Apple planning additional Apple TV models?

by editor @ on April 4, 2007

There has been a great deal of fanfare, complaint and uproar over the Apple TV hard drive being only 40GB. Given the size of video content, and that Apple offer an iPod with an 80GB drive, it does seem rather strange.

Well, that’s because Apple seem to be planning additional models for the Apple TV. Keen eyed reader, eirikso, noticed that the Apple Store presents the Apple TV in the same manner as products that have multiple versions.

Lets examine the evidence, first up, the Apple Airport Extrene, a product with only one model:

The page uses a particular format, and it is used by other ‘single model products, such as the Mighty Mouse, Airport Extreme Card and others.

Now, let us examine a product that has various models, in this case the Mac mini:

This ‘multi model’ product page uses a distintive format, which is also used by other products with various models, including the MacBook and the iPod.

So, now let us look at the Apple TV page on the Apple Store:

It is using the same format used by other products that have multiple different formats. Is this a mistake on Apple’s behalf, or is it a clue to the fact that Apple are planning to release additional Apple TV models?

An interesting point to note is the Mac Pro also currently has only a single model (though it is configurable), and it too uses the format for products with multiple models, and we know it is likely that Apple will announce more models for the Mac Pro.

It certainly looks like Apple are planning to release some variations, which raises the question: What will be different? Black Apple TVs? Bigger drives?

What would you like to see in other Apple TV models?

  • Snowboada


  • Snowboada

    TiVo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AppleTV Guy

    – Bigger harddrives (up to say 500 GB)

  • AppleTV Guy

    Oh yeah, and PVR functionality.

  • No

    They better not, I just ordered one this week. >:(

  • That *is* a good point. I ordered the 2G iPod Shuffle when it was first announced and it too was on a page that said, “select your iPod Shuffle” but with only one option. Now apple has various colors to choose from. I do think the AppleTV will come with bigger hard drive options. I doubt they will go the TiVo, DVR route because that will only detract from their iTunes Store business model. I think once Apple can get more contracts with Movie studios we’ll see this product have a lot more fanfare. Oh yeah, and get some HD content on iTunes Store!!!

  • Omarvelous

    Maybe that’s because it’s more then an accessory, as the airport extreme is….. BUT it only makes business sense to have multiple appleTVs.

    Diff colors, bigger HDs, maybe a non-HD comp version….

    Steve will be veryyy rich!

  • rumagent

    obvious: TVTUNER + bigger HDD

  • royal72

    pvr!!!!!!!! please, please, please!!! i will buy immediately 🙂

  • Rippey

    I think bigger HD, boot from USB and 5.1 support, maybe 1080p support. Yeah, I know the first two can be done, thanks to a bunch of great people. Either way, my Mac Nana (aka Apple TV) is at home waiting to get hooked up to my new setup.


  • Ian

    I’d say it’s pretty obvious that they would make it a multiple version product. That’s pretty standard fair for this type of gear. (Though I doubt we’d see many color choices other than black or white as no one wants a pink Apple TV in their living room.)

    Having said that.

    -Allow the USB port to access external drives.
    -80-500 gb internal drive options.
    -DVD player.
    -Capable of working with TV Tuners like Elgato’s, Miglia’s, and all the rest.

  • wilder

    Sure, we’ll get a 60GB model in Black for a $100 bump. Wheeee…zzzzz

  • deevee

    gone oudated mini!
    apple tv 2 wich will be a pvr /basic /computer…. without hacks

  • Anders

    why not a white one like the Airport Extreme, it would be nice. Also some ind of video in or at least support for usb-devices such as the eye-tv. And hey, why not being able to stream audio to an airport express like you can from iTunes.

  • Seth

    I wonder if they’d do a PVR TiVO style in that you have to buy a subscription to get the scheduling information,etc. They could include the scheduling info with a .mac subscription or something along those lines and use it to bolster .mac subscriptions. It’d be nice, but I think extremely unlikely.

  • sven

    i think the compatibility with eye TV as well as using an external hd for more memory space can and will be done by a software update without an additional fee.

    A new variant will propably have a bigger HD, 5.1 and 1080p for more the pro kind of target group. I like to see an DVD drive in there as well but i doubt it.

