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by editor @ on April 8, 2007

We suggested an RSS reader plugin, and now it’s a reality. Over at Twenty08 they have released a plugin allowing you to read RSS feeds.

It is only a beta, and some users have reported crashes, but it is a big step forward for Apple TV Plugins, and we expect to see more and more cool plugins turning up.

What plugins will come next?

  • Ryan

    I’d love to see a plug-in to control X10 appliances so I can toggle my lights and such. Think about it: you could dim your living room lights and immediately switch on a movie!

    Dreaming? 🙂

  • Thats a nice feature. It would be nice if every RSS feed type was supported, and what if you could all an animation like feature like the photo screensaver on the TV?

  • Ryan

    Well, someone just posted a tutorial on making the RSS screen saver too!

  • Bartek

    Please make the RSS reader to synch data with Google Reader. Let it just have the same list of subscriptions and mark as read at Google what has been read on the tv so that I would not see it again on my mac. 🙂

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  • Trouvetout

    You may just have found a way to feed the Beast without iTunes

    Set up an web server on your Mac/PC/linux
    Build some PHP scripts that uses atoms from your MP4, aac, mp3, etc (lame, artisit, Cover etc.) To dynamicaly generate RSS Feed from iTunes Library
    (reading iTunes lib would make it an iTunes alternative)

    build a frontend to ssh to apple remote control and you have an airport express like remote

  • Dink

    A question for the experts of this site –

    If you can do all of these plugins with the AppleTV and FrontRow/BackRow, why can’t you do these same plug-ins for the currently released FrontRow on all Macs shipping today (except MacPro of course)? Or at least on the FrontRow version 2.0 Leopard will ship with?

    I want to run NES games and RSS feeds with my existing Intel Mac with FrontRow!

  • Meeebo

    I’d like to see a plugin for easily running the Apple TV as an Airtunes adapter. So I could finally watch movies with Wireless Speakers too!! (Not only music -.- ) (And probably listen to the ATV contents with these speakers too! )

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  • Rob

    Loop-Function for Movies…
    This would add a great benefit for those who are runnig AppleTV (as I do) in public terminals.

    Would love to watch the stockmarket instead of my pictures or the apple logo.

  • Lyndell

    a Text-to-Speech (TTS) plugin?
    E-book readers with TTS?

  • How about a plug-in that will allow dashboard widgets to run?

  • Apple TV becomes a digital picture frame with this hack. Sam Costello wrote an interesting piece on this at:

    Always on – The Big Screen TV Screensaver?

  • M. B. Killion

    Okay … Found a great tool to create image RSS feeds at Registration appears to be closed at present, but I wrote to them and they put me in their Beta program. Here is an example of an RSS feed which I created there and used:

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  • Torrey

    Does anyone know if there is an RSS reader (that supports audio & video podcasts) for Front Row on Mac OS X? I’m using an extra Mac Mini 1.66Ghz as an AppleTV…so I don’t think this plugin will work for me…

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  • Reply for Torrey

    If you got the AppleTV OS on your Mac Mini with BackRow running, you can use the plugin. If you usee FrontRow, it wont.

  • AppleTV

    Great plugin for some breakfast news ^^’

  • Dan

    I also am looking for an rss viewer plugin for frontrow

  • Robin

    Where to download?

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