How to run BitTorrent on Apple TV

by tomek on August 20, 2009

Another great work from Danny! He has published a tutorial explaining how to install transmission (bittorent client) on the Applet TV and run Clutch web-interface to control bittorrent from browsers.

To get through this new tutorial you first need to enable SSH on your Apple TV (check out Danny’s previous tutorial). The new hack is generally based on installing transmission, MAMP web server and Clutch.

It’s then possible to control the Clutch even via the iPhone.

Users had reported some errors but the problem seems to be solved now, after Danny made some corrections. Go to the comments to learn more.

Check it out!

  • Erik

    I believe Transmission already includes a web interface, no need for an extra webserver and Clutch (built-in)

  • thank you!

  • SGG

    Is there a way to test my port forwarding on the apple tv? I have transmission installed but the downloads are very slow/

  • sabath

    how to set the ports?
    how to chnge download dir?
    how to remove torrent(stop it)
    How to watch fm iphone????

  • Kevin

    does noone have a version of that transmission build that is already ready to go without having to do something in xcode??

  • Superjkstr

    Would bit torrent on ATV change the sampling audio output sampling rate. I’m trying to find a way to up the sampling rate from 16bit/44.1khz to 24/96 or better for my high res music. Is this possible?

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