$1000 bounty still unclaimed; future bounty suggestions?

by editor @ AppleTVHacks.net on April 15, 2007

A week ago, in partnership with FatWallet.com, we announced a $1000 bounty for hacking an Apple TV to use an external USB drive for storage.

We’ve been monitoring the activity through the community, and whilst many parts of the overall hack have been achieved, nobody has managed to tick all the boxes yet. The $1000 bounty is proving to be the most elusive so far, but we think the work everyone is doing will be well worth it.

Future Bounties

We’ve been receiving suggestions for what we could offer future bounties for. What would you like to see your Apple TV do now which still hasn’t been provided by a hack?

  • nate w

    USB DVD support so I can get rid of my DVD player and use the quality outputs of my apple tv…

  • kb

    simple: make it into a dvr. not simply a pvr to record on air broadcasts, but something you could actually set up to record and then export tv to the external usb or your computer. heck, you could even set up a fund and a lot of people would put in 10 bucks to see that happen.

  • jl

    The ability to add an external usb tuner (analog or digital), I’d pay to see that.

  • What I’d like to see is a method of bootstrapping ssh without needing to open the case and which doesn’t require an Intel Mac to generate a bootstrap image. e.g. maybe a minimal bootable thumb drive image which does nothing but drops in the stuff to enable ssh. It wouldn’t even need to have any OSX components on it per se; it could be built entirely on the open-source Darwin stuff.

    With a simple ssh enabler, it suddenly becomes very easy for anyone to install any additional components that they want, and lowers the barrier to entry for experimentation, and so I see that as the holy grail of AppleTV hacking.

  • Commander

    An application that is executable on a mac and is able to manipulate the Apple-TV that is connected to the Mac via USB.

    The application has to be able to implement various files into the Apple TV OS (i.e. codec pacs or different video player software like joost) automatically without the user having to fiddle with the OS himself or having to remove the Apple TVs harddrive.

  • Holger

    I’d throw in some bucks, too.

    I think the first thing would be to provide an easy (and legal) way to install an SSH-Server and a plugin-architecture to install remotely hosted addtl. packages, that are all integrated into the ATV menu.

    This might be reached by offering an installer-package for OS X and Windows, that simply formats an USB stick, puts on the packages needed to boot the ATV from and then automatically installs the above mentioned plugin-architecture.

    I am sure everything else will follow shortely after that breakthrough.

    I’d be more than happy to be able to throw out my Linux Server and replace it with my ATV. (Apple4Life)

  • Conner

    My hopes: USB hub support, and dual boot OS X and Apple TV. (hopefully on external harddrive, whenever (hopefully whenever), it gets done.

  • Ed

    Support for viewing SMB file shares? ‘ATV Files’ is great but being able to view all the files on my windows network would make it amazing

  • Brown.Recluse

    I LOVE my apple tv…But, along with the usb hard drive hack my second would definately be the ability to use it as a tivo/pvr or whatever ya wanna call it.

  • Rob

    Since I don’t have an Apple TV, I don’t know whether this is already possible: it would be great if Apple TV could serve as a streaming client i.e playing MP3s (or other formats) from a standard MMS protocol streaming server.

  • Software Hack to Turn 30 AppleTVs
    into a computer lab.

    I got a limited budget, but
    given a nice big room,
    1 iMac and 30 AppleTVs,
    I could build a nice Mac Lab.

    AppleTV ThinClient Software Hack:
    1. Runs normal OS X
    2. OpenOffice Included (mac version)
    3. FireFox Included (and Safari)
    4. GIMP Included.

    That’s it – all the lab needs, all in one
    software image update.

    Apple could SELL MORE AppleTVs,
    than the 100 million iPods,
    if Apple positions the product correctly…

    Great for PC Mac Labs and Classrooms
    for ‘lite’ computing.

    Serious computing requires iMacs or MacPros –
    so AppleTV labs do not impact the sales of these much more advanced products.

    The AppleTV could become the ‘my first mac experience’ for many people, who then decide to purchase a full iMac, MacPro, or MacBook Pro.

