Using Loop Pointer now possible with aTV Flash

by tomek on June 17, 2009

atv_flash_loop_pointer1aTV Flash version 3.6 is now available. This new version includes the newly released Couch Surfer Pro and AirControl applications.

Couch Surfer Pro adds mouse/pointer support, easier navigation, and faster page loads. Couch Surfer Pro is everything you love about the Internet right on your AppleTV.

AirControl beta adds support for the new Loop™ Pointer from Hillcrest Labs. Consumers who use aTV Flash (version 3.6 with AirControl) will be able to use the Loop Pointer to navigate menus, control video and browse the web with the flick of a wrist.

This new version is available for both Mac and PC. Current customers will have access to the new version immediately in their online account.

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  • dave

    Don't link to the Loop Pointer website or anything…

  • Steven

    Looks neat.

    FYI, I found the Loop product page at:

  • Steven

    I've got my shiny new loop, and have been playing with it a bit on the Apple TV. The interface seems to work pretty well. It gives me a scroll wheel for navigating long song lists, and a free motion cursor for browsing the web.

    Overall it's a great improvement over the standard remote.

  • Raul

    How do you type within Couch Surfing with the Loop? I was ready to buy one but I need to find out about the typing aspect, like when you want to search within a website. Thanks!

  • Thank you for sharing the article . It let me know something I didn't know .I hope everyone here can find his or her dream ,then make it come true !

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