Remote HD for Apple TV [+giveaway!]

by tomek on June 26, 2010

Recently released Remote HD is an iPad/iPhone/iPod touch universal and powerful application that gives you complete access to your AppleTV, Mac or PC. It works like an Apple Remote, but it can do a lot more – one of the greatest features is Remote View that brings your AppleTV’s display to the iPhone/iPad or iPod touch.

Remote View now also works with XBMC and Boxee.

The app allows you to reconnect to last connection – – if you use Remote HD mostly to connect to the same Apple TV, you can save the time of searching for available connections and tapping to connect.

Using Remote HD you can also put the Apple TV to sleep, restart it or even shut it down altogether. In addition, selecting “Log off” will perform a “soft” restart on the Apple TV.

Other great feature is that when you connect to your computer or Apple TV using the mobile network (3G, EDGE, GPRS), Remote HD kicks into a mode designed to save data transfer and optimize its performance based on the available bandwidth at any given time. Check out the rest of the features here.

The app is XBMC and Boxee compatible. aTV Flash has already added support for Remote HD (can be installed through the Maintenance –> Install Extras menu).

We have 5 free copies of the app to give away! To enter the contest follow us on Twitter and retweet the contest message (Win RemoteHD and access your AppleTV from your iPhone/iPad! Follow @appletvhacks and RT for your chance to win #giveaway). The winners will be announced on Tuesday (June 29).

  • Heyross

    Looks awesome! I want it :) (and it did the RT @heyross)

  • 87vert

    I bought it after reading this but can't get it to work right with XBMC, I just get a black screen on my iPhone.

  • Tyler

    crashed my Apple TV now it wont restart

  • Tyler

    UPDATE: So it actually didn't crash my apple tv. My westinghouse HDMI ports went faulty. Just restarted the TV and its up and running.

  • Jcohen

    The installation instructions for using with the IPAD are not very good. They require you to follow a third party link (but it is generic and not unique to the Remote HD software needed to install) and then it has instructions that have to be typed into a terminal program that may have a typo in it. In all, it is a lot of work that somehow…I believe could be simpler. I still have not gotten IPAD to work in controlling my Apple TV….has ANYONE? ( IF so, please email me so I can figure out the missing steps.

  • Xa

    I have atvflash and I installed this via atvflash – I didnt do manual as I have no idea what these instructions are on about, seriously. What the hell is terminal and SSH? If you gonna give details, spell it out! We aren't all on the same wavelength.
    Nonetheless, my iphone app doesnt even recognise any RemoteHD in my AppleTV.
    But my iPhone can find the computer running RemoteHD.
    Only reason why I got this app was the ability to restart the AppleTV without using the power switch. BUT by accident Nito can do it…

  • Hector Villafuerte

    Apple TV have software limitations, Apple TV does not include a browser to navigate in the internet and access other video providers for free. Why not use a simple PC, and remote PC control and forget about limitation to restrict what player you are using and browser you are using.
    See this system can use this system without any restriction and limitation:

  • Mark1982

    I have appletv 2- the black one . I purchased remote hd app and I’m using remote hd on my appletv in wifi mode everything works great but I can’t seem to get remote hd to work on my appletv threw 3G on my iPhone . Customer service does not even respond . Does any one har any idea how to get it working pls email me with response thankyou.

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