  • Joe

    Bigger hard drive (preferably around 160GB) plus ability to use as an airport base station.

  • katsura

    my “Apple TV Pro” would be:

    – Dolby Digital 5.1
    – 1080p
    – Blu-ray Disc, HD DVD quality playback
    – bigger internal hard drive
    – external USB 2.0 drive support
    – gigabit ethernet port
    – direct network access to video/audio files (bypass iTunes)
    – dual HD tuner
    – video/audio recording
    – free TV listings database access

  • Everybody keeps wishing for an “Apple TV Pro” or similar, but how about a lower model?

    – No Wi-Fi
    – 20GB drive or even no drive at all (stream only)
    – Composite and S-Video output, 4:3 TVs only
    – only stereo output (no optical)


    Good point about the lack of Mac mini updates. All Macs have been using the Core 2 Duo for some time now, except the Mac mini.

  • Slarrg

    I want an Apple TV Home Media Server. A small version of an XRAID system that can hold all of a household’s media. I’d like it to have the ability to host multiple versions of the library related files for each user while sharing the actual content on the server. I want to be able to rip DVDs to the server, too.

    I also think PVR is would be something Apple would consider. Everyone thinks it would hurt iTunes sales but that would be true for ripping CDs or even DRM free music but Apple offers (or will soon) both of those things. The ability to rip DVDs and record live TV will have the effect of putting more Apple TVs on set tops and will create a larger market for iTunes content.

  • Dan

    Built in DVR and SLINGBOX functionality.

    Make Apple TV work BOTH WAYS – so it can be a server as well as a client.

  • Josh

    DVD playback. DVR functionality. Crazy big hard drive.

  • ryan

    My guesses would be:

    colors (since its in the living room)
    larger disk
    5.1 sound or higher
    speed bump
    maybe bluetooth

    tv tuner
    dvd drive (until blueray is cheep enough)

    Also, I believe that they have plans for the usb slot which will come when leopard does. I am thinking screen sharing.

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  • Scott

    DVR is a must. And with the new cable standards supposedly coming into play this year(people can use a generic box and then rent a cable card from the cable company), I would love to see it accept the cable card and then could theoretically be my only box next to my flat screen TV minus any sound system of course. That would be one very nice looking setup. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  • :joe.

    I think appleTV is never ment to be something like a PVR — it’s a ipod for your living room. But there really should be…

    1. bigger harddrive
    2. DVD drive for watching DVDs
    3. iTunes browsing and ordering

  • Skabeetle

    The AppleTV is very good as is but it would be nice if you could plug in an external HD. Who cares about internal storage space when the USB2 port makes available space practically unlimited and easily upgradeable. I stream 95% of my content anyway because I want content in a central location that’s easily accessible to my other Mac, my iPods, etc…. 2 things that need to be fixed (and I believe soon will be), I need to stream my photos (my photo library is almost 100GB), and iTunes needs HD content and rentals!! I don’t care about a PVR, I have 2 HD PVR’s that were provided free from my cable company. The power of Apple products are their amazing ease of use. No need to clutter up an otherwise powerful and simple device. I love my AppleTV!

  • Well spotted, but here’s why multiple models (at least for the next 12 months) are unlikely:

    To everyone who listed different specs: Apple have chosen the current configuration very carefully as a balance between features and price. HD tuners, bigger hard drives, these are all great ideas and valid suggestions. There’s something to be said about the simplicity of the single product strategy that a “configure your own” solution couldn’t approach.

    Similarly, regarding different colors: this device is designed to be tucked away somewhere. The on-screen interface is the product. If Apple could have made this a usb dongle, I’m sure they would have, to make it more discreet.

    I could see other living room appliances coming out of the tv labs, perhaps to complement or extend the device’s functionality, but I don’t think that the html template that they chose for the page is strong proof that slight variations are on the way.

    On the other hand, I will happily eat my words.

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  • megaWizard

    Though it may be the case that Apple plans to release other models of the Apple TV lets remember that Apple treats this product as a mac, as it treats the iPhone as part of the iPod line. Hence the a-la-multi-model page.

