Apple TV 3.0 – nitoTV, XBMC, Boxee and others now working

by tomek on November 3, 2009

apple-tv-3-0-hacksIt took not more than a few days to get almost all the important hacks and plugins working in 3.0 update.




Released yesterday, 0.8.1 version (direct download) now supports 3.0 update.

nito says some features may have no chance of making it back in. Couchsurfer and RSS are not working, but they have restored the functionality for DVD, MPlayer, QuickTime, Weather, Network, download, installer and Application Launching sections.

Audio volume and sub toggling and resume returns in QuickTime playback! It is possible to turn off the volume control in General settings if this is not a desirable feature.

Guys warn things may be a little buggy from the OS transition.

Follow nitoTV thread at


Launcher 3.2 beta 1 (beta 2 is already on the way!) works with 3.0. However the new version is not ready for public use, and only people who are comfortable with the command line should install it.


1) “patchstick” the 3.0 ATV
2) ssh into it and download
3) install Launcher chmod +x Launcher.. ; ./Launcher-3.2…
4) install XBMC with Launcher or just re-symlink your old install (ln -s /Users/frontrow/Applications/ /Applications/
5) run XBCM

XBMC forum thread


Today XBMC guys made it possible to run Boxee on ATV 3.0.

That’s how to do it:
1) “patchstick” the 3.0 ATV (You should just use your old patchstick you used previously on the ATV )
2) ssh into it the ATV and download 3.2 Launcher

3) Install the Launcher
chmod +x

Type :

Enter the appropriate password “frontrow”  and answer “Y” when it asks to restart the finder.

4) From your ATV Menu> Launcher > Downloads, install Boxee alpha

Note: Please do not select the Launcher 3.1

5) Launch Boxee  from ATV Menu >Launcher >Boxee .

[via Boxee Support forum]

Others working in 3.0

  • Patchstick created with OS 2.1 (SSH enabled; accessing AppleTV with Cyberduck (sftp) works great)
  • Patchstick created with OS 3.0
  • QuickTime components
  • Composite Colour
  • AppleFileShare Server (AFP) (working using and ATV-Recover image)
  • LaunchMore! 0.4 (with ATV firmware 3.0)
  • atvPWN (Not all of the plugins that can be installed through the latest atvPwn are actually compatible with 3.0)

Not working:

In case you needed to downgrade back to firmware version 2.4.


aTV Flash 4.0 Released!
Highlights: 3.0 AppleTV compatibility, improved update process, VNC server + bug fixes.


Patchstick 3.0 Update 3.0 released.
ATV 3.0 support, MobileAir Mouse, Bit torrent incl. Web UI, Boxee, XBMC and more.


Sapphire Browser beta 7.6 now supports AppleTV 3.0

  • winston

    i am new here. i am in atv via ssh, how do i download the 3.2 launcher?

  • Chas

    Thanks for all the info. Updated to 3.0 and have Boxee , XBMC and AFP working. Thanks for the excellent instuctions.

  • Chas

    Type the following when you have SSH'd into the Apple TV

    chmod +x

  • steven

    Could you tell me why ?
    i download “”, but it become to “”
    this file dont run in ATV.

  • Chas

    Try this

    chmod +x

  • steven

    i try again type “chmod +x”
    error is”verifying archive integrity….all good
    uncompressing Launcher-3.2.beta2-debug….extraction failed”
    may be, “.sh” is word file?
    how can i do?

  • khongcoai

    I just followed all the steps. And Thanks, everything went like a charm!
    Quite easy tutorial !

  • chas0001

    Try this when connected to the Appletv via SSH. It will ask for a password when you run the sudo command. The password is frontrow.

    sudo mount -uw /
    cd /users/frontrow/
    chmod +x
    sudo mount -ur /

  • argoo45

    I'm having a problem getting NitoTv to show up on the new Apple 3.0 software update. I used the new Patchstick 3.0 and have successfully installed XBMC and Boxee. I have followed the instructions contained in the NitoTv 0.8.1 file along with the patchstick sites direction If anyone knows what the hell I am doing wrong it would be amazing. Thanks.

  • oldman11

    I'm trying to ssh into aTV. When it comes time to enter a password I can't type anything. I press keys but nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

  • chas0001

    Thats normal that nothing appears on the screen against the password field when you type. When the password prompt appears type frontrow and press return.

  • ineedhelpplease

    I have updated boxee, is working just fine , my issue is with Nitotv when I enter the command: sudo ./installme it request password I entered press enter and nothing happens, anybody could help me and explain to me what am I doing wrong? please!!

  • argoo45

    I am having the same issue. Please help.

  • jc

    I followed the above instructions to the letter, but when I try to start boxee or xbmc I get the following:
    An error occurred.
    Press play/pause to restart your Apple TV.

    I'm guessing the link on the interface is broken. please help.

  • mcd

    Yesterday everything worked for me, but today the ATV upgraded to 3.0.1, I went through the same steps, and now I'm getting the same error as jc

  • chas0001

    For those having problems with 3.0.1 and boxee all they need to do is download and install the beta 3 launcher.

    sudo mount -uw /
    cd /users/frontrow/
    chmod +x
    sudo mount -ur /

  • dixon83

    I had Clutch installed previously with 2.4.
    If I install the new 3.0 patch with Nito TV and Boxee will Clutch continue to work or is this still being worked on??

  • snoopie

    When i open Boxee i get error number 4, and Boxee quits..

    Anyone know what to do?

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  • jkjflee

    I have the same error as snoopie. Anyone have a solution to the error 4 on boxee?

  • Bosifer

    ATVFiles will work on 3.0.1 if you install the beta located here:

  • skyler

    i wasn't paying attention and downloaded the Launcher 3.1 and after reinstalling everything, boxee still wont work. what do i do?

  • Bosifer

    Just go here and redo the steps.

  • potato

    MacBook-Pro:~ potato$ ssh frontrow@
    Welcome to the AppleTV (via atv-usbcreator)
    frontrow@'s password:
    -bash-2.05b$ chmod +x
    -bash-2.05b$ ./
    ./ line 1: Deprecated.: command not found

    when i type “./” it says command not found
    i'm clueless about this..

  • Krach

    You need to install the latest version of the Launcher, which you can find here:

  • Newbie

    and after downloaded how do I send it to the Appletv?

  • Yobb

    Can someone explain to me how to ssh into appletv. Im new to ungrading in this way.

  • canchi

    can I do the SSH into my ATv with my G5 PPC?

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  • thomas

    i up date to 3.0 and my screen is now black i heard the sound of the cursor bot no images

  • thomas

    my screen is black now

  • ellizardo

    anyone know if it's possible to relocate the Launcher menu? I don't like it in between TV Shows and Music, I'd rather it be next to Internet.


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