Safari HD is now available

by editor @ on February 17, 2008


3 cheers for Brandon Holland! Safari HD is officially released. Now you can browse the web right on your big screen TV from the comfort of your couch.

Safari HD is available for both Apple TV 1.1 and 2.0. All you need is an ssh-enabled Apple TV. The installer script should take care of installing all the components for you. It’s pretty straight-forward, really!

To use the 2.0 version, you first need to do a safe update from version 1.1 of the Apple TV software to 2.0. Currently, there is no way to directly patch the Apple TV via the PatchStick method once you have updated to 2.0. The instructions on how to do a safe update is available on here.

The plugin also comes with a Bookmark file called Bookmarks.plist so you can add bookmarks for use with Safari HD.

For those that downloaded the files from our site before they were available officially (you know who you are), please download and install again. Brandon has since fixed the problems found in the 1.1 version of the software.

By the way, Brandon has put in a lot of time into this plugin. We encourage that if you find his software useful, please make donations to Brandon. It will only keep good quality software like this one coming.

  • Safari HD Installer for version 1.1
  • Safari HD Installer for version 2.0
  • Safari HD 1.1 core files

Let us know of your experience. We can’t wait to hear from you.

A note to Brandon. Hey, maybe you can work on a visualizer next.

[Update] For those who have already installed Safari HD, send us some screen shots of it running on your Apple TV. We would like to share them with the other readers of the site. Send them to [email protected] .

Thanks in advance.

[Update 2] All links removed to comply with Apple’s lawyers requests.

  • how about safari HD for front row?

  • Lars

    How about some screen shots?

  • Yep! We would like to see some pics of that Safari HD!

  • brandon

    Here Here to the screenshots!

  • MILE

    Before I install this — how does one do the input, like entering URLs and such…?! Is there like a virtual keyboard or do you need an external keyboard attached…?!

  • mrd176

    anyone know if it is possible to run flash content on this??

  • Die Mystic Boer

    This is most probably the best plug-in that I have seen as far as user interface is concerned. Well done Brandon. I would urge anyone to try this, you will not be disappointed. Input is via the remote and a virtual on-screen keyboard. The navigation via the remote is awesome. I went to all my usual sites last night, and all of them rendered beautifully. I have not yet tried my USB keyboard or mouse, because the remote worked so well.

    10/10 Brandon.

  • MILE

    Thanks for the info…! Since I’m planning on updating to Take2 within the next few days though it probably doesn’t make much sense installing it under 1.1 now…and as the Safe Update doesn’t really work that well, I’ll just wait for a clean Patchstick solution…!

    But I’ll definitely check it out then…! 😀

  • Nick D

    Great job again Brandon!

    love it!! Provides quick way to browse websites. Works, great, on ATV 1.1. Would be nice obviously to get the keyboard mouse working, but the virtual keyboard does work very well…able to sign in to email or what ever.

    Looks great too.


  • Al J

    Do you mean this will not work for those of us who already have v2.0 on our tv’s? : (

    Say it isn’t so.

  • Hansabc

    Great Work! I’m using it on my ATV 2 🙂
    Works fine.

    Thanks for the software.


  • Oscar Gensmann

    Could anybody confirm if it is possible to load a movie through the safari plugin?

    If yes, it would be a really simple way to make a quick’n’dirty integration into a networked media-server or similar, just as on the iphone using iphone remote and similar.

  • HiFimac

    Another vote for a Front Row version. Tried to install in into FR manually, with no love. Between this, the RSS plug-in and if someone made a mail plug, I’d rarely ever have to see the finder on my HTPC mini.

  • Scott

    Can one of you go and see if you can watch Lost (or any other show) in HD full screen streaming with this plugin? Screen shots would be welcome. Thanks.

  • Charly

    Hi Brandon,

    i’m somehow stuck with the installation process in which folder i exactly copy the downloaded folder and where i write (or copy) the commands.
    Would be great to get some detail information since the guys which i installed it are amazed about Safari on Apple TV.
    Btw i use already Version 2.0.

    Thanks in advance for some information.

  • Yes another way to go online, lol. We’ll soon be living completely virtual lives. Exciting though it is, I wonder if it’s not getting too much? Here we go with more technolog we ‘just have to have!’

  • victor Sanchez del Real

    Thanks for punting here the 1.X version (brandon someone should check the wiki as it only offers the 2.0 version. Once i downloaded from tis site y got it runnning in seconds)

    It is simply amazing. works great. !!!!

    tried some flash sites (youtube) but redirects me to flash installation ans asks if powerpc or intel.

    simply dont know what to choose or if installing wil break my new toy ;-))))

    PS1: Charly make sure you CD inside the instalation folder before sending sudo install

  • Josh Wardell

    Sorry for being a bit confused but the documentation seems vague. It says to copy it to your apple TV, without saying how to do so. And then open an SSH connection, which is refused. Then again this page seems to say this cannot be applied to a ATV2 after the upgrade? Is there another way?

  • synf

    greak work! I have not downloaded it yet… could anyone confirm working stage 6 videos through Safari HD? and possibly does it work on stage 6 in full screen? 🙂 that would be rather sweet if it does


  • Lisa

    Would love to see a video demo (youtube?) of this. Sounds really interesting.

  • jojo

    How to install this on Leopard?

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  • Goed artikel, ik heb deze blog opgenomen op mij iGoogle!

  • nice topic. thanks!

  • sop

    I have Safari HD Installer for version 1.1, works fine

  • Mikel

    I downloaded Safari HD installer 2.0 and now I am unable to open Safari on my iMac. I tried deleting the files and this didn’t resolve the problem. I also tried deleting my current version of Safari and updating it but I get an error message stating Mac OS X problems. Any suggestions on how I can resolve this so I can have Safari back on my iMac?

  • So I guess theres nothing for version 2.2 yet.

  • I like my Nokia

  • Jason

    So this sounds great. I have ATV 2.2 but have no clue how to do any of this. Anyone in Charlotte, NC that I can pay to come hack my ATV. Thanks if you can help.

  • I like it

  • alix

    How can I install Safari HD on my ATV?
    Is it just a matter of install the wright software (and where can I find this software?)
    Or should I also “mess” with my hardware?

    I would like to hear from any of you!

    Thanx Alix

  • Hector

    I live in Jupiter, Florida……..anyone knowlegeable who can swing by and do this? Will pay!

  • wixpo

    I am a PC user:

    How I can install this plugin in my ATV 2.2…

    Please help me. I want this browser in my ATV…


  • Kevin

    Can you use this to view content on Hulu, and does it work to go full mode with hulu?

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  • By the way, Brandon has put in a lot of time into this plugin. We encourage that if you find his software useful, please make donations to Brandon. It will only keep good quality software like this one coming.

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