Waiting for the new Apple TV

by tomek on July 10, 2009


There are a lot of rumors and expectations about new Apple TV last time in the Web. Although Apple has never said a word that they’re going to release new device, it seems like people are very impatiently waiting for the new ‘shiny box of joy’.

A few days ago Michael Wolf from GigaOM asked on his blog: what’s next for Apple’s living room strategy? “Some have speculated they will produce their own television, others might suspect a Blu-ray player could be on its way” he writes and thinks it is time for Apple to refocus its attention on atv device: “Since the launch of Apple TV, the company has launched its app store, pushed into gaming, and started offering HD video content on iTunes (…) Add it all together on a refreshed box, and it could be a potent combination” claims Wolf.

GigaOM has asked their readers to share their perspectives. We summed it up and added some other “web’s voices”. Here you have the most frequently repeated expectations:

–    Media streaming (Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, Last.fm, etc.)
–    Blu-Ray/DVD/BD drive
–    App store access with ability to run iPhone apps on the Apple TV
–    App/widget channel for news, sports, stocks, weather, etc.
–    Live TV ability
–    Expanded gaming ability
–    Full Social Networks support
–    Support for 1080p content
–    TiVo functionality
–    HD video chat
–    Possibility to play ISO files without having to hack ´n crack
–    Desktop support and flash enabled web browser
–    A built in iPhone/iPod dock and Sync
–    Dual Cable Card slot
–    Price staying around $200-300

Feel free to suggest your ideas in the comments section.

  • All they need to add is an app store, then let third parties take care of the rest. This is basically what we've been doing with the current appleTV hacks and Boxee, keeping the core functionality of iTunes/iTunes store and then adding the extras we need, like perian, playing off network shares, couch surfer, boxee, emulators etc. The simple addition of an apple blessed app store would give us at least some of this (while we'd miss out on game emulators, experience on the iphone shows us that we would more than make up for that omission with new games actually meant for the device).

  • Keith Smith

    Isn't this thing basically supposed to be an iPod for your TV…? They have an app store – the iTunes App Store for iPod Touch/iPhone. Sure, they could have their own line of enhanced-resolution stuff fir the Apple TV as I'm not sure what the iPhone res is off hand but I'm sure scaled to 1080p it'll be a little lacking. They open that avenue up for it and I'll be seriously interested. It'd be nice if App Store applications would run thru iTunes on the host computer, too – an iPhone emulator if you will.

  • MacBook

    I do not belive what new AppleTV will be enhanced with some drive (Blu-Ray or DVD). It should be a some good processor to play HD content downloaded from iTunes and 500Gb/1Tb hard drive (like TimeCapsule).

  • My deepest wish for the Apple TV, and it might be a big one, is the ability to wirelessly stream dvds that are on your iMac (in my case) drive to your Apple TV. I don't feel like converting ALL my dvds to digital files, and I also don't really want a dvd player hooked up anymore since I barely use it.

    That would be the bestest ever.

  • An app store would just be an apple-blessed place to get AppleTV specific applications. There are already lots of them, but you have to hack your AppleTV to use them.

  • George

    Keep dreaming you're talking about a $1000 device.

  • Ted

    It needs a true sleep mode… having it run ALL the time is wasteful.

  • MacBook

    Now ATV is very nice device, but without true HD support. New ATV with true support of 1080p and Dolby Digital without firmware hack and good HD content in iTunes Store – its the most really evolution of AppleTV in near future

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  • How about a much bigger hard drive and/or the ability to add an external drive.

  • John M.

    More RAM, faster processor, bigger HD.

    Oh, and buy Boxee and open an App store.

  • K30NCH

    New apple TV would be really good if had Ethernet client support like an airport express does…

  • Doug

    Could care less about Blu-Ray (If I ever buy a blu-ray disc, it will be to rip to a hard drive)
    Unless someone knows a way to make my current total of nine DVD players play Blu-Ray or tells me that every blu-ray disc comes with an itunes compatible file or dvd track on a second disc?

    Here are the things I would like to see in the next Apple TV
    Memory card slot – add photos and video straight to my computer from ATV
    External Drive Capability
    Extend Wireless network
    Share network to devices using WiFi or Ethernet
    iPhone games with iPhone or Wii remote as controller
    HD Recorder (don't need a tuner as long as something like 'hd home run' can be controlled)

  • Bob Forsberg

    “frequently repeated expectations:”…….

    Dream on…..What are you guys smokin'?….and the next 26″ MacBook Pro will be under $500.

  • These are some suggestions for improving the AppleTV device:

    (1) Option to go to full screen. Auto-detect black bars on side (typical with 4:3 movies) or bottom and stretch intelligently

    (2) Option to stream DVDs from attached computers, thus I can eliminate the need for an extra DVD player by the TV

    (3) I should be able to stream pictures from iPhoto. I can stream iTunes media, but must copy my files to the AppleTV for pictures.

    (4) Ability to use external hard drives on Apple TV (to avoid streaming overhead). Using RAID so they all appear as a single HD. There is already a USB port, I shouldn't have to hack AppleTV to take advantage of it.

    (5) There should be a robust plug-in architecture for other video/music/picture sites

    (6) You should add Safari for Apple TV, with optional remote control keyboard (or iPhone/iPod Touch)

    (7) There should be an ability to use TV as extra monitor driven by connected computers

    (8) Podcast directory should clearly distinguish video and audio podcasts

    (9) You should be able to browse Internet Radio from the Apple TV

    (10) You should Add Pandora or similar (see plug-in architecture above)

    (11) Improve Stability (Crashed and had to reboot already)

    (12) Build in =Hand-brake, EasyWMV programs or equivalents for format conversion. (i.e. DVD ripping (not all of which is illegal) and conversion of downloaded windows media files to a better format.

