Apple Watch AirPlay and Apple TV

Though Apple spend a huge chunk of yesterday’s keynote discussing the Apple Watch, there are still a lot of things which remain unclear. There is no news on the battery life nor on how the fingerprint-level security will be achieved to watch-mediated Apple Pay purchases.

And when you leave iPhone at home to go for a jog, listen to music directly on Apple Watch.

This statement from the Apple Watch subsite confirms that there will be dedicated internal storage for the wearable; but how much, is still a mystery.

And then, there is the AirPlay icon for Music depicted in the promo video (screenshot above) and Tim Cook’s words “I use mine to control the Apple TV”, which clearly shows that the Apple Watch and Apple TV are designed to work together.

So what does the Apple Watch really have in store for Apple TV users and what could be the best possibilities?

If the Apple Watch is capable of AirPlaying music, the next thing in the list is to slide-show photos to the HDTV. Your Apple Watch already has a bunch of your favorite photos on board and it is most likely that it can AirPlay them too.

Also, Tim did spent some time to brag about the Apple Watch’s S1 processor , which he claims to be like a desktop processor of its own. What if your Apple Watch can mirror any of its apps to the Apple TV? Imagine a 1080p animated weather info, or a giant alarm clock or a huge calendar or even some Digital Crown mediated games?

Well if that was the case, Apple could have done this much before with the iPhone, right? Wrong. This is 2014 and we now have continuity, indoor positioning and home kit. If continuity features work out as well as Apple says it would, your watch would be the perfect device to track your location inside the house. Imagine you entering your living room and the Apple TV suddenly shows the Weather, your notifications, to-dos and a daily events overview? Cool, I know.

Coming to a much more likely scenario, the Apple Watch can mirror its Activity and Workout apps to the Apple TV. You are exercising on a treadmill and you have your TV in the front. As soon as you start running, the Apple Watch detects it and senses that an Apple TV is in the room. Your television automatically turns into a workout meter hub, showing your current speed, calories burnt, distance ran, heart rate and more.

Also, Apple says their Watch will be available in early 2015, which is the same time slot where our rumors place the Apple TV 4 launch. Is this just a coincidence or does Apple TV and Apple Watch have a lot to share?

Apple Watch Apple TV Remote

The Apple ecosystem is behaving together more seamless than ever before and the possibilities are infinite. Though the new iPhones are not as pleasing as some had expected, it is clear that Apple is building something bigger than all of this.

Apple is going somewhere its competitors can’t follow. Lets wait and watch.

AirParrot for Apple TV

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