pod2g not working on Apple TV 3 jailbreak

by tomek on August 11, 2012

iOS hacker and Chronic Dev Team member pod2g announced on his Twitter that he is not working on Apple TV 3 jailbreak. Even worse, according to his recent tweet, no one he’s aware of is working on this jailbreak:

However, as far as we’re aware, and contrary to pod2g’s claims, there are people out there working hard on the jailbreak for the fird-generation Apple TV. Be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter or Google+ to be first to know when the Apple TV 3 jailbreak comes out.

  • Nycmaster

    what is the reason for not working on ATV3 jailbreak?

  • Jay778

    Who’s working on it then?

  • gramz

    omg its been a 5 months no jailbreak yet good thing i didnt buy the apple tv 3 i fliped mine got it 40 bucks apple tv 2 and fliped it 150 and jailbreak lol now i want to get it bck lol

  • Nycmaster

    where can I buy ATV2? 

  • T_haugaard

    seams like jb a atv3 is next to imposiable, so you might as well get your hands on a use atv2.  

  • BlackMatrix

    afaik the problem is to find an method to inject the jailbreak, there´s no browser or something, and many things are different to the atv2 firmware

  • Damn..Really??!

  • Olafthejock

    Try eBay but you’ll be paying in excess of £130

  • Mj

    Top people. 

  • Fl0PPsy

    I think think in many cases getting apps like XBMC to run was the driving force behind finding a jailbreak for the ATV’s. Now that XBMC runs fine on Android and Android is much easier to root I’d say the focus has shifted.

  • Psxp

    sounds like hackers want to only hack easy stuff these days

  • Anon


  • Zshak1657
  • who??

  • Sad News!

  • hackers are everywhere , we should aware of it…

  • Not a good news to hear this.

  • This is what a big problem.

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