How may we be YOUR site?

by editor @ on June 22, 2007

We need some suggestions here. Some people say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. That maybe true but we’d like to hear from YOU what you would like to change on the site. What new features would you like? Should we change the look of the site? Are there things that you don’t like on our site now that you would like us to change? Should we charge for downloading hacks? (ha! just wanted see if you were paying attention!!!)

Help us be YOUR site. We are all ears.

  • bubba


    AppleTV hacking seems to have died.

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  • One minor thing: it’d be nice, after submitting a comment, to get redirected back to the comment list (and refresh it so we can see our blurb) rather than just getting left at a “thank you, your comments have been approved” page.

  • John B

    It would be great to be kept more up too date on development of the bounty challange. I know you just posted something, but it was the first time in 6 weeks.

    What news do you guys have coming in? From what I saw you never even bothered to note that Apple TV would soon be showing You Tube.

    Finally, it appears that Apple TV is not doing well. I don’t know about you but I want to see many more models and don’t want to be the owner of “the next Apple Cube”. How bout putting together a campaign of some kind?

    Also do you guys communicate with, being an Apple based site I would have figured I’d see you pop up more often. If you did you viewership would greatly increase.

    Thats all I got.

    Keep it going.

  • Recon007jf

    Hi love the site but I would like to see a few things change:

    1. better organization of the information so that first time Apple TV (non Hackers) can find stuff.

    2. More up-to-date info an all things Apple TV, an update a day would be nice.

    3. perhaps a video podcast showing a video tutorial each week on how to do one hardware or software hack for your Apple TV.

    4. A better look to the website, perhaps make it look like the AppleTv interface.

    5. An active forum

    6. more ads and links from companies that mod AtV’s.

  • HakTor

    How about more easy to understand guides.

    I am more keen on the USB bounty and a very simple step by step instructional guide to PatchStick, how to create one that works…!

  • Hello

    i thought that site was dead 1 month ago :p. A thing you can improve, and it’s not only a remark to your site, it’s the sharing information between the diferent communites (like awkwardTV). It could be helpful and more easier to the users to find what he wants, and not to naviguate between lot of different websites.. And by the way, the sharing could gather the users of the different communites, it could be great..

  • Scothoser

    Something that would be handy is an RSS feed for the entries. I haven’t been able to find one, and it would help when looking for updates and new posts.


  • luck

    Thank you everyone for giving the input. A lot of great ideas. We will certainly follow up on the suggestions.

    The changes won’t happen overnight but we will definitely improve our site to better serve you.

  • Um. All the linkbacks make it incredibly difficult to read the comments section.

    I can see how they’re useful to you. But beyond the “rah-rah, look who’s talking about us” factor, they amount pretty much to just noise and contribute very little to this community.

    Any way to turn them off for us?

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