Latest Apple TV-related software updates

by tomek on June 10, 2009


There have been some software updates lately released and announced:

Jaman , a movie download service, has released new version of their Jaman Player that lets you synch Jaman and other movies to your AppleTV. Here you’ll find how to watch Jaman movies on your AppleTV.

aTV Flash, a patchstick that enables installing plugins and other applications on Apple TV, has released 3.5.5 version of their installer program. This version includes a number of efficiency improvements for the installer application as well as support for the popular Hotspot Shield application that enables private web browsing. New aTV Flash has been released for both Mac and PC.

Finally Boxee announced that their Windows version, earlier available only for invites, will be open to all June 23rd.

  • Digging the aTVFlash mod! Approved your comment on my blog. Thanks for reminding me about AppleTVHacks and it's valuable resources.

  • oxygeneuk

    I bought a copy of ATV Flash with lifetime updates earlier this year and my download link has expired and I cannot download the latest version!

    I have submitted support tickets to FireCore, with the supposed 'Current Response Time: 24 Hours' and have got nothing back after several days. I have called them during their office hours and get their recording, at which point I have left several messages for someone to get back to me, again no one hasn't!

    After shelling out $79.95 for this product, I am pretty upset I cannot download it when I want to. Plus lifetime updates should mean just that 'lifetime'.

    I would love to try the new features of ATV Flash, but cannot download it.

    If anyone from FireCore reads these messages, your support stinks and you should be ashamed!


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