  • joe

    I guess I’m crazy because I haven’t seen anyone else care about this, but:

    I’d really like the AppleTV to output to plain old composite video. My meager budget doesn’t have room for any HDTVs (or any new TVs at all, for that matter) for the next, oh, let’s say 12 years.

  • Namesbond

    The best hack ever would be Xbox 360 HD dvd.

  • Namesbond

    The best hack would be HD DVD playback on Apple TV with x-box 360 HD DVD drive.

  • rexonor

    i’d contribute for usb dvr recording , would also like to see a ruby plugin.

  • John Cage

    I would LOVE to have Elgato and EyeTV support. If this box worked with them I would buy 4 straight away. I’m about to embark on a MacMini project and wouldn’t need to if Apple had created what I’d wanted from this 🙂 I feel its crippled right now without it

  • I’d love to see someone get a working implementation of the AppleTV in a car.

    Think about it… you could sync your iTunes with the computer in your house wirelessly from the garage!

  • I’d really like an ability to play streaming radio stations. I use an Airport Express to play streaming radio from iTunes (which has to be “pushed” from my Mac)… I don’t see why the AppleTV can’t “pull” the content if given an address.

    Oh yea, and also an ability to mount SMB shares.

  • Sir Hugeness

    All of the hacks going on so far seem to be a great start to really start exploiting the abilities of the Apple TV. The Apple TV is a great first stab at entering the digital living room by apple, but as shown by the vast number of hacks tacking place, there is a need for more features than those that currently exist with the box. Can’t wait until booting and running from an external usb drive is achieved so that we can finally attach a huge library of media to be able to run locally, rather than streaming (imagine a 750GB external hdd attached with all your dvd collection). I guess one question that i have is the ability for the apple tv to play mpeg2 files so that i do not need to convert all of my dvd collection into mp4s…ripping and saving dvds in their original file size in mpeg2 format take me no longer than 20 mins per disc…but converting to mp4 can take a whole lot longer.

    I guess a real feature I would like to see as asked by some others is the ability to add the support of an external dvd/ hd dvd drive so that you no longer need a seperate dvd player or hd dvd player. This would make the apple tv all you really need (along with pvr recording ability). Let’s see what we can turn the apple tv into over the next couple of months. Good start guys!!

  • dan.blanchard

    While a DVR would be nice, I would totally settle for support for a USB TV tuner (preferably one that supports HDTV). Being able to just select “TV” on the Apple TV menu would be fantastic. One could set up the controls so that pressing + and – would change the channels. This seems like a fairly simple hack (at least, if it’s possible to make plugins and you can get a full version of OS X running on the thing, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work). The main reason this would be beneficial is so that people wouldn’t need an extra tuner box in their cabinet if their TV doesn’t have a built-in HD tuner (and so they wouldn’t have to pay Comcast any more money to rent the damn thing).

  • Derek

    Streaming internet radio. I would even contribute to the fund

  • Mauronic

    SMB support so I can play videos right from my NAS!

  • I would love to see a plugin that can download directly from my TiVo. While I would love to see full functionality as a DVR, I’ve already got a TiVo and it would be great to be able to just grab videos off of it without having to first convert them with my MacBook. Think about it!

  • kingbee

    Support for Internet radio streaming. This is something FrontRow already has so how hard can it be?

  • It would be nice to use it as a gateway like the Airport Express, so I could stream my radio / Itunes Library without turning on the tv.

  • BJ

    An easy way for installing plug-ins. That would make them accessible to more users, and encourage MORE!

  • No matter what functionality you want, the most helpful bounty at this point would be the creation of an easy way to install mods and extend an Apple TV without opening the case. The most promising effort I’ve seen to do this is Patchstick, which is a development to create a USB bootable thumbdrive image that would enable SSH and other goodies and allow remote updates. To me this is the first step to all other hacks as I don’t want to void my warranty quite yet.


