Apple TV gets three more channels – Lifetime, A&E and History channel

by Roshan on April 22, 2014

New channels on Apple TV: A&E, Lifetime and History Channel

Apple TV owners in the US have now access to three more channels from their tiny back boxes as Apple has added A+E Network owned A&E, Lifetime and History Channel to its already existing array of 40+ channels.

These channels require you to sign into existing cable subscription accounts to access streaming and are expected to put up the latest episodes of their shows the day after they’re aired on cable. However, many users report to have access to the latest episodes even without linking their cable operators – whether it’s a glitch or a feature, still stands to be seen.

Also, many will be disappointed to know that these channels only support Verizon FiOS, Optimum and DirecTV, as of now; more providers are coming soon, though.

So, if your location and provider permits, you’ll be able to stream these popular programs right on your Apple TV, as iMore explains

“Each channel contains popular programming from each cable television channel, including clips and full episodes of TV shows. Programs like Bates Motel and Duck Dynasty are available from A&E, while History has programming from both the History Channel and H2, like Vikings, Pawn Stars and Ancient Aliens. Lifetime’s available programs include Dance Moms, Preachers’ Daughters and Devious Maids.”

In case you’re not interested in the new channels, these would be just junk icons on your screen. If you’re planning to tidy up the interface by hiding some channels, you can follow our guide on how to easily hide unwanted channel icons on Apple TV.

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Source iMore
  • jmo mls

    What’s the point of adding these channels if one has to have a cable subscription to watch them?
    Also “Devious Maids” and “Preacher’s Daughters” sound like bad hair metal songs or porn flicks.

  • Charles Napier

    JMO – every one of the channels has good content that is free and does not need subscription. History & A&E have very generous amounts of “open” content.

    Next time a friend is around have them unlock the apps and forget to sign out.

  • Frank Lazar

    I don’t see these channels on my ATV3, I also haven’t updated it since I got it, could that be an issue? I’m on 6.0.2 software.

  • zippinglou

    If you travel, you can take your Apple TV and access your Direct TV content on the road from anywhere with internet. That’s basically the point.

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