Job postings: earn money hacking Apple TV

by editor @ on August 29, 2007

Believe it or not, we’ve been getting emails asking if we could do special projects involving modifying Apple TV to do specific tasks. Unfortunately, we don’t. But maybe this is a start of something new. We might actually have a job board listing all the projects that people are willing to pay to have them done.

Here are two outstanding requests that were sent to us.

The first project is from a french photographer, who is currently using a custom Java software to showcase his work, would like to have an custom software written so he could do the following: have photos served from a Mac server to multiple Apple TVs, each attached to a projector. Images from the server will have to be synchronized so that all of the “slave” Apple TVs show the same image at the same time.

Here is another one.

I need someone to set up the following for an in-hotel room system:

Upon boot up, ATV shows a screen that requires input from the user in order to proceed further. This screen will be along the lines of : “To access premium
content, please press “Enter” to continue.”

Next screen: “Warning: Your room account will be billed $x should you wish to continue. To continue press “Enter””

The software should then go into the ATV’s menu and display two folders containing whatever video content is loaded on the hard drive.

The software should also write a text file confirming the user acknowledgment. This text file should be sent wirelessly to a server.

The software should then default back to the initial acknowledge entry screen at 11am each day. It must be impossible for the casual user to access the movies in any other way.

Obviously I would supply more detail to interested parties and of course would be willing to pay development fees.

Anyone who would like to work on any one of these projects, please contact . We will then supply you the contact information for these projects.

  • bubba

    man this site sure has gone down hill.

  • blackfrog

    Hm. Why not simply use a Mac Mini?

  • pigeon

    Here’s a simple request… have someone explain just how to get the USB enabled drive to work. I’ve tried everything from every site and my ATV still freezes on the Apple logo after reboot. I gave up.

  • luck

    pigeon, is the USB drive formatted using HFS+ and with Apple Partition Map. A few people were having the same problem as you are having. Most of them had the GUID Partition Map on the USB drive. Also, there were some people who wasn’t able to get HFS+ to work so they had to resort to HFS instead.

    If you still have problems, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at

    Don’t give up. We’re always here for you.

  • pigeon

    I’ve tried all 3 formats for the USB drive…thanks for your help though.

  • luck

    pigeon, would you mind explaining to me what you did and what the symptoms are? Write to me directly at so we can discuss this in details. I’m always willing to help out.

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