URGENT! No more Safari HD

by editor @ AppleTVHacks.net on February 21, 2008

Brandon informed me to take down the Safari HD files from our server.  Apple’s lawyers have contacted him and expressed their concerns about the name and the logo of the plugin.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Mr. PoopyPants

    Fuckers. Open up the platform, already.

    Apple, you can’t deliver everything that everyone wants. You keep this platform closed – why – to prevent others from developing video content for it? To prevent the canibalization of Mac Mini sales?

    Damn it – the Apple TV IS the Mac Mini hat most of us want. If you’re not going to open it, at least leave the hackers alone. They’re your most ardent fans – were, I should say, before you sicked your goddamn lawyers on them.


  • “Apple’s lawyers have contacted him and expressed their concerns about the name and the logo of the plugin.”

    So why not just change the name and logo of the plugin?

  • dingo

    Need to take a chill pill. READ the reason — it’s not about what the frontrow plugin does, it’s the name and logo.

    You can’t seriously expect Apple to stand by and let someone copy the name and logo of your name brand platform browser. It’s called protecting your company brand 101 to prevent name dilution.

    Apple does not care about hacks regarding the AppleTV. If they wanted to prevent it, they could but they don’t. As long as no one tries to rip HD rentals (which gets Apple in trouble with their content providers), Apple will never care about AppleTV hacks.

  • Its not that big of deal. Apple just doesn’t want me releasing something under there safari name which makes it sound like it is made / endorsed by Apple when it really isn’t.

    I fully understand Apple’s point of view and I respect it. I really shouldn’t have released it under the safari name anyways. It was my bad. Just the name is what gave me the project idea so I didn’t even think about changing it.

    So if anyone has an idea for a name and logo of the “WebKit Browser” for the Apple TV, let me know. [email protected].

    I’m hoping to have the browser back up soon.

  • Die Mystic Boer

    I say, lets call it…

    “Hollandrio”, and we give it a blue and black icon of a dude doing a one-handed handstand.

  • a bit lame perhaps, but some suggestions:

    (synonyms for safari)

    (you figure it out)

    anyhoo, thx for developing, great stuff!!
    Take 2 looks nice, but since here in Europe we don’t get to rent (or buy) movies (yet), there is no reason to upgrade. So, while the world enjoyed take 2, at least you gave me some ‘upgrade’ with your BROFKNAS (Browser formerly known as Safari). Hey, another name suggestion! 😉

  • Mr Brandon, could you show us how to install the flash plugin for “Safari HD”? Pretty please…thanks man for the great app

  • hunter

    To enable flash copy flash plugin from /Library/Internet-Plugins on an Intel Mac to /Library/Internet-Plugins on the Apple TV..

    confirmed working, however it is a tad slow due to the small memory of the Apple TV


  • Elephant HD

  • I’ve just sent a mail to Brandon with the name and logo I’m sure he will choose, so I’ll keep it secret 🙂

    If Brandon doesn’t choose it I will reveal it to the world!

    Just kidding 😉

  • klok

    Poacher HD !

  • just_jeepin

    How about rename the app and change the icon?

  • Roger

    Bummer. But changing the name and the logo should fix those legal concerns.

  • Stephen

    IBrowse was the name of a good browser on the Amiga in the good ole days of computing… But I think it is a cool name. You could name it similiar to how Apple name their OS’s i.e. call it “Gecko”…

    Great work making this available in the first place…

  • Sam

    I e-mailed Brandon the suggestion for “JungleTV”.

  • Moose

    Flash plugin

    I guess you mean /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ ?
    which doesn’t work for me ;-(
    If I go to a page with flash in I see the lego brick question mark icon, if I move the cursor above where the flash content should be my AppleTV unit hangs and reboots itself after about 5 mins.

  • Nick D

    iSurfari, or iSurf

  • hunter

    Copying the two flash plugins from /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ on your intel Mac to the apple tv’s /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ folder should do the trick…tried on youtube AND working!!!

    New name is Couch Surfer 😀

  • SAmi

    Its’ internet on your Tv sooooo why not:


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