Apple to supply free ‘software features and enhancements’

by editor @ on April 26, 2007

AppleTVHacks recently pondered when we might see some Apple TV plugin goodness from Apple itself. Well, Apple have now confirmed that they plan to do exactly that.

Apple’s CFO, Peter Oppenheimer, said yesterday in a call with financial analysts, “… we plan to periodically provide new software features and enhancements, at no charge, to our Apple TV customers.”

There is no word on when we might see the first such additions, what exactly they’ll entail, and whether there will be any interface for selecting which new features you get. However, it is certainly an exciting first step and we are looking forward to seeing what these updates provide.

  • Such a tease!

  • Kevin

    OMG maybe we will see free ringtones and background images from apple, lol.

  • Anon

    I want the USB port enabled to add more storage!

  • 2 Requests:

    1. AppleTV Lab software to turn 30 AppleTVs into little, cheap workstations.

    2. Support for viewing Pages and Keynote Files on HDTV.

  • Raul

    Last week I got my video ipod stollen and decided not to buy another one. I recently purchased 2 appletv due to their wireless n feature that syncs with my G5 tower itunes. I decided to install an appletv in my car. I have replace my car stereo in my lexus gs 300 1993. It works awesome. Im working on a special car stereo plate that will house the appletv with a 16X9 widescreen monitor that can work like a car stereo with a dvd player and monitor.

    I will upload pictures after I get it down.

  • unknown soldier

    Sounds interesting Raul, but what does that have to do with the topic?

  • Poobah

    Why is this not subject to the same laws as the 802.11n enabler for the macbooks?

  • Nate

    Because, they publicized before the Apple TV went on sale that they would make software updates and add-ons for the Apple TV. I remember reading an article in which Apple claimed they made that statement so as to not repeat the same situation again…

  • JP!
  • John


    is the apple tv working in your car?

  • Be aware! I just installed the official Apple’s YouTube support through Update Software and it did what I feared: it reseted all my installed plugins and disabled both AFP and SSH. I didn’t deleted the movies I had copied there but now they are not available.

    I am reburning the Patchstick image I used last time and crossing my fingers to see if they didn’t locked the USB port as well. I hope I can get those services running once again.

    Anyone had the same troubles?

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