Apple TV gets 2.0.1 software update

by editor @ on March 29, 2008

Well, well, well. What’s this? Apple just sneaked this update in without any fanfare? No announcement whatsoever.

After downloading and examining the new software update, I did not notice any new features for this update. It is likely that this is just a maintenance update.

There have been reports that you can now browse movies by genre under “My Movies” now. I haven’t checked this out. However, the one thing I have noticed so far is that the user interface is much more snappy now. Everything just loads much faster. That’s just my impression after playing around with it for about 15 minutes. I could be complete wrong on this one.

Here are some articles from around the web regarding this new “stealth” release:

  • Peter

    Does this stealth update destory any hacks that are allready on the take 2 system? i.e. ssh. atv files and couch surfer?

  • Tim

    I’ve find 2.0.1 it to be much snappier as well. And I confirmed the addition of a “Genres” menu at the top of the “My Movies” list – a very welcome addition and a sign that Apple has been listening to user feedback.

  • Is this update safe to run on a already hacked Apple TV Take 2? Anything we need to watch out for?

  • Dylan

    I just tried it. I started with an Apple TV (orginal 1.0, updated to Take 2, installed SSH with Patchstick and installed Perian and ATVFiles and AFP access).

    After updating to 2.1:
    – No more ATVFiles
    – No more SSH access
    – forgot to check AFP access

    I decided to re-apply the Patchstick. It seemed to work. After applying Patchstick:
    – SSH accesss working, system still recognized my public key
    – AFP access isn’t working (so I guess it didnt work after the 2.1 update either)

    I’ll now reinstall the codecs, AFP access and ATV Files 🙂 and I guess that’ll be it.

  • Dylan

    After reinstalling the above mentioned plugins, everything’s working again (including TVFiles and AFP access).

  • MILE

    Doesn’t really seem to be worth the hassle of “re-patchsticking” and re-installing all the hacks and plugins again…!?! I guess I’ll pass on 2.0.1 then…

  • Tego

    Dylan: did you use external USB disks? If yes, do you have to re-install the turbo kextloader and patches etc?

  • Dylan

    Don’t use external usb, sorry

  • Dylan,
    Before you updated to 2.0.1 did you factory restore the ATV or did you just run the updater over your pacthsticked system?

  • Dylan

    I ran the updater over my patchsticked system, then re-patchsticked as described above.

  • Jason

    Does this happen each time there is an update? So, do you need open it and do the whole hack again. Sorry I saw the process on revision3 system and it took a great amount of time. But that was including installing the new harddrive.

    I know, noob question, but if you ever have any data center blade/rack questions I am your man.

    Thanks, Jason

    PS. Remember battlestar starts on friday on scifi!

  • Holgi


    opening your AppleTV isn’t required anymore since months. You just plug in a patchstick and reboot it…

  • Rob

    Hi guys,

    There seems to be mixed opinions. Some are saying that is impossible to install the components (SSH, patchstick etc) on the appleTV if the software version installed is 2.0.1, and others are saying it IS possible. Can someone please verify this?

    I have recently purchased an appleTV but haven’t actually opened it, as i originally thought it could play divx, so now i may have to return it if i cannot apply the hack, and therefore I don’t even know what software version my appleTV is.

    If i have version 1.0 can i upgrade to 2, or if i have a 2.0.1, can i downgrade to 2 somehow to enable me to setup the divx playback process?

    Thanks guys!!

    (it would be soooo much easier if apple just gave into divx!!)

  • Dave

    Yes, I can confirm it is possible to patch a 2.0.1 system with all the hacks. I had a patched 2.0 AppleTV and after upgrading to 2.0.1 I re-patched and everything still works.

  • It doesn’t seem to affect the plugins. Just need to update, and reinstall everything 🙂

  • canti

    I tried to patch it on a ATV 2.01 but without succes….
    anyone else and if yes, with wich patch….

  • Tasos

    it doesn’t work I update it and now I can’t do nothing with this stupid machine….
    is there a way to get back to 2.0??????

  • dave

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I updated to 2.0.2 last night and the 2.0 patchstick still works. To people having trouble with the patchstick, check what size usb flash drive you are using. I’m using a 8gig flash drive and I had to modify the createPatch stick file so that it would partition correctly.

  • Marc

    Version 2.0.1 has many bug fixes, but new features as well.

    New Genres entry for “My Movies”
    These genres include not only the default genres available from iTunes, but any genres you’ve added.

    Sync podcasts to iTunes
    As before, you can download podcasts directly from the iTunes Store to the Apple TV. Unlike before, when the Apple TV is next synced with iTunes, those downloaded podcasts will be copied to your computer, where they’ll appear in iTunes’ Podcasts area. A Subscribe button appears next to the podcast’s name within iTunes.

    Plus for Progress
    Just press the Apple Remote’s Plus button. When you do, the blue Progress Bar appears.

    Skip when shuffling
    In the Options tab of a track’s Info window in iTunes, there’s a Skip When Shuffling option. This is useful when you don’t want your Apple TV to play a short sound effects file or risque Frank Zappa track when the kids are listening. The Apple TV now takes this option as its guide and skips tracks for which you’ve enabled this option.

  • AnJ

    I upgraded the hard drive on my Apple TV to 250GB successfully. Although, prior to doing it I did a factory recovery on the old 40GB. Now when I try to update the software on the new drive, I get the “update failed” warning on my ATV. Also, when I sinked some movies to it that I bought from itunes, I get the “Apple TV is not authorized to….”

    Can anyone help?

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