Jaman TV for Apple TV Take 2 available

by editor @ AppleTVHacks.net on March 4, 2008


Did somebody not just ask me if Jaman TV was available for Apple TV Take 2?  Well, I guess, the answer is “yes”.

Jaman just informed me a few days back that the Jaman TV plugin is now available for Apple TV Take 2.  I played around with it and am happy to report that it works flawlessly on my updated Apple TV.

As far as I know, there are no new features.  Just the ability to work with the new Apple TV 2.0 software.

The Patchstick zip file is available for download here.   You can refer to the original Jaman TV post (located here) for installation instructions and how to use the player.

  • Just to clarify — there aren’t any new features. This update was to make the Jaman player work with the new AppleTV software.


  • bill

    If you already have SSH setup couldnt you just transfer the Jaman files to the ATv and run an installer?

  • luck

    Bill, I will suggest that to Jaman.

    Thank you for your input.

  • bill

    If you have ssh already setup couldnt you just transfer the files to the ATv via ssh and install it that way?

  • bill

    Thanks luck, sorry for the double post

  • luck

    No problem, Bill. It’s the cache thing we set up. It’s kind of slow on refreshing the pages.


  • xCHUCKYx

    well…it would be nice just to have a plugin…which you can install manually…without creating a patchstick…

  • pwbset

    Jaman patchstick work with Leopard on the host yet? If not can we have a process for manually moving the files from the patchstick to a mounted aTV Take 2 drive (what goes where?). Thanks, been wanting to use Jaman for a looooong time now, but can’t without Leopard support.

  • Craig

    I’m hesitant to run the patchstick, since I’ve done a lot of work already patching my ATV. I’d rather just move the files via SSH. Anyone know if this can be done?

  • Gregory

    Hi, I am also interested in a way to transfer just the Jaman plugin files without the patch stick. Be sure to let everyone know when that becomes available. Thanks for the great Jaman integration job.

  • luck

    I have already informed Jaman about this. Hopefully, we’ll hear back from them soon.

  • Dave

    I was disappointed to run this patch and find out that it doesn’t enable ssh. 🙁

    Doesn’t make sense, as ssh and other files are on the patchstick. I gues that means Jaman just took the original patchstick but edited out the stuff other than installing their own player.

    Means I need to make the standard patchstick and run it to get ssh and afp back on my AppleTV.

  • Sheeravarneswaran Ganapathyraman

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  • Works great for me.

    In future releases it would be nice to browse and download movies WITHOUT them having to be downloaded to the computer first.

    Just a thought.

  • terry

    Catch 22 w AppleTV!
    I think Jaman is losing a splendid customer relations opportunity by removing SSH capability of their plugin. Jaman makes no secret of their intent to move to a ‘rental’ business model in the future. By ‘opening’ up ‘their’ patchstick they would no doubt attract a (significant?) number of new recruits. Come on Jaman, do the right thing!

  • jscordia

    I dont have access to an Intel Mac. Still keeping those PPCs going. I’m keen to add Jaman only at this point to a ‘virgin’ Apple TV. I’m not concerned about adding other plugins via SSH.

    Is there anyone out there who could supply me with a patchstick?



  • It appears that the upgrade to AppleTV firmware 2.1 breaks this patchstick.

  • moh

    apple tv

  • new2appletv

    I am not able to install this plugin…I posted on the forum on Jaman site, but don’t see that forum very active. Hoping that someone here may be able to advice…

    I am also new to hacking the Apple TV (v2.2), but was able to hack it with the new ATVUSB Creator tool which was launched just a few days back and I now have the XBMC and Boxee as menu options.

    I couldn’t find the ATV v2.2 dmg file on the web and so downloaded the v2.1 and then ran the patchstick creation process following the pdf file instruction. It gives an error saying that it doesn’t have space to copy the kerberos. Anyway, I went ahead and tried patching the ATV with this…it gave many errors on the screen of the TV attached to the ATV and then I aborted the process by pulling the power plug. The ATV recovered gracefully back to the v2.2 software with the XBMC/Boxee plugins still intact.

    Appreciate any suggestions to proceed further…


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