  • i think there is going to be a whole range of apple tv related products not just the ones we are expecting. I think we might even see apple tv products with more and less functionality and different form factors.

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  • admnmess

    No DVR/PVR! it seems to be a trend everyone wants for free…no subscription fee, the ability to fast forward live television, set recordings.. but for AppleTv is this truely ideal? Look at its purpose, it is solely based as a transitional body between both your iTunes content and your TV. If you want something more, you’re left to rely on xBox’s, Tivo’s, Slingbox’s or full Media Pc’s hooked up to your TV’s… do you really want external drives to your AppleTv? Wouldn’t that ruin your form factor, you end up worrying about keeping them on all the time, plugged in, having to lug around an extra device, it seems odd and only a temporary fix. You wouldn’t want to ruin its form factor, thats one thing that makes it so great, its size.

    The only probably (to me at least) fixes or additions for AppleTv would be simpler, more software based issues. for example RSS for your sites, Widgets, simple tools that would be great if accessed from your tv… be able to sync to GoogleReader or Newsfire, check the weather real quick, play Soduki somehow with your remote through the widget interface… maybe even a Mail RSS feed to check up your latest emails, but that seems a stretch as you probably can’t reply on the spot… but a calender feature just as you have on your iPod, iPod games etc… while a bigger hard drive would be nice, the ability to stream my content completely should rid that, i can build off of my existing drives, maybe if i want that external i can add it to my iMac or something, and have iTunes content saved to it and streaming from it.

    I think as tech grows, and IPTV becomes more and more a reality, that transition will focus more away from Tivo-like controls to more on demand content. To have the ability to choose what you want, when you want would be a lot simpler and cheaper. Now if the major tv industries would just help us out a bit more, and free up content that is already “free” for our use, we could develop greater ways to stream “Live TV”, maybe even if Google developed a TV suite that would store shows, and we can stream them on demand with a few ads to make everybody happy. We all want our music, and our videos forever, why should we be the ones to store it?

  • Carlos

    1080P, please.

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  • the PolitikPoet

    At most the AppleTV’s ownly modification would be a larger hdd, there is already support for 5.1, 720p is just fine when you are thinking about move content on hdd and not a disc high def content is not small and better the quality the more space you have to find to store it, i will never come with a dvd, blu ray or hd dvd drive or dvr funtions because it has one purpose move ipod not itunes content to you widescreen tv it dont need even enhanded def either, just the right cables. If you want a blu ray, hd dvd playing every format supporting, 500gb hdd configureable computer your out of luck

  • Chris

    I think it would be nice to have ip control of the AppleTV. I want to use this in a distributed audio solution that would stream my iTunes library throughout my house. If I were in another room with a computer, I could then change what was playing without having to go downstairs and grab the remote.

  • Since this is a wishlist, I guess this is what I want:

    Them to upgrade Front Row on the Mac mini so I don’t have to get an AppleTV. There is really no point to a higher end AppleTV if they do this. (or someone to pull it out of an AppleTV and replace Front Row…)

    A lower end one would make some sort of sense, but I imagine that it would not be video and would basically replace the Airport Express (i.e. add a remote control).

    I would honestly rather see a Sonos-style remote more than anything at this point. Maybe the iPhone will be it, but I am not buying one until they are 3G, so that is out for now….

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  • circa1978

    Integrated into a beautiful new Apple HD TV set. Forget the set top box get the set with integrated box.

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  • Frank Groeneveld

    This is no prove at all. The Mac Pro has the same page layout, and only has one “model” and after you select it, a lot of options.

  • I sure hope we get an Apple TV!

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  • The observations of erikso really reinforced the rumor that a new model will be released, and a lot of people are excited at the prospect of getting a better Apple TV. We are hoping that Apple will release a black 120 GB or even a 200 GB model, the current 40 GB is just too small. We wrote an article on this which you can find at:

  • d0n13

    They will run iChat on it and you can plug a camera into it. Instant video phone service to other Apple tv owners. Bigger hard disk is a must and PVR capability. 1080P won’t make it I’d say as it may not currently have the power to play it back. HDCP and HDDVD drive. The might even rebadge a mac mini for that. Given that they stuck that Xvid codec on their website today I’d guess they want the hackers to get the current apple tv more capable. Next version may support what is currently being hacked in.

