Apple TV 3 jailbreak to be released soon? Fake!

by umOuch on January 11, 2013

The folks at have recently announced that they will be releasing the first Apple TV 3 jailbreak. For those of you who pay attention, it was not even a month ago that the jailbreak community was buzzing with word of the Dream JB that was set to be released in December of 2012. It was no shock to us, or others, that this news was FAKE! Apple TV Hacks reported on it then, and it seems we need to do it again now. So, boys and girls, it is time for Jailbreak Scam Watch 2013!

Let us go ahead and break this story down for you, our dear readers. This news is FAKE. There is a simple rule that I learned long ago, and I have decided to share it with you today, “if it looks to good to be true, it likely is.” There is always one thing to look for when it comes to jailbreak releases, regardless of the device. If you are looking for jailbreak news for Apple TV’s, iPhone’s, iPad’s, or any other devices you need to consider your sources.

The jailbreak community, in regards to developers and coders that work for the good of us all, has become a well-established group of trustworthy people. If you think about it, the name pod2g was not one that was big in our community for a long time. Then suddenly, and seemingly out of the blue, there was this developer breaking down walls with iOS 5. He did not release information by circumventing the established community. Instead, the folks who were in the game since the beginning acknowledged pod2g, and our community benefitted.

Be cautious. Be careful. Be skeptical. Above all – don’t pay for a jailbreak. In the end, if a real jailbreak for Apple TV 3 comes out, we here at Apple TV Hacks will have a confirmation story, links, and guides.

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  • Annonymous

    We’ve been waiting forever for an Apple TV3 jailbreak. At this point, if it ever comes, Apple TV5 will be out!

  • B

    I bought Apple TV 3 when it came out thinking “the jailbreak will be out in a couple of months”


  • no idea

    So the reason it’s fake is because you don’t believe it’s true?

  • whomever

    No, the reason it’s fake is because the guy is gaining ad revenue from all the traffic to his site. While constantly saying its due ‘within days’ without providing any real evidence. I wanted it to be true also, but unfortunately when people are this desperate for tools like this, you get unscrupulous folks who will exploit that.

  • Steve Higgs

    Now why didn’t the article say that!? As I read through the article I could not understand what their reasoning was. I should hope by now we all know to have doubts and to be skeptical, but to call it fake for a bs reason like “there are trusted names in the jailbreak community”, only then to completely discredit that point with the comment about pod2g coming from out of the blue! *face palm*. Who writes this stuff?

  • i actually belive that the Apple TV3 jailbreak will never come.
    Apple beat the jailbreak comunity this time..

  • Pikejensen

    I agree. And I think the article was poorly written and your point was vague and unclear.

  • Pikejensen

    Have any of the established jailbreakers come up with a reason why atv3 is so hard to break? I’m quite curious..

  • They have, I think there was an article on here. The software on the ATV is small. There isn’t a lot of “surface area” to penatrate.

  • OleelO
  • Congrats Apple !!! You have managed to beat yourself. You can’t buy an ATV2 get less than 250$, you couldn’t get me or anyone that’s not an imbecile to upgrade to an ATV3 and they just stay on store shelves. Good job Apple for making the ATV3 the least desirable apple product ever.
    Apologists bit me!! B===>~

  • Marcus CK Lee

    Some says Apple has “blocked” the ability to jailbreak in iOS 6, if this is true, it coincide with the fact that several engineers / executives left Apple. There is a rumour that when Steve Jobs was still alive Jailbreak was part of Apple direction in promoting free advertising that broadcast to the consumers that “…if you buy iDevices, you will get more value for money because you can jailbreak it and install more apps / stuff.

  • OleelO

    Does anyone belive what he is writing?

    Is this site a trusted site?

    Please respond

  • anon

    “if it looks to good to be true, it likely is.”

    So a news that the JB is coming is too good to be true? What is not too good to be true. that the new is fake? LOL

    “Be cautious. Be careful. Be skeptical. Above all – don’t pay for a jailbreak”

    If the writer took the effort and read the whole post, he would know that they say it will be free. So where’s the problem?

    I love these posts. dont trust them, I know the truth. If Apple had the brains for long term they would build in the JB into their product. Those who wants it simple leave it off, if you want more, flip the switch.

    What a mess. Perhaps going with the Apple is not such a good idea after all.