  • jdalborgo

    A timer
    Something to stream a dvd who is played in Mac osx

  • Jonas

    I have no Apple TV (yet) so I don’t know if I’m correct on this..
    But isn’t SMB mount support already included through the mount_smbfs command? Or has apple disabled this feature? 😮

  • Nitric Jerksud

    iTunes running on the Apple TV.

    Think about it. Move your entire library to the Apple TV, stream your music and movies to any machine on your local network (even other Apple TV’s!) – plus free up gigs of HD space on your regular machine.

    Or, at the very least… AFP (or SMB for those whiner PC users) on the AppleTV would let you have a media server… Back up your machine, drag-and-drop media into folders…


  • Ben

    I’ll agree: A fool-proof method to “unlock” the ATV with the use of a thumb drive … has to be able to be done from someone with windows (Or non-intel version of OSX).

  • sola

    if you’re not a hacker but are interested in the device and it’s potential, what’s the next step?

  • Adrian

    1. full functionality of the USB port so I can attach a USB hub, get my external HDDs attached, and eventually an external DVD (HD?). THat will get rid of my DVD (well the mini did). But an external DVD can be hacked for a region free which my mini does not have yet.
    2. DVR funcionality via USB
    3. Ability to play MPEG2. This is my biggest issue with the Apple TV. Pley MPEG2 for an external HD. I have a long list of movies already ripped on my external HDDs. I do not have the time and patience to put them in the “Apple TV format”. I don’t buy from the ITS and their selection is extremely limited. And I would like to have the media as well. Just in case my storage stuff all goes to crap one day. I have quite a large number of “non – hollywood crap movies”. I like full dvd resolution and I need my various subtitles.

  • KCJ

    If possible, the Apple TV able to detect and browse the files on airport disk.

  • Ryan

    I would buy 4 immediately if it could be easily turned into a MythTV frontend able to play streaming ISO’s from a SMB MythTV backend server share. It would be awesome to have the 360HD DVD drive as an option, but giving it the MythTV functionality in this great package would have everyone I know running out to buy several.

  • Eduardo Reis

    The best hack would be compiling xbmc and install it instead of the apple tv frontend!
    In this way we get all codecs support, networked file sharing support, all audio formats suport and power to decode my H.264 HD movies. Then I’ll throw away my xbox and buy an Apple TV! 🙂

  • Woof!

    MythTV Frontend, selectable as an option from the ATV menu.


  • Jordan

    I too would love to see a MythTV plugin.

  • I know this isn’t very exciting…
    but I REALLY want a way to load alternative resolution settings.

    Everything is tall and skinny on my television when using Apple TV (everything– the menu systems, all videos, etc). I think it is because my JVC set is not quite standardized or something… like it has 500 lines of resolution.

    Frustrating. So my wish is for a hack that would provide for other screen resolutions.

  • Marc

    The holy grail is to get H.264 hardware acceleration working and usable by MythTV.

    Such an effort could be used on many NVIDIA equipped Linux boxes, not just Apple TV. I was already thinking of donating $100 to such an effort before this post appeared.

  • Marc

    Just to give more food for though, there might be multiple ways to get H.264 hardware acceleration working:

    1. OpenGL native support (but if my limited understanding is correct, might still not take full advantage of hardware acceleration for H.264 decoding)

    2. Reverse engineer a NVIDIA PureVideo driver and make new open source Linux version (possibly reverse engineer the working Windows drivers, or try to determine what changed between driver versions as PureVideo was introduced [10.8]?)

    3. Somehow port one or more drivers (with verified working PureVideo) to Linux.

    4. Somehow port (or reverse engineer) the video drivers for the NVIDIA chipset used on AppleTV (which is basically Mac OS X 10.4.7) to Linux? POSIX might make this possible?

  • mrand

    The holy grail is to get H.264 hardware acceleration working and usable by MythTV. It would be cool if this happened on Apple TV first!

    Such an effort could be used on many NVIDIA equipped Linux boxes, not just Apple TV. I was already thinking of donating $100 to such an effort before this post appeared.

