Apple TV 2G Gets 4.2.1 Software Update

by tomek on November 22, 2010

apple tv 2g 4.2.1 software updateAnd here it comes: Apple TV 4.2.1 software update is now available! It brings a support for AirPlay, a new feature that lets you stream movies, music or photos (and who knows what else!) from any iOS device running iOS 4.2 (also released today), Macs or PCs running iTunes 10 to your TV via the Apple TV. The new update also comes with VoiceOver support for spoken menus and meta data. NetFlix on atv is now Voice Over accessible too. Here is a video showing how the VoiceOver works on the new Apple TV.

  • Oledirtybastard

    after the update its actually running 4.1, if you go to About in the Settings menu, Apple TV Shipped with 4.0

  • Media

    But this upgrade cancel jailbreak, doesn’t?

  • Media

    Better not to upgrade it yet, jailbreak surely will be lost.

  • Skuzzle

    Hey Tomek,

    Considering this page is called “Apple TV Hacks”, why not mention that installing this new firmware will break everyone’s ATV jailbreak and erase all the “hacks” installed so far? How about giving us some info on how and when this new firmware might be exploited?



  • editor

    Hi Skuzzle, we just made a quick post and assumed it was obvious that the update will break a jailbreak but you’re right, we should have mentioned it;)

  • so how do you turn the update off? can’t find that anywhere.. it’s annoying and I fear I’l accidentaly press something and lose JB. Please advice

  • Anonymous

    Skuzzle, if you know anything about jailbreaking iOS you know that it take the dev community a little time to release an exploit after a new version of the firmware is released. Apple just released 4.2.1 a few days ago, you can’t expect this site to already have information about a jailbreak. Be patient dude, if you really have a need or want to jailbreak your ATV don’t upgrade to the new firmware until a jailbreak is released. Please don’t get offend, my intent of this reply is set a realistic expectation

  • editor

    you don’t turn anything off. just don’t update the firmware – choose “Update later”

  • Fred

    Right now, it looks as if the ATV update will give us more functionality than the jailbreak. So it makes sense to update now and re-install the jailbreak when it becomes available again and that’s just a matter of time

  • deadlysinz

    I downgraded my Apple TV 2g back to 4.1 just to wait for a 4.2 and kep using plex and other alternatives. cause airplay really didn’t impress me. till they can have airplay for all formats. To downgrade just use pwnagetool and create a custom firmware 4.1 no put appletv in dfu mode and restore. install the apps you had and wait till 4.2.1 jailbreak. hope this helps

  • deadlysinz

    to stop the annoying update massage you will have to edit one of the plist files. i saw someone ask in the bottom. i will write which file it is. later tonight or tomorrow

  • Hoggdoc

    Why does my ATV2 general information screen show software version 4.1 after loading the latest update?

  • Hoggdoc

    Does anyone have a problem with podcasts showing up on the menu of the ATV2 after they have been erased from the host computers iTunes screen? Apple has now cure.

  • 5stringdeath

    Just install NitoTV and turn on the “block updates” option. easy

  • deadlysinz

    well nitotv just blocks the firmware to successfully write to the device it does not block the message, so the message will continue to appear.

  • Evonietzsche

    Stop askiny stupid and obvious questions.Instead, u should learn something about jailbreak, and all stuff so u cant realize but yourselft it’s OBVIOUS that upgrading will kill your jailbreak.
    Seocond thing is right now this upgrade will provide some interesting features u don’t have on your jailbreaked device.S, it’s up to you.

  • Is there a hack to put 4.2.1 on the Apple TV firs gen?

  • Anonymous

    Well, Im so glad to read this news, “It brings a support for AirPlay, a new feature that lets you stream movies, music or photos (and who knows what else!) from any iOS device running iOS 4.2 (also released today)”, so great the Airplay is, I just wanna know if this means that I don’t need to do any converting with iFunia video converter if I get some cool movies to watch with Apple TV.
    OH, I see, only from any iOS device running iOS 4.2, but not for those no iOS! It’s a pity that I have to make conversion 🙁
    BTW: This “Tips to Make Successful Video Conversion on Mac really do great help for my movies watching…

  • Anonymous

    Upgraded APPLE TV to 4.2. It will make it alot more useful!I’m really looking forward to seeing a review on how well Air Play works and what apps exactly are allowed to use Air Play.
    How Apple’s AirPlay Is About to Change Your Life

  • Joey Calamaro

    I’m looking for a media player that will primarily play my local files + Netflix. As I’ve got no interest in renting anything, is there any way to disable the iTunes store on the new Apple TV? To be clear, my goal is to have *MY* movies and TV Shows under movies & TV shows.

    It’s my understanding that 90% of the new Apple TV’s UI is dedicated towards iTunes rentals and I really don’t feel like training my family that movies aren’t found under movies, they’re found under computer.

  • Oh, you mean the update that caused AppleTV to no longer recognize HomeSharing? That update? Genius. #fail

  • Accused

    I’m fairly well versed in the jailbreaking scene.. not a dev or anything but I’ve been through 3 generations of iphones with all the different kinds of jb’s so far.. what I can’t find, however, is info on the current status of atv2g/jailbreak/latest firmware? has it been done yet? nowhere states ‘yes’ or ‘no’ so an answer of either one of those would be helpful 🙂

    is there a link anyone can point me to that has jailbreak status updates for each device by any chance?

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