Is anyone working on Apple TV 3 jailbreak?

by tomek on February 6, 2014

Apple Tv 3 jailbreak

In case you were wondering what’s the status of the Apple TV 3 jailbreak, here is what a top iOS hacker MuscleNerd had to say when asked if he is aware of anyone working on this jailbreak:

Yesterday we reported on a new Boot exploit discovered by iH8sn0w and the confusion it caused: whether or not it could be used to jailbreak the Apple TV 3? MuscleNerd has then clarified that iH8Sn0w’s A5(X) iBoot bug doesn’t apply to Apple TV 3.

The hacekr explained that Apple TV 3 “pretty much needs either a bootrom exploit, or for App development to all of a sudden open for on it” and added that “neither are likely”.


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  • NeoTechni

    Thats disappointing. The thing is a brick without a hack.

  • Jan Nielsen

    But it’s an iBrick…

  • pierre

    Apple Corp allready so pretending Will have the big head Knowing its product cannot be hacked.

  • Ross Smythe

    Apple TV jailbreak? Man, is it even worth the effort? Roku 3 is way better – and just a bit cheaper too….and I read here that Apple TV is not the best in terms of features either…

  • BeccaG

    I found this
    but i haven’t tried it because i don’t have the usb cable.
    I still don’t know if it works, it has no comments. Please leave comments if you try it.

  • Frode74

    I dunno. I use it as a Netflix and YouTube player. My original intent was to wait for a jailbreak and use it as a generic mediaplayer. Although that obviously never happened, I would still have bought it today just for the two features above.

  • Alexander_no

    Yeah, and with PlexConnect to get Plex working on it it’s a pretty decent media player as well.

  • Fack Yeah

    Shut up faggot! We have airplay feature on apple TV,so we can play whatever we want. I have an iPhone 5 ios 7.0.6 with jail-broken and I’m proud of that. i got free apps for movies,tv shows and live tv. some best apps like movie box,music box,xbmc and etc.

  • Fuckyou

    You scumbag fuck! Get a FUCKING JOB!

  • Probably not!

    This is calming to jailbreak it true or not.

  • Cornered in a Round Room

    Haha Your comment made me LOL.

    FackYeah- i don’t think you need more media.

  • ur mom

    i fuck ur mom in the butt everyday till u came out from the other side

  • Plazmic Flame

    Correct me if I’m wrong but Plex requires a server running (basically your PC) whereas the jailbreak is desired to be able to run local media on the ATV3 straight from a NAS or external hard drive.

  • jsutahunk

    yes, that’s correct. but it is still amazing.

  • devilion

    It’s just a scam, he Hiding behind surveys sites !!!!

  • joe

    your all idiots, and stream everything through air play, with itunes our with ipad, or iphone. download everything with, convert with any free converter. if you dont put in the time, your just lazy. there is no need to jailbreak anything for media and games. emulators for ios on coolroms.

  • Jack

    No, you are the idiot here if you do not understand why people wants to watch films without having to convert them and spend the countless hours doing so.

    I have over 18TB of HD films. You are saying that Im a lazy idiot because I want to watch films without having to spend hundreds of hours converting my films before I can watch them??? And streaming through itune and airplay makes films stutters and look horrible compared with a full 1080P film streaming through a decent media player.

  • Guzman Isac

    No one has successfully jailbroken an Apple TV 3. Only Apple TV 2 can be
    jailbroken (using the free Seasonpass software from Firecore).

  • So.. It’s now early/mid October 2014…. anything yet at all???? Back in July, ih8sn0w posted something on twitter about working on it and then nothing since… I even made a damn twitter account just to post to him and ask but of course I never got a response because I’m a nobody haha. If there are any updates could someone please comment back?????

  • Michael Mantion

    First you are both kind of right. The solution Joe described is moronic and he is clearly an idiot. That said you all are idiots because you bought a apple product. I am only hear because my GF won a ATV3 and for the life of me can’t find a use for it.

  • Francisco Montas

    50 bucks for it?

  • Michael Mantion

    Maybe. I’ll check with gf. U in us?

  • saltoressi

    You can use the samsung galaxy data cable.

  • Moore

    Any update on apple tv 3 jailbreak?

  • cugsunriser

    i hope ATV3 can be jailbroken in 2015

  • Anders Karlsson

    appletv is peace off crap

  • sjun

    I think it’s better to ditch te Apple TV and go for an Android or Windows device on which you can install what you want to use it the way you want.

  • ayesha nadeem

    There is an alternative to apple t.v. Instead of facing problems again and again just download PlayerXtreme on your phone devices and through its amazing chrome cast and air play features enjoy movies, videos and music on your television. It works for me perfectly and doesn’t cost much.

  • Cache22

    I can’t play whatever I want. The Bell TV app on my iphone doesn’t work. Anyway around that?

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