NVIDIA’s Ion For AppleTV?

by editor @ AppleTVHacks.net on January 20, 2009

Reports are circulating about the likely inclusion of NVIDIA‘s Ion platform in the next AppleTV.

HDTV.biz-news.com repots:

The Ion platform makes use of the 9600M GPU, which can easily decode full HD video. Along with the Ion’s inclusion in AppleTV there is the possibility that it could also be used in the next Mac Mini

More sources seam seem to confirm it.

  • dave

    That should be seem, not seam.

  • fernando

    Boxee/Xbmc/etc would still not use the GPU, since they software decode. MKV and such would still suck 🙁

  • The Dude

    Sorry guys, I just can’t see this happening. Apple has no interest whatsoever to boost 1080p performance in ATV. And why should they?!

    Apple of course only wants to promote their own itunes content, which is only 720p. There’s really no point for Apple creating a playback capability for content they don’t sell themselves.

  • marko

    Yes, but they may decide to sell full HD?

  • The Dude

    Wouldn’t think so. It took them months to convert their files to 720p. Don’t think they’ll go through the hassle again to have the content 1080p.

  • NPS

    Looking at Ion looks very codec specific, seems like the content is tweaked for the GPU… wonder how it would play on CURRENT AppleTV content let alone 1080p

  • Levi

    Nvidia’s PureVideo decodes MPEG2 and H.264, which are the two dominant HD encodings. MPEG2 is used in ATSC and QAM TV, while H.264 is used for some European HD broadcast, Blu-ray, and… Apple’s videos.

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