    Just to give more food for though, there might be multiple ways to get H.264 hardware acceleration working:

    1. OpenGL native support (but if my limited understanding is correct, might still not take full advantage of hardware acceleration for H.264 decoding)

    2. Reverse engineer a NVIDIA PureVideo driver and make new open source Linux version (possibly reverse engineer the working Windows drivers, or try to determine what changed between driver versions as PureVideo was introduced [10.8]?)

    3. Somehow port one or more drivers (with verified working PureVideo) to Linux.

    4. Somehow port (or reverse engineer) the video drivers for the NVIDIA chipset used on AppleTV (which is basically Mac OS X 10.4.7) to Linux? POSIX might make this possible?

  • Jon

    I agree that hacking the Apple TV and making it a DVR would be great.

    I would also like the ability to plug my set top digital TV box and Satellite TV box straight into Apple TV so that I can record TV shows off satellite or digital TV.

    I’d happily contribute some money towards that too.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Marcus



    Wouldn’t it be more efficient to concentrate on iTunes and Quicktime to make plugins for the AppleTV. It would be astonishing (and I would pay for it), when the AppleTV box was able to play my DVD collection on my HD instead of two devices in my livingroom (DVD player and AppleTV). Everyone could store their DVD’s on an external HD of the streaming computer (maybe in the Home office) and watch all movies and DVD’s via 802.11n wireless technologie and AppleTV in the livingroom. I am not so skilled that I could make such a plugin but if it is possible and if iTunes and Quicktime can enhanced by plugins, pleeeeease make it. I’m sure a donation for that would be no problem. However. AppleTV playing DVD’s an HD stored as VIDEO_TS folders would be the best.

  • Dani

    Let’s say:

    I think the greatest thing would be SMB file share support. Mac OS has already SMB support, so I guess it can’t be so difficult.

    Second, enable VLC support from frontrow (and remote control). VLC is a great player and has support for many codecs (oh yes, it HAS support for H.264, VOB, DivX, Xvid, MPEG2/4, streaming radio…) already working out of the box on Mac OS: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/features.html.

    So… AppleTV + SMB + VLC: the perfect next-gen video player.

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  • Lima

    a bounty for the best suggestion for future bounties? 🙂
    I’m all yours if you want me to be the first awarded…

    after awarding me, if you wanna spare another grand, my suggestion is a plugin that will allow one to watch videos in full screen from any page that may contain a video as Youtube, GoogleVideo, iFilm, DailyMotion, etc., on Apple TV.

    The ideal plugin would be one that is not restrained to a bunch of video sites in particular, but one that allows one to enter in any page that has a video and see it full screen on TV.

  • Robert

    With laptops as the top selling macs – the apple tv needs to perform more like a home base for households. The mac mini solution to diversified needs would be just another computer to administrate – don’t have time for that. Just for the record I am a believer in apple tv. I would love to eliminate cable from my life. On demand content is the future.

    the thumbdrive hack is of the utmost importance to avoid warranty issues – but is there not a potential wireless solution?

    to make the apple tv more of a home base there needs to be:
    – wireless backups of laptops to NAS or something
    – its own connection to browse and buy from itunes store and distribution to household laptops
    – ability to download its own podcasts and content for display and distribution.
    – family message board (possibly integrated in screensaver)
    – passively viewable widgets / screensaver (I would love to have a couple of pages of displayable info, weather, stocks, calendar events, email preview, RSS etc)
    – some home and appliance networking options (how about a pop up that tells me my dryer is done? – Turn on the Roomba!)
    – if I would be so lucky to have a few widescreens and apple tvs around the house, how about some apps that would be tailored to the kind of room – my cooking app in the kitchen – the alarm clock and home security app in the bedroom

    Obviously I would like to be wired to the gills

    Next, we all know that Apple makes money on the harware and not the content
    – of course different formats need to be able to be played but what of other internet AV options?
    – Netflix streaming, You tube?
    Rogue ameoba makes air foil – an app that sends any sound from any app to airport express. We need the video version.

  • Matt

    the hack i’d pay money for is the one that makes hack not required.

