AirVideoEnabler Allows AirPlay Video Streaming from Any App

by tomek on November 30, 2010

It’s been a few days since this hack came out, but there is a chance you’ve missed it focused on your Thanksgiving and Black Friday activities: a jailbreak app called AirVideoEnabler can push out video from any iOS app (including Safari) to the Apple TV 2G via AirPlay. Developed by TUAW commenter Zone-MR, the app runs on every jailbroken iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad with iOS 4.2 (or greater) installed and can be downloaded from Cydia for free. According to Lifehacker, you may need to restart your iOS device for the hack to work, but then you can stream supported video (meaning most MPEG4/H.264 files) from any app that supports video out. Users report that thanks to AirVideoEnabler they were also able to stream live TV to the Apple TV via AirPlay.

Here is the AirVideoEnabler in action

And here is live TV being streamed from app running on the iPad

  • JP

    will it work on an iphone 3G?

  • Albrevng

    – only on iPhone 4 🙁

  • Photographyczar

    will it push hulu plus?

  • wftw

    will your apple tv need to be jail broken?

  • editor

    no, 3G doesn’t support AirPlay. you need at least 3GS

  • editor

    no, but you have to update your atv to iOS 4.2

  • editor

    here are the lists of all confirmed working and non-working apps
    unfortunately, hulu plus is on the second one

  • Dsizyakov

    Only video streaming? and keynote presentations? pdf? no? it would be very great

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, AirPlay is an easy way to stream digital media from the iPad to an Apple TV. What’s more the Apple TV can already access iTunes, but as I have got the handbrake and iFunia iPad video suite for my videos and movies wathcing on the go, it’s useless for me somehow.Read this “iPad iOS 4.2 and iPad Software Add Enjoyment to Life” to enjoy iOS and Apple TV~

  • I think in the not so distant future we’ll have this build directly into iOS

  • Roscoe

    How do you Jailbreak 4.2.1? It’s stated that AirVideoEnabler requires Jailbreaking 4.2 and I am unaware of available jailbreaks currently.

  • Mikeack1987

    Just search YouTube for it. It is cake 🙂 have fun and enjoy!

  • Inc Crew

    AND what about games? Is it possible to stream games to a tv?

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