ATV4Mac runs Apple TV Take 2 on your Mac

by editor @ on March 18, 2008


Got an itch to run Apple TV Take 2 on your Mac?  The guys at MacGeek have just released ATV4Mac 1.3 that allows you to run Apple TV Take 2 on your Mac.  It is basically a Front Row replacement with Apple TV frameworks.


A few caveats though.  ATV4Mac only works with Mac OS X 10.4.8 – 11 at the moment.  Also, the resolution is fixed to 1280 x 800.  Lastly, quitting the application doesn’t return the resolution back to the original settings.

So if you still haven’t upgraded to Leopard or have a Tiger partition, give this application a try.  It’s almost like running the real thing.

  • Jon

    Will it play HD protected content like the ATV does? I thought the HD content needed HDMI?

  • I’d like to know the same thing.

    But as for HDMI is required. I have my ATV connected to my HDTV via component and the iTunes HD rentals play fine.

    Also, HDMI isn’t what is protecting the digital content, it is HDCP, which BTW has been supported on DVI for a long long time.

  • Nice idea if you are using a mini as a media center.

  • stagen

    If I use this ATV4Mac 1.3 can I proceed with using other hacks on this website as if I had an ATV?

  • iRemote

    Seriously, I got Leo, and I´m not gonna downgrade to Tiger, even on another disk!
    Can´t they make it on leo to?

  • Juan

    Problem: when you quit the appleTV console, and get back to OSX you can’t get back to appleTV again…. it just won’t work. Bad thing… must restart user session!

    One other thing: YOU CAN’T UNINSTALL IT once you try it!

    Beside of that, cool app.

  • Lpolanco

    When your exit to OSX, you can restart FRONTROW.APP with your mouse. Look in /System/Library/CoreServices/Front and doubleclick

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