Native Skype plugin for Apple TV in the works

by editor @ on January 17, 2008


O, Brandon Holland, how we “heart” you.

Yep, the Canadian teen that brought us the wireless keyboard hack and the GPS plugin is at it again. This time he’s bringing us a Skype plugin for the Apple TV.

You may have seen our post on getting Skype for OS X to run on the Apple TV using Application Loader. However, the one that Brandon is working on is going to be a plugin native to the Apple TV.

Here is his email to us:

Hey Apple TV Hacks, I have started developing a Skype Plugin that will utilize the Skype API and make the user able to make calls and send text messages to anyone on there Skype contact list. As far as calls go, I think a standard usb headset or usb phone will work. Text messages will most likely be entered using the remote and the standard text entering method. No release yet, but I will release a beta as soon as it is able to make calls. Huzzah!

Huzzah to you too, Brandon. Thanks for all your contributions, Brandon. We look forward to seeing that plugin. Anymore plugins from you and we’ll have to start a Brandon Holland fan club.

Oh, come to think of it, you might want to wait until the software update first though. I have the feeling that the new update will not play well with your Skype plugin (or any other plugin for the matter).

  • Steve G

    Fantastic, what if it also paused playback?

    This is a fantastic hack. How cool would it be to have it user setable to allow for multitasking with IM and to pause playback automatically (a la iPone) when a Skype call was coming through.

    Really look forward to Brandon’s success.

  • Nick D

    anyone know how to install the GPS plugin, I tried with no success. Anyhelp would be great. there is no installer.


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  • Maticek

    After you finish, go and port it to the iPhone and iPod Touch!

  • Skype and Apple? I would love to call it by the name of Skuypple. If this is not the name, then it’s gonna fail for sure.

  • its great now iphone user can watch Tv on their phone.

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  • Pravash

    If skype cordless usb phone is connected to atv can we make calls from would make life easier than turning pc on or buying 200$ skype with no pc phone?

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