    Hack the AppleTV link in iTunes software.
    so that plug-ins could be installed by dropping them in a folder on the linked machine and restore software would move it to the AppleTV.

    No need to open the box, on need to own any of the additional hardware needed

  • Simon

    It’ll be cool if we can plug a USB TV Tuner on the Apple TV and if we can record movies on the Hard Drive, and very cool if we have a timeshifting option too !!! ;o)

    So 2 things to do:
    1- plug an external USB TV Tuner
    2- add recording and timeshifting

    Bounty !!! ;oP

  • Spencer

    If someone wants to put up an AppleTV for me to work on, I would write the darn MythTV plug-in. I’d be doing so already if I had the $300 to burn.

  • Jonathan

    I would like to see mythfrontend running as either an optional plugin or a complete replacement. I think it would be a perfect frontend if it can handle HD content playback.

  • Matthew Williams

    Support for the raw mpeg2 video produced by the variety of HDTV tuners out there. I just ditched my cable companies HD-DVR in exchange for the Apple TV. I’m picking up a few dozen digital channels and if I could record these and play the raw recordings without having to re-encode, that would be awesome!

    Of course, being able to use the included USB port combined with the EyeTV software which could be executed in full screen mode from the Apple TV Menu would be fantastic.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Luca

    It would be great to use the appletv as an access point.
    It would be possible considering how simple is to share a connection creating a wireless network on OSX

  • Tim

    The holy grail is ssh without opening the box. Everything else is gravy. Things that I think would be nice:
    1) Internet Radio. ITunes can do it, why can’t AppleTV?
    2) I like the RSS reader. Haven’t tried it, but I think that was huge.
    3) Some kind of automated system to have “non-supported” formats (XVID, etc) appear in the appropriate (not an extra) menu. Frankly, my wife won’t understand why she has to look in more than one place for a TV show. The easiest way would be to hack iTunes into accepting these formats (easiest? Ok, maybe “the cleanest.”)
    4) People want a mythtv frontend. Maybe this solves some of the problem. I dunno. I never got my myth system up and running. But, I think for people using mythtv, connectivity would be nice.
    5) However, for people like me that don’t use myth, there are some neat tricks that would be nice: weather, webmail are my top picks.

    Yep, then in the morning I can wake up, start the coffee, read my mail, and check the weather and news

    I don’t really see the need for PVR functions. I suppose it would cut down on the equipment (change a big ugly box for a small one), but I’m not sure that’s really possible. I think without a fan and with limited RAM and processing power, you’d burn the thing up.

  • general

    The next bounty should be playing ripped DVD’s (VOBs) over a network from a NAS. A second choice would be mounting an ISO to play it. This would enable the AppleTV to be a front end for a home media server.

  • darkscout

    I’d rather see NFS before SMB. Samba is a reverse engineered hack (and a very good one at that) to work with Windows. My NAS is Debian. My laptop is MacOS X. There’s no reason to make them speak a closed language to share files.

  • anson

    as others have said, mythtv, or an os x mythfrontend as a plugin. hardware accelerated or not, if it could do hd playback over the network, that would be awesome.

  • How about 4:3 TV support? Anyone know where we could edit the resolution? Or force letterboxing for widescreen content and disable pillarboxing for 4:3 content?

    I can understand not supporting composite and S-Video, but not all TVs with component inputs have a 16:9/widescreen mode.

  • Chris

    Playback of full HD would be great. We have a lot of home vids from our HD camcorder and would be nice to stream them to the TV. It would also be good for all of our recorded HD shows too…

  • I still don’t get why apple didn’t include ssh from the get go. I mean it seems pretty obvious that lots of people would like it if it came with ssh. It would have cost them zero dollars to include it.

  • I really want to see 4:3 support for playing movies. Until I get cash for a HDTV, I want to be able to use the thing in 4:3 mode for movies, tv shows, etc with getting double bar’d. Right now I can sqeeze my TV into widescreen mode, but playing 4:3 content gets the vertical bars going, and its like watching a mini TV inside my 27″ tv.

