Apple TV and the hacks

by editor @ on January 15, 2008

Several of you have asked if the existing hacks are going to be wiped out once the software update is in place.  My simple answer would be “most likely”.

It is my impression that the new software/firmware update will be based on Leopard as opposed to Tiger like on the current hardware.  The core files from the two operating systems are not compatible with each other.

Even if the update is not based on Leopard, it is still very likely (read definitely) that the update will wipe out any modification to the Apple TV first before installing a new set of files.  There is no reason for Apple not to do this because it wants the Apple TV to be in a known state first before it updates.  Without doing so, the update might not be successful.

That’s just my two cents.

  • rob

    hmm, I’d like to know if it is leopard based… I’ve been trying to backport zfs to tiger to load on my @tv, but it is still a ways from working. (Why? I have an external 4 drive usb enclosure… and raidz sounds like fun). It would definitely be easier to get it running on leopard.

  • Tom

    Well, I’m thinking that it might not wipe out the restore partition, so if you’ve got 1.0 on there it will probably still work fine. However, as someone who soft modded his (i.e. didn’t open the case), I’m hoping that someone who’s opened it will backup the hard disk, upgrade, then let us know how it went and if it’s replaced the restore image.

  • Marko

    But the big question is – Can I stop appletv from upgrading!? I don’t need to rent movies, or by songs on my appletv, but I do like nitotv, etc.

  • george

    Yea Im wondering about that also, the setup I have with software hacks is far superior (and cheaper in the long run) what the new update offers. But Im assuming Im ok as I did this step:

    If you havent done it you probably should…

  • Marko

    Engadget reports that ‘The update adds AirTunes support for the Apple TV for streaming directly to the device.’ I hope this gets ported to 1.0!!!!!!

  • I know that there is no magic answer to this… but I am wondering what people think about being able to port plug-ins over to the new version.

    I am new to the scene and I was just interested in what the community feel is for taking the new software on.


  • Marko

    Hey! This is not fair! The price of appletv in the uk has remained the same. As a result it now costs nearly 2x as much as in the US (200 pounds – 400$).

    I assume apple is shedding some profit in the US on the sale of the appletv, in hope that it will crawl some money back on the rentals/movie sales? Not so in the UK, where they only intend to launch rentals later in the year!

  • Richard Harrison

    So, any word yet on if the various hacks work on T2?

  • luck

    Richard, I am pretty sure that we’ll be redoing a lot of the existing hacks once the software update is here.

    As far as the new ones, probably not until we can get our hands on the update.

  • Richard Harrison

    Call me an eeediot!

    It didn’t even dawn on me that the update wasn’t currently available.

    I’ll keep watching as I’d like to pick one up, but not if I can’t get some of these great hacks to work.


  • Moochie

    once the usb drive soft hack for TV2 is out and tested, I am buying one, the pizza one looks fantastic! I don’t know if people charge for these plugs but hell, for the 2 i mentioned I’d gladly kick in a few bucks!

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