    Is the JB coming? Dunno and I couldn’t care less. Apple TV 3 has a huge potential, but thank to its creators it only uses 5% of it. Forget Apple TV

  • nick the greek

    atv3=paper weight …….i gave up and bought an android…..screw apple

  • YOLO

    I don’t like the sound of this, “Official Release Date:

    Today, tommorow, by the end of the month. Please be patient !

    We are waiting for designers and conders to complete the final stage for the user interface.”

    It make me wonder if this ever going to come out. This author is bogus. Saying that it’ll be available at the end of November, end of December, end of January? Are you freaking kidding me? I don’t like the mind games he or she or it putting our heads into. Listen you guys there are no Apple Tv 3 Jailbreak. He has not said a thing about the interface, the process speed, etc.

  • Art is obviously fake. Just judging by the domain name which was created in October of 2012 you can tell it was setup just to receive traffic for the many ads on their site. They delayed releasing a jailbreak three times already. The comment system on the site does not work (the author himself adds fake comments). Also, there is no way to contact anyone. It’s too bad this guy can’t get to prison for this, hopefully his adsense account gets closed…

  • JP

    I believe that site is a scam. What im thinking is that they are trying to get people believing that it will be out so that they can buy your apple tv 2 for $60. I have seen ads on kijiji selling an apple tv 2 for $60 but no one answers. On that same page I saw an ad for that appletv3jailbreak website and another guy said hes selling his apple tv 2 because he got a copy of the beta jailbreak for the atv3 from them. On their site they are promoting their apple tv 3. Put it all together and you see a huge scam from the crooks in China who pay people next to nothing to work. I bet you the atv 3 is a knock off. These guys are crooks guaranteed. I will suggest something for those who want all the perks that the jailbroken atv 2 can offer. Buy one of those mini pc with android os on it. They are the size of small king size pack of smokes, if that. I cant remember the name. You can plug it into your usb compatible tv if you want, and it has hdmi with one to two usb ports for keyboard and mouse. Find the best one and pay at most $80. You will have an android computer that is portable and has 1gb ram 4gb memory with the option of a 32gb sd card. There are some roms that might be able to put on that can switch the internal 4gb memory and make the 32gb sd card into the main internal. I think theres an app that can do it too. This is the best bet for those wanting xbmc and all the free movies and when the jailbreak for the atv3 comes, you will still have an android os computer with ics 4.0.4. How does that sound? Make sure to spread the word about that site and their scam to buy peoples atv 2

  • john

    There is always a way. It was put together by man so theres always a way. Maybe they need to somehow wipe it clean. I dont know. I remember the playstations used to get modified with a chip and you could play burnt games etc. Maybe theres a way like that. I wish I knew where to start with creating a jailbreak, I would learn and see whats up. Im sure theres a way. I just think that theres not too many people working on the atv like the iphone or theres not as many who are still interested. It seems like its dying out. Even sinfuliphone seems to be loosing interest. There used to be so many posts by the moderators and now it can be days with new info.

  • lenientwhale

    There has been word of a tethered ATV3 jailbreak going around for months, is there any merit to this? Personally don’t really care if it’s tethered or untethered, I just want a use for my fancy digital paperweight…

  • Observer

    The tethered one can be downloaded at:

    However, it does’t support all plugins yet (like XBMC).

  • lenientwhale

    Are you sure about this? As in have you tried it? Seems like a scam to me. Shitty coding and the download link just asks you to fill in offers like those free iPad sites.

  • na

    I would happely pay 30-50 euro to the xmbc on AT3 but people been waiting too long now and start throwing out AT3. It’s actually more or less Useless outside US

  • Johan Buys

    Sorry for idiotic Q, but new to this. If all I want from jailbreak is to use a USB drive connected to ATV3, should I hold my breath? I will happily take the ATV off-line my LAN and Internet (we have really really bad broadband where I’m from…)

  • pepe

    i shell my atv3 🙁

  • Edisoft

    Apple gives up the market for Android devices. Since XBMC started a project on Android platform, the era of Apple TV is going to the end. I believe, Apple would be ready to jailbreak their own devices themselves soon 🙂

  • uman2k

    Of course it is!!! They are money makers!

  • lenientwhale

    “Do note that this version of SeasonPass will untethered jailbreak Apple TV 2nd generation. Apple TELEVISION 3rd generation is not currently assisted. “

  • Peter Dekker

    There is a hack though since quite some time, but its not a full jailbreak. it involves rerouting the DNS to plexserver in this case.

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