Has the 1.1 update been good to your hacked Apple TV?

by editor @ AppleTVHacks.net on June 21, 2007

By now, you should already know about the version 1.1 software update for the Apple TV. We’re sure that most of you probably rushed to install it and are enjoying those pixelated videos on YouTube already.

BUT, did it break any of your hacks? Let us know what your experience has been with it. We heard a couple of reports on it breaking some hacks. So we are very curious to know. Do tell, do tell.

  • Playa1257

    Had ATV Files and Perian installed when updated to 1.1

    The YouTube option replaced the Files option and also the ATV would crash constantly when using the YouTube plugin.

    Did Factory Restore and now everything runs smoothly.

  • Yep, all of the hacks are gone. I haven’t looked to see if I still have SSH access or if I need to completely reboot from a patchstick, but both the applications menu and the files menu are now gone.

  • Henrik

    This ruined everything. Now i have no working hack or anything on the aTV again. Didnt work with sysrestore either. blaeh. crap.

  • AppleTV

    I think you should remove all the hacks before you update to 1.1, then install them after you did the update. Cuz you know, it’s fun with YouTube ^^

    Now we’re just waiting for the TVLinks plugin ! ;D

  • no loner have SSH access oh well!

  • chicken woman

    Yep, it broke all my hacks, I rebooted with patchstick and got ssh back. It kept all my files and I was able to load the new ATVFiles from Awkwardtv. There is no longer mount_afp or AppleFileServer ( AppleFile Server is listed but does not work) I don’t have an Intel so I can’t play with it.

  • Peter

    no ssh access and ATV-plugin is gone (no “Files” folder in the main menu).

    Havent tried factory reset, but I doubt it will bring back the ssh access. So Iร‚ยดm getting the screwdrivers out again tonight…

  • Aj

    Broke all my hacks too..

    grrrrr.. I thought that Apple said that they didn’t care if people hacked there AppleTV, just remember it voids your warranty..


  • Apple really ought to rethink this aTV-as-untouchable-appliance thing. Some of you are probably part of the PSP homebrew scene or at least know about it, and in that soap opera, Sony seems to be in a single-minded jiihad to prevent anything cool from running on the PSP. Never mind that what it comes with, and the “enhancements” Sony has released for the firmware, seem more focused on selling more Sony shiat than making the device useful for the people who have it in their mitts, Sony has managed to break homebrew every time they release a major FW update.

    Apple: do not do this. It only leads to sorrow. We will hack around this stuff anyway, and a lot of innovations coming out of the aTV community could be pretty beneficial to you in selling more aTVs. Sales of aTV not been what you liked? Well, how’s about leaving the hacks alone on these software updates? How many Apple IIs do you think you’d have sold if it only ran Apple software? How many Macs you think you’d have sold if, every time you updated Mac OS 6, users had to reinstall PageMaker or Quark and hand-hack it to work again?


    That is all.

    FWIW, I haven’t hacked nothin’ about my aTV yet, though the damn thing is full already and I have a 160Gb drive sitting in the box waiting for me to put it in. The YouTube connection will be a lot cooler when I can view MY videos on YT on the thing, but YT hasn’t gotten that far in their H.264 conversion yet (even though I upload all my stuff in H.264 or MPEG4 already).

  • hadek

    Yep, flashing “OS Missing” sign… 160GB disk inside this puppy is useless at this point… I mean really what would it take to have it play nicely with our updates? I am not going to rush to the store the moment that Almighty Steve releases new version of AppleTV with adequate amount of disk space. For crying out loud this thing should not crap out like a bad Windblowse box after an update! Yes, it’s an appliance but one more bad joke like that and I will relegate this appliance to paper weight status.

    Enough of this rant. I’m about to put the old disk inside and hack the damn thing again.


  • jay jay jay

    Hmm…. installed the update, hacks disappeared…

    1. I did a system restore (from the ATV menu) and got the ATV back to default.
    2. Then I did the same steps as I did before, no dice…
    3. SSH is OK
    4. SCP isn’t…. error is saying that I can’t write the files to the ATV. (and yes I did the mount ‘sudo mount -o remount,rw /dev/disk0s3 /’ step.

    Any ideas?

  • AppleTV

    I think everyone should get AppleTV OS 1.1. The most plugins are right now being patched for use with the new AppleTV OS.

  • R2B2

    I did the following that was posted on AwkwardTV and didn’t lose anything…

    0. Don’t update the AppleTV using the update feature

    1. Backup /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Backrow.framework

    2. Backup /System/Library/CoreServices/Finder.app

    3. Download the update dmg file from http://mesu.apple.com/data/OS/061-2988.20070620.bHy75/2Z694-5248-45.dmg

    4. Open the dmg file and locate Backrow.framework and AppleTV.framework

    5. Copy them to /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks on AppleTV

    6. Locate Finder.app from the updates dmg and copy it to /System/Library/CoreServices on AppleTV

    7. optional – insert mesu.apple.com in the /etc/hosts on AppleTV so it can’t reach the update server

  • There are instructions on the Awkward TV wiki about how to upgrade to the latest version (YouTube support) without loosing SSH access. It works well. Apple isn’t trying to lock out hackers, it’s just the nature of the beast. Hopefully the aTV opens up to adding apps in a legitimate way in the future – this is the only way to keep compatibility with upgrades.

  • Agree that this isn’t an attempt to stop or thwart hacking the ATV. It’s just an update.

  • Pat

    How i can restore that ssh & afp running again in version 1.1 ?

  • spids

    is anyone working on hacking the new 1.1 and what is the status?

  • Pat

    ssh & afp running again ๐Ÿ™‚

    but has anyone test an application such as firefox, myth tv or joost ? its not running be me but perhaps i due an error !

  • Pat

    ssh & afp running again ๐Ÿ™‚

    but has anyone test an application such as firefox, myth tv or joost ? its not running be me but perhaps i due an error !

    p.s. i don’t make a factory reset, i had a backup from the original files and put the sshd, ssh.plist and the afp.app in the correct folder

  • Patrick

    ssh & afp running again ๐Ÿ™‚

    but has anyone test an application such as firefox, myth tv or joost ? its not running be me but perhaps i due an error !

    p.s. i don’t make a factory reset, i had a backup from the original files and put the sshd, ssh.plist and the afp.app in the correct folder

  • Pat

    sorry for this double post, it doesn’t work at the first time…

  • luck

    Pat, we cache pages an our at a time. That was why you didn’t see the comments show up. Next time, just post and wait a bit. It will show up eventually.

  • Zak

    Is there a tutorial out there to re-image the TV back to the original 1.0? I d/l’ed the update before I found this site and couldn’t give two craps about YouTube, but I want to be able to do some of the other hacks listed here.

    Awesome site, btw; bookmarked it immediately!


  • jingo_man

    i need to be able to symlink the ATVFiles directory to a network share, but the “mount_nfs” option no longer seems available. i dont want to have to copy my huge movie library locally to the appletv if possible.

    alternatively, i have tried “mount -t smbfs….” but keep hitting problems! has anyone had success at doing this?



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