  • The iPod shuffles started with only one model on the “Select your iPod shuffle” screen and now theres all the colors.

    Maybe another hint????

  • AppleTV Plus?
    * Larger HD
    * TV Tuner
    * True HD resolution cabability
    * DVD drive (why have both a DVD player and an AppleTV connected to your TV?)

  • Johnny

    I would like to see the following in a new product.

    * 2 TB hard drive space
    * 2 HD / analog tuners
    * 1 satellite tuners
    * IPTV via satellite
    * 1080p
    * TIVO capabilities – the one and only PVR software.
    * Liquid and/or fan cooled. My existing unit will melt any day now.
    * HD-DVD and/or Blu-Ray when someone can decide on the standards. LOL
    * I should be able to connect my iPod to synchronize, if I so desire.
    * Work with some of the podcasters to produce high resolution podcasts. I wouldn’t mind advertisements or paying for good quality content from some of them.
    * Must give 95% trade-in on my original AppleTV.
    * HD Movie Trailer podcast. The quality AppleTV movie trailers leave a lot to be desired.

  • zerotol

    How about making XP work on this little bugger!It has all intel components , if someone would make a windows install boot and be able to work then that would be awesome for a take-away lan machine for games like cs and wc3

  • geko

    Traitor, XP would just make it any other windows machine,if you want, just plug a PC into your TV

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  • Jodeo


  • Casi

    I think it would be nice if there was a larger internal HD for sure, and yes it woul dbe nice to attatch an external HD to the actual unit itself. If you don’t like the form factor idea of that maybe you should get a nice lookin External HD. But streaming 720p + off a USB HD is rediculous, there is no way the data will stream fast enough.

    It would be excellent if they put a DVD player in it, even if it discourages purchasing movies from the iTunes store (still only available in the US). If one unit could replace all my purchased media, i would buy one in a second – Especially if you could instert a DVD, rip it at some kinda of setting (good, best and better) and it be added to a selected iTunes library.

    Good luck with the 2TB of HD space, that won’t happen, there is something called price point that they want to stick with.

    The Apple TV now is an excellent start, but it has rediculous potential which I’m sure apple realizes.

    As for running windows on an Apple TV? why would you want to dsiplay something so ugly so big?

  • Onisius

    I would like to see the abbility to use my TV and my screen while using my laptop…… should not be the difficult…..

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  • David

    What we really want is two products not one.

    First, The AppleTV is the bridge for media I/O.
    As such – diverse capabilities in and out will be warranted.

    OUT—I want at least 1080p w/ 5.1 sound—HDMI and optical output.
    Others will want SD quality with RCA jacks @ a lower price point.

    IN—Dual HD Tuner (Tivo!!!)

    Second, we desperately need the Xserve Mini! Coupled with the Xserve hardware (think beefy mac mini form factor not the rack mount form factor) will be the server version of iLife. I want my wife to be able to upload photos, movies, whatever to the central server which has massive, redundant and effortlessly expandable disk space and then I can easily put some of those photos, movies, or whatever onto my laptop too; and vice versa. All of this media, of course, is also available to the appleTV as well; it is just another I/O point just like our laptops but its UI is specialized for the TV and our beloved peanut shaped remote.

    Digital Nirvana!

  • Dan Reiland

    Please note:
    Apple is singlular not plural. Stop writing ,” Apple are”. It is poor grammar.

  • varke6

    1. ability to buy content online
    2. DVD or blu ray or HD DVD(as Casi mentioned but i think ripping it is illegal somehow)
    3. mini games
    4. web browser
    5. widgets
    6. ipod dock and sync

    …wait why dont i just buy a mac?

  • Weasel

    $100 says it’s Apple TV HD.

  • Simom

    Also at the bottom of the page for buying Apple TV under what you need it says in the small print ” (1) Actual weight varies by configuration and manufacturing process”. Varies by configuration. But you can’t configure it……..

