n3twork on apple tv

N3twork, “the first personal television network”, is a video aggregation/discovery network that helps you discover the best videos and, as you do so, it curates a custom playlist based on your interests. It has been quite popular recently thanks to its innovative concept, beautiful interface and the fact that it just works.

With the latest 2.0 update, N3twork’s iOS app became a lot more interesting for Apple TV users, as it now features AirPlay mirroring. And it’s not just a stretched wide or scaled version of the iOS app but instead, a completely custom designed UI especially designed for the Apple TV.

You can watch a demo below:

You can use simple gestures to navigate through the recommended videos and start watching them with just a tap. The interface sees flat tiles of video previews, a lot of bokeh effects and great transition effects.

The app turns itself into a remote while airplaying, thus completing the internet TV experience.

If you liked the concept, you can get N3TWORK – Internet TV Network for free.

AirParrot for Apple TV

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