  • Philip

    I could use a mod to use the apple tv as a video kiosk, or at the very least be able to use the apple tv like an ipod creating playlists.

  • Spencer

    Plugin manager/downloader/installer.

    Point to a website (such as the plugin section of appletvhacks.net) and select from all available downloads. Install or uninstall.

  • John Cage

    Your site seems to have completely lost any momentum that it had. Oh well, off to find another site

  • Richard Fish

    Yeah, unfortunately nothing happened here for about a week. But you can say the same thing about awkwardtv.org

  • dr

    … a streaming-connection to an airport express with airtunes. Not for video-audio – just for audio playback ….

  • barrerarama

    How about a way to make two Apple TV’s work in conjunction such that actions taken on one are mirrored on the other. With this capability, you could get the same content playing on both Apple TV’s sumultaneously in different parts of your house. Right now, the only way to do this is via i-Tunes and Airtunes but that involves streaming.

  • Tom @ AppleTVHacks.net

    John & Richard,

    Sorry you feel that way – we are trying to resist posting ‘filler’ content and at the moment no big breakthroughs are being achieved.

  • John Cage

    Just came back to check in. Tom, thanks for updating the front page. I suppose the frenzy of activity at the beginning made me feel that huge things were going to happen. I’ve put off buying a Mac Mini to use as a media center in the hope that EyeTV will end up running on the AppleTV. If the AppleTV is running OS X I would have thought that someone might have tried the EyeTV solution.

    I’m wondering…..

    Could we put a list together of top requests and people could donate to create a fund? I personally would put $50 in for EyeTV – hardware and software.

    Any thoughts?

  • Tom @ AppleTVHacks.net


    Yes – I’ve given a lot of thought to starting a public fund for a hack, and I’ve also been tinkering with a ‘Poll’ add on for the site.

    I was holding off to see if the $1000 bounty got claimed, but I guess we could have multiple bounties at once. 🙂

    I’ll try to organise something for this weekend.

  • Andrew

    Why not lower the bounty and reduce the number of hoops the hackers have to jump through?

    If someone could get USB external storage recognized and running at all I, for one, would be a very happy camper.

    After they get USB storage working in the first place, then there could be another bounty for doing it without opening the box

  • Jason

    I for one would just like the ability to view the content from all of my streaming sources at once without first having to select the source I want to view.

    Visually I want the appletv to appear to be one library combined from all attached libraries and select the streaming source when I select the video to view.

    I have several itunes machines connected, one which downloads podcasts daily, two I use for tv and movies and one I use primarily for music and photos.

    Moving between the different content is very cumbersome as is.

  • jemo

    How about getting support for Elgato H.264 USB support for the ATV?


  • jemo

    How about getting support for Elgato H.264 USB support for the ATV?


  • davidd


  • David

    My #1 request is server-side: The ability to get a 3rd party DAAP server (like Firefly Media server) to stream, or even better, stream + synch, to the AppleTV. This would let me store all my media on my main linux server with oodles of space, and leave my desktops for, well, desktop stuff.

    A close second is the ability to have a video playlist. I’d like to be able to rip lots of short video snippets (sketches from the Muppet Show, individual Animaniacs or classic Looney Toons shorts, Schoolhouse Rock videos, etc.) to put into a series of playlists for better Saturday Morning TV viewing for the kids.

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  • Vince

    Hi !
    I’d like really much that Apple TV could display webpages with a modified version of Safari for instance. And in complement, a gaim client using growl and maybe adapted to a media player (i.e. display chat as a kind of subtitle), for the last with the use of a keyboard.

  • Joe

    How about ability to act as a wireless base station?

  • I Would really LOVE to get 2 things:

    1. EyeTV Streaming!!!!!!

    I have tons of EyeTV-Recordings on my MacMini, which I use as a MediaHub. But exporting to H.264 or at least MP4 … oooohhh, I don’t have so much time!!!

    So, as EyeTV Recordings are MPEG-2-Streams in an Special “Container”, it should not be so difficult to get AppleTV into streamig the films directly.