  • OMG, David YES. An xserve mini would be awesome! And to extend your iLife idea, I’d also use it as the Time Machine server that would take care of all the backup storage. But at the same time, I’d still want it to be an apple tv.

    I dunno, they could call it the Apple XTV or something. But to have hot swappable redundant storage on a media server box like that would be a dream.

    Also, FIREWIRE. This could allow for DVR functionality without requiring it in the box (separate box that sits on top of the apple tv). Firewire 800 for this, prolly. Also I could target diskmode it, which would be hot.

    The hard part is keeping it passively cooled… not so easy.

    Lastly, varke6 made some really good suggestions. I completely agree with widgets, web browser, buying content online and mini games. I’m ambivalent about the ipod dock, however, it would be very cool to have a friend drop by, plug in his ipod and show me a video on my TV or something, but I’m not sure if this justfies the confusion of having two places to connect an ipod and all the extra apple tv hardware.

  • joey

    I would certainly like to add a much larger harddisk to the AppleTV, something absolutely necessary especially for HD content which as we all know takes up an awful lotta space, or if you want to store many ripped (legally owned!) DVDs on it (very practical indeed if you want to take it with you somewhere else e.g. while on a weekendtrip, someplace where you do not have other Macs or a WiFi network!). Furthermore, it lacks even the most basic VCR capable features (which Apple should have built in its OSX years ago…) so that you can also “tape” you favourite TV shows just as you would on your good ole VHS, albeit without any loss in quality, need to look for “empty” tapes etc. in other words: the easy “hassle free” Apple way we’ve grown so used to over the years. Wouldn’t that be great? Sure you can already do all that right now but alas not with Apple branded “out of the box” stuff which is such a shame. I’ve always had the impression Steve “Wonder” Jobs likes a lot more his music (hence the iPod successstory) but less tv or movie stuff (apart from Pixar/Disney products perhaps, you can guess why!). As it stands now, I am afraid its use is far too limited to be another “must have” hit from our beloved computer maker… Cupertino, take a look at some of those Windows Media Centers and start copying right now!

  • Rich K

    While I would want an Apple TV with a larger hard drive, it defeats the purpose of streaming the video and music. The more options you have available for it the more it becomes a Mac Mini. I think they should definitely add a DVD drive. I say keep it as cheap as possible and let the hacking community decide what direction it takes. The next iteration can incorporate the most popular hacks of the community. The Xbox 360 has a lot of the features that were developed by the modding community. It can save Apple on researching upgrades.

  • Jiggy

    Well isn’t that why the USB is so hard to get going. So you don’t just hook up your Elgato to your hacked ATVo and your off. Apple want to keep the pie to themselves.

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  • Okay, here’s the deal: Apple puts all their computers, displays, and iPods on pages that say, “Select your ____.” That’s the way they do it. The 2G iPod received that page style because it required it, NOT necessarily because Apple was planning on releasing multiple models. Things like the AirPort base stations don’t qualify for that kind of page. When you think about it, AirPort has two models as well: Extreme and Express. They, however, are on separate pages. Anyway, that’s why the Apple TV is on a page like that. It’s halfway between an iPod and a computer out-of-the-box. It is, however, a good bet that they will release models with various amounts of storage sometime soon.

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  • L_A_G

    Well the only thing I would like to see uppgraded is the resolution (1080p PLZ), a larger HardDrive (80GB would be enough) and the possibilty to use external devices. These items should include 3rd party remotes, external Hard drives, webcams, docs to syncronize data with different iPod models (

  • Standard (the one you make Now) $299
    – White, 40GB HardDrive, 256MB soldered RAM, 1.0 GHz 2MB L2 Cache Intel CPU
    – All standard AppleTV functions for iTunes playback on your HDTV.
    Target Market: Entertainment Consumer

    WebTV like AppleTV Internet Edition $399
    – White, 80 GB HardDrive, 512MB single socketed RAM, 1.2 GHz ULV Intel CPU with 2MB L2 cache, double Graphics RAM.
    – All the features of AppleTV
    + A WebTV Sarfari Option on the menu
    + Support for wireless keyboard and mouse.
    + Support for full OS X 10.5 install and Remote Desktop.
    + Supports Thin Client Automatic Setup Easy to setup computer lab of AppleTVs
    Target Market: Entertainment Consumer, ThinClient Computer networks and computer labs, gamers.

