iPhoneInterface lets you tweak your iPhone

by editor @ AppleTVHacks.net on July 6, 2007

iPhone and Apple TV

By this time, we assume that some of you are already using your iPhone as an iPod without activating it using DVD Jon’s hack.

Wait, it gets better. The folks over at iPhone Dev Wiki has released an application called “iPhoneInterface” that allows you do things like browse the file system, manipulate iPhone state, start/stop services, etc.

So, maybe this might be just the start for getting the iPhone to talk to the Apple TV. As our readers suggested, it will be way cool to stream media from the iPhone directly to Apple TV and vice versa. Imagine being able to share your family photos on your iPhone on a big 52″ LCD screen or maybe watching an episode of Lost stored on your Apple TV on your iPhone while you’re in the bathroom.

Hmm, maybe time for another bounty…

  • The biggest hurdle to such bidirectional streaming is the fact that iPhone does not have 802.11n wireless, just 802.11g.

    I’m much more excited about hacking the services so as to enable SSH, web server, ftp, and file transfers.

  • Joe

    Easy! get a webserver going for any directory of H.264 videos encoded to the iphone spec (all ipod videos should work). The built in safari will launch quicktime and play it with the ipod video controls. its *slick*

  • Great Idea!

    If I set my iPhone on top of my AppleTV, the AppleTV should be able to display the Movie playing on my iPhone.

    From 3.5 inches up to 42″ HDTV – automagically!

    DO IT!

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  • Would this work:

    1. Somehow get darwin streaming server on the Apple TV
    2. Liteweb server or preferred server software on ATV
    3. Convert your videos to the right format
    4. Make sure its connected to the internet
    5. Create a webpage with links to your files
    6. Point Iphone to the ip address of you apple tv or webaddress and presto

    I’m a newbie so bear with me.

  • Somazltan. That’s a great idea. I’m currently doing it with a linux server, but it makes a lot of sense for the apple tv to be the server while it sits and idles all day.

  • michelle

    Sorry but unless apple releases itunes for the iphone I don’t see this happening, and you will never be able to play unencrypted drm’d videos.


    Why bother,

    Sure itunes is cool but its not the only game in town.

    There are serveral alternatives:

    Open source daap servers discoveralbe by (dns-sd) aka bonjor and able to stream mp3’s from your itunes playlists.

    Open source and commerical upnp servers, discoverable via sddpd discovery.

    So there are plenty of ways to get the undrm’d content you see on appletv to the iphone, just need someone to right an app.

    And like the old att commerical says: YOU WILL — well in a few weeks anyway , when we release our alpha on sourceforge.


    feel free to post this url to other sites, we want exposure, we want developers we want the iphone to be the priemer mobile streaming platfrom.

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