    1. Adding a ZOOM function

    Lots of my films are in 4:3. Normally, my TV is able to zoom this to 14:9 or 16:9, cutting the upper an lower “stripes” of the picture. EyeTV can do this as well.

    But when using AppleTV … no possibility! I have black stripes on the right and on the left. :o(

  • Oh – just one other thing! ;o)

    I’d love something like AWAKEN on my AppleTV – a little app, that will wake up the device and start a special Playlist on the time I programmed.


  • Remidius

    I wonder, could we set up a PayPal account where people can donate money to a ‘reward’ fund; I know I would be willing to add more money to the genius who successfully attaches a USB storage device to an AppleTV– with instructions allowing any layman to reproduce.

  • PowPow

    The ability to stream non-itunes-formats from my PC (or MAC) (I’m talking .avi etc). There is a hack out there to play videos with mplayer on the appleTV, but it is not yet possible to stream the mplayer files from my computer.

  • dave

    Someone has claimed that they have completed this external harddrive hack on Hackint0sh. Read the post here:


    So – what is the status folks?

  • Clint

    I know I’m in the minority, but I woud love to see a Wiimote hack with teh scrrensaver API. Surfing through pictures or coverart would be awesome.

    I would also like to see a DVR/USB tuner hack, the XBOX360 HDDVD drive hack.

  • killermiller

    DVR (through EyeTV or otherwise) – put me down for $50

  • C.Greene

    Apparently someone has submitted source for the USB HDD bounty. What is the status with that, I am very anxiously awaiting that task to be completed.

  • ryacky

    I’d like to see a hack that allows it to draw info from my TiVo account and be able to use the Apple TV as both a TiVo and Movie Viewer. I’m surprised Apple didn’t do this one themselves since it seems overly obvious.

  • Scharfster

    1) Video playlists – it’s criminal that I can’t create a playlist with a mix of music and music videos like we can on ipods.

    2) Visualizer – okay, maybe it doesn’t have the processing power for a 30 fps Visualizer, but a Visualizer Lite AT LEAST. For parties, you could crank up a killer playlist and start the visualizer on your 62 inch HDTV.

  • ryacky

    I know that someone has been trying to collect on this bounty. Why hasn’t there been any word on the results? I know a lot of people are waiting.

  • you can play video playlists in nitoTV, its been in since the first version was released.

  • Ian G

    I agree STRONGLY with #57. If Apple TV could play ripped DVD’s from .VOB files, with full menu support, it would truly become the perfect balance. I would give up Tivo and forego eyetv/elgato if I had access to my existing library of DVD’s with full menus. Then I could watch all that I currently own, and just buy TV shows I like from iTunes. THat’s where it’s going, people. I’d pay $100 into a fund for .VOB with menu support.

  • spids

    Hey nitoTV is the best, only thing that plays Vid’s without shrinking them thanks. Any plans to have a Image on the left hand side?

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  • Kerbdog

    A non-Mac OS Linux install working fully would be the next best future bounty.
    Like getting Ubuntu working 100% – sound, video, wifi/wired networking etc
    Would open the door correctly to having XBMC working on the AppleTV

  • Peter Gren larsen

    I would be happy to pay someone for adding tv-tuner (DTT) and DVR functionality to the Apple Tv. Could be to get Eye TV and a DTT tunerr stick lige Miglia to integrate with the Apple TV?

    I dont understand why Apple didnt add this by them self – except I guess its because they wnat people to by TV throug Itunes store instead of recording it. Personally I think this two things could easyli co-exist.

  • Phil

    The old WebTV boxes used an infrared keyboard that was passable (wouldn’t want to type a novel on it, but fine for search fields, URLs, etc.). These now litter yard sales and thrift stores, costing just a few bucks. Wondering if it would be possible for a hacked IR device driver to interpret such keyboard input.

  • den

    Hey Folks,

    I’ve got the USB drive mounted and see it within my ATV mounted volumes list – however it’s not selected as the media location.

    What file(s) should I edit to select this?



  • matt

    I would like to see a direct tv box or cable box connected to the apple tv so the iphone could control both

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