Watch the World Cup live on Apple TV

by tomek on June 16, 2010

There have already been some great shots, some howlers, some nice Dutch supporters, and even some North Korean “fans”, but the best of the show is yet to come. And there is finally a way to watch all the games live (!) on your Apple TV: World Cup 2010 app has arrived to Boxee. Find it in the app library, fire up and enjoy. Thanks Univision, thanks Boxee! Sadly, for those of you who don’t live somewhere between the RFK Memorial Stadium and the Home Depot Center, it is US only.

  • maurisio

    Here in Italy does'nt work… It show only the web page without any video

  • editor

    Hi Maurisio, as I said, it works in the U.S. only. Good luck against New Zealand!;)

  • mike

    lol! thanks man!

  • DaLarr

    I live in the US and all I get is a webpage with out video? Do I need to install something else?

  • DaLarr

    never mind. I was using a beta boxee app and didn't realize it. Now it works!

  • harikaran00

    best best


  • sergiol

    i can't find it. i have an american account.. and doesn't appears on app search 🙁

  • Ascylto

    Once again, Apple reverts to its old self – swapping dollar for pound sterling signs. They want UK buyers to fork out £99 for a $99 machine! $99 is a rough equivalent to £65 so add VATax of 17.5% brings it to £76. We expect a premium for UK goods so let's add another £9. It's still £85!!!

    Come on Apple … it's not as if these things are made in the US!

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