as well as Python scripting will work with XBMC for Apple TV. He also said that currently the built-in web server is disabled to focus on the base app and that there are plans to integrate AirPlay into all Apple-oriented (iOS, ATV2 and Mac OS X) versions of XBMC.

XBMC for ATV2 is available through an apt-get install and it requires the device to be already jailbroken. You can find all the instructions here.

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  • Chucky2k8

    4 reset al intentar reproducir una película o ajustar la resolución de la pantalla. : (

  • Chucky2k8

    4 system reset after trying to watch a movie or screen adjust

  • Nousefor

    Installed! Works perfectly..streaming video,music,movies directly from NAS!!!!

    Now ATV2 makes sense!

  • Wouter_touw

    what is the difference between XBMC and Plex?

  • Can someone confirm subtitle files work fine with XBMC installed on Apple TV 2G?
    I mean .srt, .sub etc. files

    Thanks in advance!

  • Deadlysinz

    Plex require software to push video that is why it does not allow fast forward. Xbmc lets u stream directly from a nas or network connected pc sharing files. Can play a hugh number of formats including mkv (hd movies). So plex can’t get close to xbmc. Just try it and u will see what i mean.

  • Deadlysinz

    They do work try them already with yip man movie. srt

  • Deadlysinz

    Yo pode ajustar la pantalla y no hubo reset. Cambiardo la resolucion si hiso reset

  • Shinnawy

    how do you start streaming?

  • Shinnawy

    how do you start streaming?

  • Me

    Seems to me:

    – No 1080p output, decoding yes, but then again reduced to 720p on ATV2
    – No ISO/VOB support yet. I tried, it plays copyright warnings, but then stops

    Unsure whether both will ever be realized…

  • LA

    Can anyone tell me if AirPlay (from iTunes or an iPhone to the Apple TV) still works after jailbreaking and installing XBMC?

  • etc

    works flawlessly for me!

  • lippe007

    Installed and works fine. Thanks for that!
    Is it possible to make the resolution selectable, it seems now to be fixed on 720p. Would prefer 480p and/or 1080i to be compliant with 1st gen LCD TV’s

  • OriginalXboxXBMCUser

    Is there a windows how-to? Should i boot a MAC VMware image?
    (I don’t own a MAC)

  • James

    Does the library mode work on ATV2?

  • Here is how I installed XBMC with Windows PC with untethered jailbreak. 10 minutes job.


    It works great. Even tried on the TV that does not have HDMI input. I used HD Fury to convert HDMI to VGA. Also perfect!

  • Yes, I use spanish subs in srt format. Yes they work great. One thing I don’t know is to switch between subtitles with this new remote control. I had first generation of xbox before and that was easy.

  • I can play VOB’s ok.

  • Airplane

    Is it possible after XBMC installation stream also .avi files from my mac to AppleTV 2 ?

  • Rikheron

    Does anybody think that it runs slowely? I mean scrolling through the menu’s it feels like there is alot of lag.

  • Kp1999

    sorry I am completely new at this so this may be a stupid question… if I jailbreak my Apple TV 2… is it possible to revert back to the unjailbreak state, say in case I need to send it back to get it fix for something?

  • Consumer567

    I was wondering if this updates the film info like it does on my pc. I installed xbmc on my pc and really liked the way the program would download the title, movie info, video box and the moviesheet ( if thats what its called ) will this do the same? excuse the newbie question but if it can Im buying one today. thanks for any feedback.

  • Anonymous

    If your Apple TV runs software version 4.2.1(2100) on iOS 4.3 XMBC will give you errors like “Audio Device Error” and it won’t play MKV files. I managed to restore it to previous firmware without SHSH blobs and use GreenPois0n to jailbreak and install XBMC again. Follow this tutorial: http://arturito.net/2011/04/12/apple-tv-2g-untethered-jailbreak-and-xbmc-installation-ios-4-3-working/



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