New Apple TV with 802.11ac to launch soon?

by Dan on October 1, 2013


A new WiFi standard called 802.11ac, which enables significantly faster transfer speeds than 802.11n, has recently began to find it’s way into consumer devices, including the new AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule base Station. Now it seems the Apple TV is about to get the same treatment, with speculation that a new Apple TV will be released soon with 802.11ac support.

If you’ve ever used devices that take advantage of the 802.11ac standard, you’ll definitely notice the increase in speeds and performance in places of low reception or high interference when transferring files or streaming media.


Given the new AirPort Extreme is 802.11ac capable, it makes sense to optimise the Apple TV to take advantage of these faster WiFi speeds, since it’s more than likely that the Apple TV will be one of the devices that will be connecting to it.

The faster speeds will become even more noticeable with Apple’s enhancements in the 6.0 firmware which was recently released, taking advantage of iTunes Radio and iCloud, as media can reach the Apple TV at a greater transfer rate.

Apple TV 802.11ac

It is expected that Apple will release the new Apple TV model in the next few weeks, potentially alongside the new iPads at the upcoming October event. Expect it to be a relatively small announcement, much like the recently refreshed iMac’s which were introduced without much attention.


802.11ac will not only enable faster data transfer speeds, but will also result in stronger signals and more resistance to interference.

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Via: Product Reviews and MacRumors

  • Dimitris

    As long as there isnt a jailbreak I dont think that atv 4 will be a buy for many.. I am still sitting with atv3 and wont upgrade if there isnt a jailbreak

  • ice

    plz jailbreak it

  • Spike

    Have to agree mate unless they bring some On Demand services such as BBC iPlayer etc I will also not upgrade, I love netflix and that is all I really do with it at the moment, that and Get BBC Automater to send BBC stuff to it but I should be able to do it anyway I find I have to find a dodgy way to use it when it should be a feature on it.

  • IR

    I won’t buy an Apple TV until Apple fucks off with the battle towards jailbreakers. We want more functionality, and they’re being pricks about it. So my money goes elsewhere.

  • Sunrise250

    There is a lot of discussion about .ac beam forming and an alleged difficulty integrating it into present ATV/Airport Express form factor… . this may explain the hesitant rollout for these two products.

  • enricofermi

    Take your 0.1% market share elsewhere

  • SomeGuy

    What’s the advantage of jailbreak?

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