    (13) Should be able to buy movies via AppleTV (as with iTunes on Mac). Should be able to upgrade from rental to purchase with a discount (like iTunes Plus), apply rental price to purchase.

    (14) iTunes shouldn't need to be on for AppleTV to read the iTunes library from attached computers.

    (15) Better Browsing options, I have 33,000 items in my music collection in iTunes, it is a pain to scroll through on the TV.

    (16) VPN is a pain … it disconnects the computer from the AppleTV.

  • Charlie

    I need it to be able to stream from Hulu/Netflix. This is the way technology is moving, and I'll happily watch commercials so I can get content on demand.

  • what

    You guys are stupid with your pipe-dreams. So keep smoking your pipe and complain about Apple while they do something a bit more realistic.


  • Remember Steve Jobs called blu-ray a “bag of hate”

  • davilla

    Hehe, if things go right with certain 3rd party devs, in a month or so, the AppleTV will be able to play VC1 1080p Blu-ray content with 100 percent hardware decode. Stay tuned.

  • doingdreams

    We´re curious. Impatiently waiting…

  • facebookfan

    The thing about streaming content and the app store would be great, I emailed Apple a while back and sugested a few of these sugestions you have listed. I currently use boxee on my appletv so I can get more out of it, It has the potential to be a major contender in the living room if apple will open it up to more uses, just like the iphone.

  • RobbyB02


  • markomarkomarko


  • andre12345

    An Apple Teleportation device..! in competition with the airlines and perhaps call it the iline..??

  • kimj

    If it truly is a cable replacement, I don't mind paying big bucks for it. It is a one time charge. Then you just pay as you go and that would be soooo much cheaper. My cable bill each month is astronomical and I hardly use it. If this apple tv truly has all of the capabilities that we are hoping for AND it does not have a monthly charge, then $1000 is nothin' !!! I would get rid of my cable and have it paid for in less than a year!!!

  • versacenl

    * Connect external hard disk
    * Being able to stream directly from a wireless hard disk without having a computer on

  • Jeff

    Add Safari and Mail. A wireless keyboard(rechargeable battery) with built-in trackpad. App store access. A 'last component in the chain' mode with HDMI input and output so apps could be developed to overlay whatever you're watching(Cable, Satellite, DVD, etc.) with graphics- imagine ESPN News HD, but instead of the talking heads, you could be watching Mad Men in the picture window. Make a customizable ESPN Bottom Line overlay whatever you're watching. World of possibilities there.

  • Mathew

    The one major thing I wantto see with a new AppleTV is the ability to playback files with bitrates over 2500kbps. As a projector owner who recompressed all my own DVD content, I took it to 3500kbps before I could no longer see compression artifacts on the big screen. Apple TV capable of playing these files would be bliss! At the moment, I have a Mac Mini and 4TB of HDDs in the living room acting as a media centre.. would be great to tuck this away in the office and justlet the AppleTV do the playback.

  • charltonmonsanto

    Hello, ATV Newbie here but have 2 and love them. Un-hacked. Recently did something stupid. Posted the following on Apple Discussion Forums, wondering if anyone here can give me some guidance. “Wrote over my master iTunes library. No, the same volume was also the Time Machine Back Up volume. Yes – stupid. However, I do have 2 ATVs, and they have the Movies, Photos, TV Shows that were previously synching with my Master Library. Is there anyway for me to pair up one of the ATVs with my Mac, and tell iTunes to import/copy all media from the ATV down to the new iTunes library?

  • David

    U guys are on crack, apple isnt gonna let u install anything that is going to take from the itunes revenue. plus half the updated would make the thing cost atleast 500 to 600 dollar, which they would never recoop if they added blue ray and boxee, since u wouldnt be buying movies from itunes. i think there gonna update the ram, processor, and video card(true hd). At the very best and i mean this is a complete long shot they might enable afp and of the new ceo of apple was on crack a divc codec(never gonna happen lol)

  • Shaun

    A large hard drive to support the BD capability 1-2TB should do

  • kith

    Netflix! Hello?

  • Nemesis

    Netflix is a competitor of iTunes Store… they won't enable that

  • NoahKaOi

    Here my edits to the list above:

    – Media streaming (Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, etc.) : May happen via App. See below (App Store)
    – Blu-Ray/DVD/ BD drive: Not going to happen – Downloaded/streaming media is the future
    – App Store access with ability to run iPhone apps on Apple TV: Should actually happen… Next iPhone SDK will support bigger screen resolutions, so that should be the key feature for this to be possible.
    – App/widget channel for news, sports, etc.. : Can be done as an App. See above (App Store)
    – Live TV ability: Can be done as an App, if approved. See above (App Store)
    – Expanded gaming ability: Can be done as an App. See above (App Store)
    – Full Social Networks support: Can be done as an App. See above (App Store)
    – Support for 1080p content: Likely to happen, but results in larger downloads. We've had 720p for almost 2 years now, it should happen within 12 months.
    – TiVo functionality: Highly obsolete. See above (App Store)
    – HD video chat: Highly unlikely. Camera would have to be separated from hardware, not user friendly
    – ISO files: are you kidding me? not gonna happen
    – Desktop support and flash enabled web browser: Of course not. See above (App Store)
    – iPhone dock and sync: why??? it already syncs with your computer master itunes. I'd rather expect the home sharing feature to expand to allow wi-fi sync of iPhone
    – Dual Cable Card slot: not gonna happen. cable tv is obsolete and cannibalizes the online / downloadable content
    – Price staying around 200-300: very likely to happen

    Overall, it seems to be that the App Store expansion to the Apple TV is the missing key feature for most wishes above. It's likely to happen because both the iPhone and Apple TV are based on OS X. Also, with the next version of the SDK, larger screen sizes are being supported.

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