“Apple TV Take 2” announced at MacWorld

by editor @ AppleTVHacks.net on January 15, 2008

Steve Jobs has announced the new Apple TV at MacWorld in San Francisco. Here are the keypoints:

• No computer required. You can rent movies direct from the Apple TV through the new iTunes rentals.
• You can watch and listen to video and audio podcasts directly through the interface.
• You can few photos from Flickr and .Mac
• DVD and High-Def available.
• Music can also be purchased direct to the Apple TV.
• Same features for synching as available previously, including synching content purchased on the Apple TV.
• * It is a FREE SOFTWARE update for the existing Apple TV! *
• This free update will be available in 2 weeks

A few details about the iTunes rentals:

• All major studios on board!
• Titles will be available at 30 days after the DVD release
• Over 1000 titles.
• Library titles will be $2.99.
• New titles will be $3.99.
• HD titles will be $3.99.
• You can order then you have 30 days to start watching
• Once started you have 24 hours to complete viewing the movie.

Steve Jobs showed a demo on stage of ordering a movie on stage. It started playing pretty much right away, and looked very impressive.

A price drop for the Apple TV entry model was also announced, from $299 to $229.

This should hopefully give the Apple TV a big boost and bring in into the ‘mainstream’ of Apple’s products. However, a question we will have to wait to be answered is whether this software update will in anyway disable current hacks.

We’ll have more details as they become available…

  • Jay

    So when we gonna get this thing running on a mac mini?

  • Liq2

    What is your gut instinct telling you about the hacks? Think it will negate all the hacks?

  • Nathan CLark

    I wonder if external HDs will be supported. That the decider for me.

  • nielow

    “• DVD and High-Def available.”

    wtf means DVD available?

  • luck

    DVD means DVD-quality not physical media.

  • Jamuk

    No mention on the UK, do we get the update!!?

  • jgbiggs

    So is there -any- hardware differences between version 1 an 2?

  • pfunk

    AppleTV plus Time Capsule? Basically have a movie(or itunes) library in the Time Capsule and have AppleTV calling it for me to watch a movie without turning on any other computer to access an external library or movie files for streaming. Would that work?

  • Anthony

    Can anyone confirm if there will finally be parental controls on the movies? My 4 year old has a habit of starting up movies that, well, he shouldn’t.

    Youtube needs some parental contorls as well. If a device like this is going to truely be mainstream there will have to be some sort of a way to filter out whats on the device.

  • profile

    I really prefer the new menu.
    The old one seems like child play.
    But sadly, I can’t give up playing xvid or divx solely for the new menu and rentals.
    Hopefully the scene finds a way for us to upgrade. Because sometimes I hate having to convert HD content. Takes forever.

  • profile


    yes I believe if you go on http://www.apple.com you can see how to access parental controls from the settings menu.

  • mooks

    “So is there -any- hardware differences between version 1 an 2?” … that’s the question in which I’m also interested … can’t find any information on that anywherer … anyone, any idea???

  • mooks

    “So is there -any- hardware differences between version 1 an 2?” … same question here … any idea anyone????

  • Tommi

    I do not get it why Apple does not include internet radio feature into AppleTV.

    The device is anyway connected to home stereos and thus radio stream listening would extend its usage way beyond current active viewing and listening experience. iTunes has great radio features – it cannot be too difficult to port these to AppleTV, too.

    Or what do you think?

  • Jon Wright

    “No mention on the UK, do we get the update!!?”

    Yes the UK will get the update but it wont be a feature rich as the US one.

    With the US model and update you will be able to:

    * Movie rentals, both HD- and DVD-quality
    * TV show, music, and music video purchases
    * Photos from Flickr and .Mac web galleries
    * Direct access to over 125,000 podcasts

    With the UK model and update you will be able to:

    * Purchase music and music videos direct from Apple TV
    * View photos from Flickr and your .Mac Web Gallery
    * Get direct access to over 125,000 podcasts

    That is until Apple bring Video Rentals into Europe which they said will be later in the year. So i’d guess around Oct-Nov just in time for Xmas.

  • Billy Boo Bob

    >> I do not get it why Apple does not include internet radio feature into AppleTV.

    I agree. Even though I only fire up radio in iTunes every so often (because of lack of stereo system connected to my Mac), I think it would be a nice addition. And all it would take is a software update. Either that, or make it work like AirTunes. Even that would help for putting Internet radio into your stereo without having to also buy an Airport Express, which in most cases is unnecessary other than that.

    But, I’m still looking to get my first Apple TV, however. Guess it’s time to go get one while I can with the older software on it so I can experiment with the current hacks. Sure wish all the W-2’s would get in so I could get the tax refund in time. 🙂

  • felgercarbnaysay

    I see we now have support for Flickr and .mac photos. I use neither. I have a good old
    set of directories (one for each year and one for each month below) on a shared drive. All I want is a decent way to browse them from my ATV. If that’s not fixed, I’ll forego this update until someone creates a smart update like we have for the 1.0 to 1.1 update.

    I like my hacks and I won’t give ’em up.

    Ditto on the lack of internet radio BTW. Apple is really dropping the ball there.

  • tony

    Hi – Slightly off subject however i am very surprised and disappointed that the price reduction mentioned by Steve Job’s yesterday does not apply to the Apple Store in Singapore.

    Based on the current exchange rates I could buy a 160GB version in the States for $329, based on todays exchange rates that translates into S$470.47, add the 7% GST tax and that makes a total 0f S$503.40. The Singapore Apple shop is asking $660, I called them today and as advised that the difference is due to the exchange rates. Does that mean Singapore and likely other centers around the world are subsidizing the weak dollar. yesterday i was offered an ATV “bargain” at $640 net.. Wow this puts me off ATV totally.

  • Philip


    Just thinking, with the announcement that the MacBook Air has the option of connecting wirelessly to another computer’s DVD drive, surely this is now going to be possible on the Apple TV? i.e. we should be able to play DVD’s on our Apple TV through the DVD drive on our PC/Mac using the same software?

    What do you think?

  • SomeOne

    A few comments:

    – Your pricing details are slightly incorrect: Rental of Library titles will be $2.99, and New titles will be $3.99 – but the HD versions of each will be “$1 more” (so $3.99 for older, $4.99 for newer)
    – Hardware is the same. Apple has stated that “Take 2” is a software update only, and the hardware (both 40 GB and 160 GB versions) is the same as before. Nice price drop (which will hopefully reach all Geo’s soon)
    – Probably no chance on the “Remote Disc” feature making it to the Apple TV: Again, they have stated that digital is the way to go; the direction is toward less focus on physical media at all.

  • RobC

    An Apple Store employee told me that there is no difference in H/W between v.1 and v.2

  • Travis

    I hope the Take 2 update updates the ATV OS to a more Leopard like one so we can create patchsticks in Leopard now… I’m waiting to install hacks till it comes out so…

  • nmcd

    I’m with you pfunk – apple tv + time capsule would be a great tie-in.
    I see no mention on the apple site so i’m guessing this is wishful thinking, but well within software capability.

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