Watch live sports on Apple TV with SportsDevil XBMC video addon

by iJ0rd8n on May 30, 2012

sportsdevil xbmc apple tv Watch live sports on Apple TV with SportsDevil XBMC video addon

We all know we can watch live sports online, but sometimes it’s a right mission to get to where you want to go or find a good link to watch live sports right on the Apple TV. Well, this is where SportsDevil, an XBMC addon, comes into its own!

SportsDevil gives you access to thousands of links for all the different kinds of sports. And I mean all! You will be shocked to see how many different varieties of sport that SportsDevil covers. It gives you several internet steaming sites to where you can view sporting events (it seems that it gets updated with new streaming sites every month or so).

best gifts apple tv Watch live sports on Apple TV with SportsDevil XBMC video addon

There are 6 streaming sites with live sports at the moment which you can choose from, hopefully this list will get bigger to give you more and more options. Not every stream will work, but you normally have 10+ links per streaming of whatever sporting event you choose, and 1 of them will work for you! In my experience, SportsDevil really stands up to its name and I can’t go without this on my Apple TV 2.

sportsdevil xbmc apple tv 2 Watch live sports on Apple TV with SportsDevil XBMC video addon

List of supported sites:

  • Live Sports
  • Highlights
  • Blogs
    • (german)
    • (german)
  • TV

List of supported streams.


IMPORTANT: You’ll need to add the Max Mustermann repository to get SportsDevil working on your Apple TV.

Download SportsDevil addon

1. Go to addon browser
2. Install from zip or via repo by following this tutorial.


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  • tomigonzo

    one of the best!

  • as84

    It says that the content hasn’t the correct structure. 

  • as84

    Please someone can help?!

  • :(

    Sucks ass. Dosent work at all!!

  • Marti

    awesome! works like a charm! 

  • Marti

     you need to install Max Mustermann repository first

  • Marti

    install Max Mustermann repository first

  • Joeykarena96

    I am getting an “Error Script Failed” notice on my ATV2. I did install the Max Mustermann thing first.

  • James

    I couldn’t watch, always shows “stream is unavailable”. Other thing, what is the time zone when thay listed on the manu?

  • Ace

    whats going on with firstrow sports is anyone having a problem i tried baseballstreams it brings up links click on links nothing happens

  • Summma_leon

    same error

  • Fanatic

    Are you able to watch local sports teams that are limited to cable networks? For instance the NESN station is the station for the red sox and celtics. How can I watch these teams? What about premier league and also tennis?

    Thanks for your feedback.

  • Calsal

    I’ve installed the repository but almost no link works. Can someone help?

  • Dmiklojcik

    I live outside the US, can I get live sports without a USCable company?

  • kentak

    Help, How can I get NESN through XBMC?

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