Apple adds HD video donwloads for UK users

by editor @ on January 29, 2009

Looks like previous post about Apple TV revamp will start by adding HD Downloads for AppleTV owners in the UK via iTunes.

The first offerings in high def are episodes of the current series of ABC’s Lost, which will be sold for £2.49 each.

This compares to the standard USD $2.99 rates charged for HD downloads on the US version of the Apple digital store.

A season pass will be £41.99.

A free five-minute HD trial is available from the store to give UK users a flavor of what’s on offer.

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  • marko

    >> A season pass will be £41.99. <<
    Who comes up with these prices? And then they act all suprised when somebody goes and downloads it from bittorrent!

  • It’s ridiculous. You can get a box set for half that price in the sales. If they’d price it to match current box set prices, I’d have bought several series on AppleTV rather than from HMV, but as it is, I’ll usually watch a few eps on there to see if I like something, then go out and buy the DVD (with the exception being Gossip Girl, which I watched very slowly as I was only buying when I was bored and could find nothing else, and before I knew it I’d got to the end of the series!).

    Come on Apple, negotiate some £15 offers for full series (and not 6 ep UK series!), it’ll lead to a huge increase in sales on TV shows and probably AppleTV too. I’ve shown it to loads of friends who’d be interested if only content was cheaper when bought as a whole series.

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