Safari HD: good on Macs, great on Apple TV

by editor @ on February 7, 2008

Safari HD

Long time readers of this blog know how much I would love to see a web browser plugin for the Apple TV.

I guess my prayers have been answered. Brandon Holland (yes that same guy who’s been contributing a lot lately) has just informed me that he’s working on just that: a Backrow version of Safari.

His target date is March 1st. He said this is due mainly to his bandwidth allocation for this month. I guess his Skype Plugin proved to be pretty popular.

  • Nick D

    Great job Brandon!! You the Man!!! Can’t wait for Safari plugin, i tried to get it working through the applications menu, like firefox, but no luck.

  • luck

    Indeed, Brandon IS the man.

  • This will be great!

    I cannot wait for this… why? on my HDTV.

  • sojojo

    This is awesome!

    I’ve been wanting this too!

    All I want is an easy way to see the news and weather on my tv. This will probably do the trick!

  • brntvlth

    This is great – thanks Brandon! I picked up an AppleTV specifically b/c I knew this community was actively working to make it better – HD player on it would certainly be sweet…

  • cemg

    Great to find out that Brandon and this site is around. I think this will make apple tv more precious than ever…

  • APPLE if your out there give Brandon Holland a JOB NOW!

  • luck

    I’ll second that.

  • Die Mystic Boer

    Whoohoo, the files are available, thanks Brandon, and appletvhacks for hosting it. I copied it to my safe updated 1.0->1.1, ran the installer, Safari HD and Webkit has installed successfully, But when I do a google search or enter a web adress, I get “Error – Press play/pause to restart…” Hmm. Anyone some ideas?

  • luck

    Oh, man. I just can’t keep any a secret around here, can’t I?

    Yes, I got the files uploaded a couple of days back. I was going to do a detailed post on it and maybe do a video. But since, the word is out, there is just no time for that.

    I’ll go ahead and write up a post on it now.

  • Die Mystic Boer

    AHA, you just wanted to keep the goodness for yourself….. Thanks dude, with ppl like you and Brandon in this world, it can only get better.

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