aTV Flash (black) for Apple TV 2G Now Available (+giveaway)

by tomek on December 2, 2010

Fire Core has finally released the first beta version of aTV Flash (black) for the Apple TV 2G. It gives you a web browser with HTML5 support (not all HTML5 sites are supported yet), a Plex client that lets you stream nearly any kind of video from Plex Server running on your Mac, access and some info on demand (current weather and news feeds). Fire Core promises to enable additional media formats such as AVI, MP4, MKV, DVD files and to support media streaming from most NAS devices (including Airport Extreme and Time Capsule) in the near future. You don’t need to be worry about the original Apple TV features, they will all remain fully operational.

The new aTV Flash is compatible with the 4.0 Apple TV software only. The new 4.1 software requires a few adjustments and the company plans to have compatible version available soon.

Note: before installing aTV Flash (black) your atv will need to be jailbroken!

Currently the software is for Mac only. Windows compatible version is expected to be available within the next few days.

For the current users aTV Flash is available as a free upgrade.
(Some instructions from the developer: After logging into your account you will have an extra download link for aTV Flash (black). Your normal aTV Flash license and download links will remain unchanged. Additionally any available renewal specials can also be found in your account.)

For the new users the software is available at the discounted price of $19.95 during the beta (pre-order) phase. Once the final version is ready for release the price will return to the normal level of $29.95.

The original aTV Flash is also being reduced to $39.95.


We have 10 licenses of aTV Flash (black) to give away! Follow @appletvhacks, retweet the contest message and join us on Facebook for your chance to win. The winners will be announced on Monday (December 6th).

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  • ja, the problem is at nowhere in the website it was information at software compatible just with 4.0, got to know about this only after purchasing the software 🙁

  • not the way it must be

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  • Anonymous

    I hate the product with no flash features. Such as the iPad wich make me just can browsing limited website. As for my Apple TV, I think i will jailbreak my Apple tv and try the aTV flash. thank you.

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  • Dwayne

    So can we now use TimeCapsule to store MKV files and stream it with the Apple TV?

  • I just got a AppleTV from my girlfriend for my birthday today so it would be awesome to win one of the license for aTV Flash!

  • Techker

    didnt work for me on 4.0..install is all good but i can’t see anything at all on the screen..even when a hard reset is done…to bad..gypped..

  • Minimono77

    Work great on mine using snowbreeze2.1 expert mode!

  • 20% of the cost of the device? never gonna happen.

  • G Duteil

    beta2 is out, and is 4.1 (or 4.2.1 depending were you look at) compatible.
    Therefore, Plex is not working yet.

  • Disgusted

    We are all getting used to $1 apps and you want me to pay $30 for a hack?

  • AppleAddept

    Does the browser support HTTP Live streaming(HLS)?

  • ATV

    hate to say that, but i just used a pirated version of aTV Flash (black) (I use pirated version because i wanted to check it before i spend $20). it was good but it wasn’t worth of $20, the price shouldn’t be not more than 3 or 4 dollars. by the way, i re-jailbreak my ATV just to get rid of aTV Flash (black).

  • This product is really raw, I would not encourage you to buy it. I have tried numerous times to install it. Total waste of money….

  • Devno7

    Does it support VPN Conection Settings?
    VPN is needed for Netflix Users outside of the USA.

  • this is really a good news!!!Thanks

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