    DVR AppleTV HD $499
    – Black, 160 GB HardDrive, 1GB single socketed RAM, 1.5 GHz ULV Intel CPU with 4MB L2 cache, double GRAM.
    – All the features of AppleTV and AppleTV Internet Edition.
    + Better GPU (1 step up) + double the GRAM for all 1080p output.
    + OS X 10.5 installed as a menu option – opens up desktop. (iLife/iWork not included).
    + HDMI / component/ composite video + stereo audio IN
    + Hardware Base H.264 & MPEG encoding of recorded shows
    + Easy to record from DishTV, DishNetwork, CableTV – viewable in iTunes, downloadable to iPod.
    Target Market: Entertainment consumers, thin client users, gamers, sub mac users.

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  • 1. Bigger HD (80GB) (120GB) (200GB) (400GB required for PVR funtions).
    2. ATSC HD Tuner.
    3 . PVR (H.264, MPEG4, DVCPROHD, DVCPRO20, DV)
    4. 1080i / 1080P
    5. OS XTV LEOPARD 5.0tv
    6. FCP 6.0 video playback codecs (DVCPROHD video codec)
    14. FIREWIRE 400, 800 AND (SATA required for PVR funtions.
    15. EXCHANGE FILES WITH OTHER APPLETV (friends and family).


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  • Matt

    My top 2: bigger HDD and way more support for other video / audio formats please!

  • Gary

    – High Def content
    – Built in iTunes that syncs back to your mac
    – would like to sync to my airport with connected speakers for at least music (would be tough to sync with the video I think)
    – obviously the ability to add a larger HardDrive

    even without all this stuff it’s a slick device as is. VERY COOL! can’t wait to see what they come out with next!


    The first callout says it all.

    1. Actual weight varies by configuration…

  • iMat

    So… Here are my two cents.

    1) External USB Harddrive option. Someone suggested an external HDD would spoil the design of the AppleTV. I disagree as there already are external HDD especially designed for the MacMini. EVERY AppleTV owner would order an external HDD that suits the design of this device. So: there you have a big market 🙂

    2) Ability to purchase content OUTSIDE the US. This whole “US centric” Apple strategy (iPhone, AppleTV, LEOPARD DELAY) is really bugging me!

    3) Higher quality content (AVAILABLE OUTSIDE THE US)

    That’s it. I OWN an AppleTV and use it as an entertainment system. I stand in front of my computer (a Mac) the whole day. The last thing I want to do is read RSS from my couch, watch YouTube videos or surf the net. I only want: music, TV shows and movies.
    That’s not that hard Steve J., is it?

    4) Here we enter the realm of “faisable but impossible…”. I don’t want PVR à là TiVo: I would love an AppleTV with IPTV (there should be a reason why the device is being called “something”TV… So IPTV should be this reason)

    So, my list is made of 3 items which I think are not that hard for Apple to adress and one “dream” that I think is unlikely to be made possible by Apple itself.

  • cuvtixo

    I haven’t seen any comments about how thin the argument that web page layout has anything to do with the number of models produced. I suspect it has more to do with either click traffic (I suspect a lot more people are looking at macbooks and apple tvs than airport extreme.) or maybe product model turnover rate (the new 802.11-n airport extreme replaces the older 802.11g airport extreme base station, which replaced the 802.11 a+b airport base, etc.)
    There are also a lot of features: like very large SATA drives, which would cannibalize mac mini sales. A more likely model update would be to run cooler. Almost everything else needs to happen on the iTunes store, as opposed to the hardware- cheaper, better resolution Films and videos. A direct connection to the store would be nice, but that kind of thing could happen on the present model as a software update, and new codecs too, no reason to put out another model for that.
    I’d also rather have some java or iPod games (joystick maybe?) PVR isn’t going to happen and neither are Halo 3 games, but big-screen scrabble would be nice!

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  • Rofl this is definitely a case of reading something out of nothing.

  • Ian

    To start with I’d like some content to be available from iTunes for those of us in the UK.

  • nice prediction.

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