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by editor @ on July 30, 2007

We got a lot of people writing in about how the patch is NOT going to work for them.  We have already addressed that in the previous blog entry.

Now, we’d  like to hear from those who got the patch to work.  How do you like it?  Anybody got a 2TB drive plugged in yet?  Maybe you can send in a screen shot of the settings screen showing your USB drive size?

Come on.  Show some love.

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  • joeblow

    Unless people have 2 TB drives in the computer they are syncing with, 2 TB in the atv is worthless.

    That’s one of the problems with using the external drive as primary storage – you are limited to what is in the computer it syncs with.

    Correct me if I am wrong here.

  • bmx269

    The problem you mention is only if you use itunes to sync. I use itunes to sync tv shows ONLY. Movies are transfered via AFP.

  • joeblow

    but how many people do that? And you are still limited by the space on the syncing computer. Unless you delete the shows.

    Might as well use it as secondary storage. You can still sync to the apple tv 40/160gb drive and put your movies on the external drive.

  • yoop

    I’ll do it. And most of my friends I know. The USB HD is a kind of a library for all things we ever bought/converted from DVD, etc.

  • Will

    I agree – this patch really does me no good unless I can mount it and place files there. I dont want to sync any amount of data to the atv. I like to place/move my media there. So what we need is a way to index that data so the atv is tricked into thinking it was synced.

  • joeblow

    will : check out the awkwardtv wiki :

    check out ATVFiles and Enable USB Storage.

  • Will,

    What you are wanting is the ATVFiles plugin as it’ll allow you to keep the video files on the external hard drive – or any networked hard drive – without needing to sync. I use it all the time and its fantastic.

    What you mention about “tricking” the Apple TV to using an alternate index of content is an interesting idea and one that I hope gets explored further. I love ATVFiles and how well it mimics the normal ATV menus. However, if I could just use the normal TV Shows and Movies I’d be even happier as it is much more seamless.

    Assuming the the way ATV and iPods index and transfer content is similar, this should be possible. There are all kinds of third party iPod programs out there, some of them may even be open source.

    Another option is to batch create blank .mov files that link to the actual .avi files stored on an external HD. These “blanks” can be loaded and synced with iTunes, allowing iTunes to manage the file database and sync with ATV while the bulk of the data resides in a central location. There is information on how to do this here:

    A final approach could be to create a program that creates a shared iTunes library out of the videos organized. This shared library could then be mounted as a source on the ATV.

    Hopefully these idea inspire someone with better coding skills than I to start coding!

  • Sander

    joeblow / Rick,

    What I would like to see too make use of the 2TB drive is an easy way to keep files on the ATV when syncing (aside from ATFiles), i.e. find out how iTunes manages synchronization with the ATV and remake it to provide an explorer like interface.

    Since retrieval of contents from the AppleTV seems possible, synchronizing the ATV with its own list + added files from iTunes or wherever would solve the issue.

  • Moduz

    Even my laptop’s HD is bigger than 40 gigs. While 2TB might be excessive, if you have the money you could always buy two of them. And if you don’t you will find a work around… Anything to up the 40 gigs you are given by atv by default.

  • Got external storage running last night after some tinkering and pondering about whether or not I was about to brick my three day old toy.

    Next issue I’ve been thinking about is would it be possible to use two external drives connected to the appleTV via a powered USB hub? Would the appleTV mount both at separate /Volumes/ locations? I’m going to give this a go when I get home from work.

    Any thoughts? Input?

  • jilopka

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