Boxee comes to Apple TV

by editor @ on October 1, 2008

Boxee, an open source media center with a focus on UI and social networking is now available on Apple TV!

Boxee will play any non-DRM content, and let users share information with each other and their existing social networks about what they’re watching or listening to. It will also aggregate all your entertainment (video, music, images) into one place and add in any RSS/XML/MMS feed (with mainstream content from sites like Hulu & ABC coming soon).

You can read more about Boxee in this article, or watch the video below.

The installation is very simple, thanks to an installer which formats a USB drive and sets it up to do the installation for you once plugged into your Apple TV.

If you would like to get an invite to the Boxee alpha, simply follow this link You can then grab the USB-drive installer software from here.

  • jon

    was very thankful for the ATV-USB creator to be available for PPC macs. ran it on my mini for a kingston, and worked like a charm. looks gorgeous; it’s slow though (can’t tell if it’s due to the network interaction or just the interface itself)

    ahh, now that i think about it, i do recall them mentioning that 1080(i) isn’t that great…when i get home i’m shifting down to 720p and see how things flow.


  • It looks very interesting and it can be a good alternative. We will try it. Thank you.

  • Boxee is very very unstable, but xbmc is brilliant. Well worth the trouble of installing. If you already have SSH enabled, there are simpler ways of installing than patchstick!

  • Having said that, boxee looks very nice, and has great potential, if only they can sort out the issues.

  • jon

    boxee! boxee! boxee!

    it’s the saviour of my AppleTV.

    in fact, it’s good enough i’d say i’d recruit people to get an appleTV just to run boxee on it, and free themselves from cable. When they added Hulu support, it got to be nearly game over for any other kinda TV ๐Ÿ™‚

    i see the source code is available. unfortunately i have no mac dev box…there are some features i’d love to see (bookmarking, setting up playlists, tagging and rating) that i wouldn’t mind giving a go at ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Richard

    looks like they finally gave up and left. apple tv update that kills boxee and nothing out of them.

  • Zarkoff

    Look again…

    Boxee has promised a revised patcher to work with atv 2.3 withing the next 24 hours.

  • oli

    Can anyone answer this question?

    Will this hack also enable the USB port for external hard-drive usage? If not, how can I do this.

  • you can definitely use this hack to enable ssh and install xbmc. Once you have ssh enabled, you will not have any problems installing nitotv, which you can use to enable usb if it is not done by xbmc straight away! Hope this makes sense, but I have installed ssh+nito first and then added xbmc later, but the main goal is to enable ssh, after that it is easy.

  • Aherld

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  • philomath

    Does Boxee replace the entire Apple TV interface or does it simply add Boxee support onto the AppleTV menu so that an AppleTV user can continue to rent movie from Apple and watch Boxee media, including Hulu?

  • Zaren


    It’s the same Apple TV as before, but with an extra menu option for Boxee. You can do all the “authorized” stuff with it that you could before.

  • Frederic

    Hum.. too bad invites using the link in this post seem to take weeks. Are you guys at AppleTVHacks able to share some ? I would be an happy guy to receive one ๐Ÿ˜‰

    philomath : Boxee is really just a software inside your Apple tv. Available in the atv menu.

  • J.E.

    Hello All, I could not find a place to post suggestions for hacks, but one that I would love to see is a netflix hack that allows you to watch your streaming movies on your apple TV like you can on your 360. I am no hacker, and would love it if someone could figure out how to do it, i don’t think it would be too difficult.

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